Writing Reports & Proposals

Would you like to improve your team performance when it comes to Writing reports and Proposals? Do you wish you could have a uniformed process to enable a standard of Report Writing/Proposal Writing? This training session is ideal for those who want to improve their written communication. Tips, tricks and tools to help your reports and proposals stand out. Customized training for groups and businesses in Gold Coast, Perth, Melbourne, Darwin, Brisbane, Sydney, Parramatta, Adelaide, Canberra

Objectives for the Writing Reports and Proposal Training Session

Training objectives include:

Learn the value of good written communications

Written communication can be a skill that you personally carry for life. Becoming a great writer and being able to write professionally is a skill acquired by the best. Our trainers will help to teach participants the value of good written communication.

Develop paragraphs that introduce, connect, develop, and conclude some part of an idea

Learn how to form and structure your writing in such a way that creates a flowing process. Learn more about the simple ways to connect and develop your paragraphs to help your reader.

Prepare reports and proposals that inform, persuade, and provide information

We provide business advice and training in areas of business documentation writing. Whether it is a report or proposal, our trainers will be able to provide personalise assistance and an activity to demonstrate the skills in this area.

Learn how to proofread your work so you are confident it is clear, concise, complete, and correct

Proofreading is also a skill that some benefit from more than others. Becoming a professional proof-reader will assist you to be more effective and increase the readers perception of your message.

Provide an opportunity to apply these skills in real work applications

We provide activities here to assist participants to apply the training. If you have organised this session for your team, we are able to provide advice and assistance to all on real projects or work applications.

Writing Reports and Proposals Training Summary

Many roles within the workplace may require a formal and professional writing standard. This session assists those who write reports and proposals with real examples and samples. Although writing is not on the top of everyone’s list, this session explores writing in a fun and interesting way. Many employees may not have any formal training on writing or report and proposal preparation. This session will assist all to increase their written performance and improve specifically on Reports and Proposals.

Producing compositions in report format and creating proposals as written offers to a prospective buyer can seem an almost daunting and time consuming task. This training option is designed to relieve you of the complexities associated with report writing. At the end of the session you will be able to produce a leading report and an accurate proposal in an efficient and effective manner.

We also have range of other writing training solutions that you may be interested in. If your objectives are not covered here, please contact our team for samples of other workbooks. We can create your own and have your team connecting with the material more effectively. Call us or email for more details.

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