Why The New Website?

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Why did we redesign our site?

Progress and change can be good for a business. The world is every changing and adapting is important. As times change, technology advances and even eras come to an end, you must change to suit the environment to survive.

Our focus was primarily on the end user, and found that easy access, clear direction and usability factors where some of the main reasons we decided to update. The older site had a few missed errors as we found also in the redevelopment process, so change is always a great teacher also.

Many people have mentioned how difficult it is to find something specific on a website these days, with a large site or many different products or services too, web developers can have a hard time setting things out nicely.

We found the new design to not only provide a clean, quick access to the main training options, it has a cleaner interface which allows us to display more content, and section it also to assist you to find it.  We hope you enjoy the new layout, and spend time on the site also, as we bring you some interesting articles relevant to your business and workplace.

Request an article by contacting us through email, we will let you know if we decide to write on the subject and also when it is published.


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