Workplace Violence Training

How to Deal with Workplace Violence

Are you experiencing violence at your workplace? Are you looking for a training session to tackle this topic delicately and improve your team performance? This session can be customized to suit any needs or requirements. “Workplace Violence” training is an easy approach to the requirements of your business for harassment issues and violence. This session is perfect for a foundation to workplace violence. We can also deliver this topic with effective case studies and examples to have your team learn within the session before it happens in the workplace.

Objectives for Workplace Violence Training

This session will help teach employees how to:

Understand What Workplace Violence and Harassment is

Workplace violence and harassment is seen within many workplaces today. By understanding what constitutes workplace violence or harassment, participants are able to recognize and identify it and understand how to solve. Our trainer discusses the objectives for the session and acquires the current knowledge level of participants.

Understand the Benefits of Harassment Training

Our trainer provides a short discussion and interactive talk with participants about the benefits of harassment training. This engages participants and helps build a positive view towards the following training.

Act if they are harassed or accused of harassment

We provide an activity for participants to experience a situation in the training environment. We ask participants to relate how they felt from the activity and their reactions to the situation. As participants are able to see things from a different perspective it helps increase their ability to learn from the experience.

Understand the complaint process, from the complaint to the reply, to mediation or investigation, to a solution

We provide the full complaint process to help employees know the stages and actions that must be taken to resolve a complaint effectively and professionally.

Identify situations where mediation is appropriate, and understand how mediation works in those situations

We provide some examples of issues within the workplace and ask participants to choose where they may find mediation would be used a solution.

Identify Appropriate Solutions for A Harassment Incident

We provide some additional solutions to solve harassment incidents. By providing more than one solution, participants are able to select the appropriate tool for the relating incident.

Act if a Complaint is False

What do you do if a complaint is false? Do you ignore? We provide professional advice on what you should do if the complaint is false.

Help their Workplace Return to Normal After a Harassment Incident

Returning to the workplace after an incident has occurred can be stressful. We provide tips and advice on how to not only return if participants have been harassed, we also show participants how to create an environment for those who return.

Identify some warning signs of violence

There are signs that violence may be occurring or will occur. Learn how to identify these signals and be a step ahead.

Understand the cycle of anger

Our trainer will provide a small session on how to deal with anger. We also illustrate the cycle of anger and how to solve issues caused by anger.

Use a seven-step process for managing their anger and others’ anger

Seven simple steps to help not only in dealing with your own anger, this seven step process works with others too.

Have Better Communication and Problem Solving Skills, Which will Reduce Frustration and Anger

We provide this session added to the current skill set of the participants. A favorite among employees.

Develop Some Other Ways of Managing Anger, Including Coping Thoughts and Relaxation Techniques

For those participants who need extra control or management techniques in dealing with anger and coping with stress. More tips and advice from our professional trainer.

Workplace Violence Training Summary

Workplace Harassment and Violence is unacceptable behavior that we often see in the workplace. If it happens it should be addressed. Recognize what is classed as workplace violence, how it affects you and what to do about it in the case you see it in the workplace. We are able to provide details to your team on the code of conduct at your workplace and help individuals become more aware and speak up when they have reason to.

We also provide training on Stress Management and Workplace Health or Harassment. If you would like to include some of the modules from those training sessions with this one, we can do this. Pick any of our modules, and create your own session to suit your needs. Our editing team will also create content to make the workbook and material more applicable.

Learn more about why Paramount Training provides an IMPACT training session and how we can create something just for you. Our team are here to help. We create and customize training in Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Parramatta, Canberra, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney

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