Workshops Parkville, Australia

Workshops available for Parkville, Australia

Our vision is to revolutionise the world of workplace education, increase participant effectiveness and make a positive impact. In-house training programs to meet specific organizational requirements. Instructional design services for development of training programs.

Our experienced consultants can assist you to attract and keep the most talented people — people who are the right match for your organisation, not just the job.

Investing in skills and training can increase innovation and productivity, help you attract and retain high quality employees and improve customer satisfaction. We offer training and consulting to transform earnings and profits by increasing employee performance and efficacy.Our Training Consultants are prepared to design, create and deliver a wide range of seminars, lectures, courses or workshops.

Development of a flexible training program applicable to your organisation’s or employees’ needs is what we do best.

Tailored leadership development, presentation, communication skills and management training classes designed to satisfy your needs and budget.We offer fully qualified, professional, trainers who are specialists in their field and have numerous years of soft-skills training expertise for businesses around the world.

Since the skills are personal and individual, developing them involves experiential learning led by experienced trainers and ample opportunity to practice and put the skills into use.With advanced training ideas we emphasize our commitment to raising standards in work-based learning.

Our faciliators often provide:

• Provide feedback and recommendations on course structure and content via the appropriate channels
• Design and coordinate an employee training program based on the knowledge and skills required, using adult learning principles to assist participants to achieve learning outcomes
• Work with coaches to ensure compulsory training takes place and advise on the effectiveness of the training
• Maintain and upgrade existing training material to reflect industry and business changes

Also available are classes such as:
Dealing with the public, Workplace Harassment, Sales Relationships, Body Language, Retail Sales.

Join us in delivering a excellent training package and improve the experience of students today. Build your brand, improve your employee effectiveness and improve motivation or staff morale with one of Paramount’s Masterclass training sessions.

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