Workplace Motivation Training

There’s no doubt that motivation can go a long way; quite literally so! Think about your first day of school and how quickly you must have bolted down the stairs in anticipation of a brighter future. In that particular instance alone, motivation allowed you to wake up and drive a few kilometers to your school. More than that, it’s the invisible companion that’s kept you going through the worst of situations. It’s therefore no doubt that the same thing must exist within professionals to overcome the responsibilities of work: quotas, deadlines, creative work, reports, etc. In fact, we dare say it is more important than ability; ability can only get you so far, but without a will that equals your abilities, you might find lasting long a frustrating prospect. This training session is equally designed to show you the basics of motivation, how to maintain them and even spread the energy to others. By the end of this particular session, leaders and employees alike will be able to work together and spread the energy to help sustain productivity, morale and cohesion, creating a successful, winning team.

Motivation is everything when it comes to work. More precisely, it is the very principle that forms a successful person as it is what allows them to pull through any dangerous or hectic situation. In a more practical sense, the fires of determination can affect your productivity, morale and even your entire career. What makes the metaphor even more appropriate is that you get to pass this skill down on others by promoting a motivational climate and designing jobs that aim at increasing motivation. This training course arms you with the knowledge to push through any kind of upheaval and more. In fact, you can even create your customised training course to focus on you and your team’s more specific needs. If you need further information on this training course and how to create a customised training session, please contact us. We are here to help turn your team into the best possible asset any company would do anything to have!

Training options available Australia wide in Perth, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin, Geelong, Parramatta and many more locations.

Workplace Motivation Training

This course can allow you to teach participants how to:

  • Describe what motivation is
  • Describe common motivational theories And how to use them
  • Learn when to use various sorts of motivators
  • Produce a motivational climate
  • Design a motivating job

Course Overview

You will spend the first part of the day getting to know participants and discussing what’s going to occur during the workshop. Students will also have a chance to identify their personal learning goals.

What is Motivation?

To Start, participants will explore inspiration through an enjoyable activity.

Supervising and Motivation

Next, We’ll look at three regular objects that represent three approaches to motivation: the carrot, the whip, and the plant.

Motivational Theories

During This session, participants will explore Maslow’s and Herzberg’s theories of inspiration. They’ll also review their pre-assignment.

Setting Goals

Goal setting is an important part of motivation. This session will examine the SPIRIT acronym for setting goals.

The Role of Values

During this session, participants will identify their personal values, which will help them understand their motivators.

Creating a Motivational Climate

This session will consider the reinforcement theory, also referred to as the behavioral concept, of motivation. Expectancy theory and McClelland’s needs concept will also be discussed.

Applying Your Skills

During This session, participants will work on several inspirational case studies.

Designing Motivating Jobs

This session will explore ways of designing (or redesigning) motivating jobs. We’ll also discuss the ten things you can do to inspire employees on a daily basis.

Course Wrap-Up

At The end of the day, students will have a chance to ask questions and fill out an action plan.

Additional Modules and Sample Sections

Learn the Basics of Motivation

Picture the person you have the most respect for in your life. You’ve probably seen them in action and thought to yourself: “What’s the secret to their success? What is it that makes them who they really are now?” Now, try to read up about their life or, if it’s a friend or a teacher, try asking them about what it is exactly that propelled them to success. Chances are, most of the time, they will answer: “motivation.” Now, motivation can take on many forms: some want to protect their loved ones, others want to be the very best versions of themselves, but what’s important is that this is the one thing that they all have in common. Accordingly, this training course’s aim is to teach you the fundamentals of motivation, its benefits and help you answer a personal question: what’s your motivation?

Know the Science of Motivation

Motivation has been written about through history by various psychologists, self-help experts and other scientists with the intent of exploring how to give motivation both to yourself and others and how to maintain them. Indeed, both of these are relevant questions: people have a tendency to be devoid of motivation due to various circumstances and each of them can affect productivity and morale. On a more personal level, it can affect your career and even your relationships with others. As such, it is therefore important to not only have motivation, but know how to maintain it once you’ve firmly grasped it. Accordingly, this training course will focus on those two central questions as well.

Know How to Deal With Motivation’s Roadblocks

When all is said and done, having motivation essentially means having a firm grasp of oneself. This therefore includes having control over your emotions and the power to deal with fear and desire, which can both lower your capacity to work as an employee and even affect your general sense of determination as a person. Of course, a lot of things are ever dealt with decisively alone and supervisors are aware of this. As such, dealing with personal troubles and the roadblocks to having a firm grasp of one’s motivations is a group effort which starts the moment you sign up for this training course. That’s right; this training course will help you become the best possible version of yourself by giving you the tools to deal with motivation’s roadblocks. Our interactive discussions and fun-filled activities will ensure that you are able to deal with your personal troubles even before you head out on the battlefields of business and, as an added bonus, you’ll be able to spread your knowledge with others. After all, knowledge is power which, when collectively possessed, can change an entire world. We discuss the roadblocks to Motivation and how to overcome them.

Instill a motivational climate and design motivating jobs

As noted before, having motivation is never a single effort. Often, the people who inspire you are those who are capable of removing an entire group’s negativity, and the best companies are those which promote emotionally-satisfying jobs. In fact, once you become the very person you’ve always worked so hard to be, you’ll definitely want to share some of your knowledge as it can genuinely help save careers, promote productivity, increase morale and of course, help the collective effort that is your company. In other words, the best employees know that motivation is shared, and the very nature of our activities and discussions will focus on this very fact: you’ll be communicating with others and forming bonds, ensuring that you’ll never feel alone in your quest to change entire worlds!

Learn about more modules for you to create your own special training course

Here are some of the many modules we offer here at Paramount, each of which are focused on addressing very areas on motivation that you and your team might want to focus on:

The Function of Values

Values can be a motivating factor when making decisions or choosing to act on a matter at hand. In this session, participants will explore their feelings about various motivational factors including their personal values and values of the community around them. We help participants learn how to achieve more by aligning goals with values and becoming self-motivated.

Anticipation Theory

In this session we learn by means of a fun exercise and group discussion about the anticipation theory. As an interactive session our trainer involved the workgroup with a series of activities to prove the points in each area.

Using Your Skills

In this session, participants will work on several case studies that are motivational. We also help supervisors and managers create a more dynamic, loyal, and energized workplace. Participants will have an opportunity to recognize their personal learning objectives and develop personal skills within the session.

A Motivational Checklist

We discuss and take a look into the ten things that we can do to inspire employees on a daily basis. We also demonstrate how employee motivation can influence results. We show the participants and help them to understand that employees who believe they’re valued and recognized for the work they do are more driven, responsible, and productive. We also help participants to design or redesign an occupation to become more inspiring and to create a motivational environment.

Supervising and Motivation

In this part of the session we look at the three strategies to motivation: the whip the carrot, and also the plant. By discussing the common motivational theories and the way to implement them, we help participants learn how to drive motivation in their organisation. Many real examples from other workplaces are shown to participants in regards to how to use these strategies.

Anxiety and Desire

For the pre-assignment or before this part of the session, participants are asked to answer some personal questions regarding motivation. In this session, they’ll discuss their responses. Our trainer will provide advice as this is developed more.

Establishing Targets

In this part of the session we discuss the important of setting goals in the workplace. Goal setting is an essential part of motivation. This session will look at a SMART way of setting targets and how to become more motivated on large or long term tasks.

What’s Motivation?

What is motivation? Is it created? We investigate motivation by means of a fun activity that all participants can become involved in. Our trainer also illustrates their role of motivation within training and helps participant learn how to enhance within professional settings.

Inspirational Theories

In this session, participants will investigate Maslow’s and Herzberg’s theories of motivation. These theories are developed more as a discussion.

Designing Inspiring Jobs

We would all love a highly motivated and inspiring job. This session will investigate ways of designing (or redesigning) motivating occupations. We also demonstrate to participants how to improve their own self-motivation with perception and mindset strategies.

Creating a Motivational Climate

This session will take a look at the support theory, also called the behavioural theory, of motivation. This whole session is a fun, practical and interactive session that will motivate any team to action. We can also provide customised training to suit individual teams and workplaces.

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

Like our programs but need a more personal touch? Paramount offers the option of custom courses for no extra charge. We believe that the recipe for success is adaptation and are hence willing to adapt to the needs of your workforce if you see it fit. Use our flexible and modular education system and materials to your advantage and change anything needed from in-house delivery to case studies used. Don’t worry, all we need is your input or a needs assessment form, and we’ll make the adjustments you need to make the materials and sessions most useful for you.

In-House Customised training benefits:

  • Flexible length – You choose the length of the session
  • Highly Effective Team/Industry Specific
  • Certificate of Completion (Professional Grade)
  • Create a Team Building environment
  • Cost effective – Group rate discount
  • Printed courseware (No need to download or use an App to read)

Creating Content (Contact us for Quotation)

At times, certain material may be made unavailable. Paramount Training and Development believes that the only solution then is to innovate, as such we offer the opportunity to create new workbooks, material, sessions, and courses to meet your needs; a unique and personalised means of solving a problem within the business. Pick and choose everything from trainers employed, workbook style, technical data, and so on. Co-created with us, under your legal ownership. Help Paramount help you build what can be the foundation of all of your future endeavors now.

Instructor Led Online

Download Certificate of Completion $495 inc GST
Printed and Posted Certificate of Completion $515 inc GST

Avail of our online-assisted training programme to have our trainer train you online. With this training course, not only will you be able to talk to our trainers in real-time, you’ll no longer need to gather all of your employees at one place and reserve slots. Here, we provide the trainers and the materials; you need only select the most suitable date and time for you and your team. Enjoy real time online training Paramount style!

Online Self Paced

Download Certificate of Completion $69 Inc GST
Printed and Posted Certificate of Completion $89 Inc GST

Enjoy learning at your own pace with our new Self-Paced Training. Here, you can watch our pre-recorded trainer whenever you’re available. It’s also highly interactive, so you’ll be sure to stay on your toes and enjoy every second of the training session. You can easily login and get a printed certificate provided via our Printed Certificate Option. Play and pause at any time to ensure the best on-the-go training experience!

Public Workshop at a Venue


  • Time: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Small Number of participants per workshop, average 5 people, max 12
  • Lunch and refreshments are included


  • Pay on Invoice or by Credit Card
  • Professional Grade Certificate of Completion Provided
  • Comprehensive courseware and materials

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