Workshops Riverview, Australia

Workshops for Riverview, Australia

We are an Australian training firm that provides business solutions through the invention of education, employment and training opportunities. We design and facilitate a broad range of events such as training workshops, planning days, focus groups, community consultations, team building days and worker engagement workshops.

We pride ourselves on putting honesty and trust before profit.

We work with business owners to collaboratively, ethically and sustainablymove them forward into the future they want to create for themselves, personally and professionally in their business in life and developing a culture of ethicalleadership. Having a commitment to workforce and business development, Paramount Training provides the latest research and best practice.If your organisation is looking for a training consultant to provide in-company training, then you have come to the perfect location.

Development of a flexible training plan applicable to your organisation’s or employees’ needs is what we do best.

Tailored leadership development, demonstration, communication skills and management training courses designed to meet your needs and budget.Soft skills constitute an vital need to every provider’s operations. There are certain soft skills all employees of a business are expected to have regardless of level or position, in order for the company to prosper.

A leading provider of Soft Skills Training For employees and leaders & managers.Vocational education and training is crucial to developing the skills of the workforce.

We can also provide:

• Support in assuring all programs operate at the highest standards, including routine evaluation of evidence base and best practice models
• Design and coordinate an employee training program based on the knowledge and skills required, using adult learning principles to assist participants to achieve learning outcomes
• Work with coaches to ensure compulsory training happens and advise on the effectiveness of the training
• Reports, collated and reviewed comments from customers and stakeholders

Also available are courses such as:
Customer Service, Workplace Organisation, Sales Professionalism, Teamwork, Solution Selling.

Information on any of the training options is available under the complete range link in the topmenu. Advanced training will enable your staff to become more successful in less time. When time is money, it is important to make sure your training is effective.

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