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Universal Safety Practices (New Training)

Every company needs to have safety policies. Work should be a safe place to be, and occupational hazards should be cut down to a bare minimum. An unsafe workplace is a workplace that loses much-needed productivity and morale. Lack of safety can take many forms, from environmental hazards, to dangerous co-workers. Precautionary measures should always be taken to ensure the safety of everyone in the company, from the Chief Executive Officer to the blue-collar employees. These measures can be preventative, or responsive, but they have to be in place in every company. This training course will prepare your company to employ universal safety practice in all spheres of the workplace.


Universal Safety Practices Training Summary

This session will train participants to:

Check Surroundings

Being wary of your surroundings is the first step to making sure that nothing around you can harm you. This absolutely does not mean to take it overboard and become paranoid of everything and everyone around you; not everything or everyone can or will hurt you, even if some convoluted movies make it seem like death is everywhere and can and will happen anytime. This is only partially true. You’d have to have a serious accident to be injured by a functional table or chair. However, you can definitely be put at risk by environmental hazards being in reactive proximity, like putting office appliances too near water sources like the sink or the water cooler. That is a fire hazard, or an electric shock accident waiting to happen. Once you are aware of a number of hazards that surround you that do not need to be there, you can start taking preventative measures, like moving something to remove the danger, or moving yourself further away from it. The first step to solving a problem, especially one with safety as a concern, is to admit there is one. This holds true for every part of the office: the office itself, the parking lot, the bathrooms, and the canteen. Check your surroundings carefully, and remain vigilant. If you see anything that looks remotely like it can be harmful, take precautionary measures.


Know the Law

There are always legal implications for whenever something or someone violates safety protocols. This applies to laws inside of the company, like policies, and actual government-mandated laws. The worst-case scenario tends to be jail, or even the company getting shut down, should government safety laws be violated. It is therefore imperative to make sure that your company and all of its personnel abide by universal safety practices. They are not particularly difficult acts. They are actually fairly simple things that can save people a lot of time and money, on top of life and blood. For example, do not leave chargers plugged into an outlet with nothing being charged. There are times those have combusted and caused a fire. Fire hazards have legal implications for those who started the fire. The law also protects people from the violence a colleague can inflict. It sounds dangerous, but it always safer to report instances of workplace violence than to leave them as they are. A workplace with a violent employee is an unsafe workplace. An unsafe workplace is losing productivity, and failing to take care of its most valuable resource: the employees, especially those who are the victims of the workplace violence. It is important to keep in mind that as long as there is safety on your end, and you are not causing or risking any safety hazards, the law will be on your side. You just have to know the law enough to use it to protect yourself from such hazards.


Take Action

All the legal knowledge in the world, and paranoid checking you can spare will not save you from safety hazards if you do not actually do anything about it. If you see something that can possibly be an environmental hazard in the workplace, it is your duty and responsibility as an employee to either report it, or directly do something about it. Move the oven toaster somewhere further away from the water cooler, or report a problem with the bathroom lights and plumbing. This applies even more so when you witness events of workplace violence. As an employee of the company, it is your charge to help out in making sure the other employees are safe as well. Report instances of workplace violence to your administrators, and if the administrators are the perpetrators of the violence, report them to the proper civil authorities. There is always a way to take action that prevents or stops safety hazards from injuring someone in the workplace. While we’ve been discussing safety for the employees this whole time, the clients your company gets, and their safety is an even bigger concern. This is especially true for companies that are into food service. You have to take action to never, ever let anything dangerous come into contact with the food you’re going to give your client. Keep the dishwashing station far from wherever food is being prepared to avoid soap splashing into the food. Make sure your employees who handle food always have clean hands. There is, again, action that needs to be taken to make sure the safety of your work environment cannot be so easily threatened.


Universal Safety Practices Training Summary

Safety is a priority one concern in the workplace, and every workplace has universal safety precepts that help keep the environment and all workers and clients in it safe from harm in any way, shape, or form. When the office is safe, and no one and nothing is legally implicated, we are all that much likely to have a good time at work, and make good production while we’re at it. These methods will train participants to be vigilant of their surroundings, to be familiar with safety laws and policies, and to take action against safety hazards when necessary. This training course is essential to building a safe workplace. This pairs well with sessions about laws, workplace maintenance, and emergency responses. If you wish to know about our other training courses and services, please contact us. We’re helping teams and companies become their very best selves, and your team could be next. Book in now!


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