Workplace Health Training

Would you like to have a healthy workplace? Would you like to provide a great session to improve performance within your team? If you responded to those questions with a yes, then this training session is ideal for you. This Workplace Heath Session is designed to help individuals and teams realize the importance of correct lifting, seating, healthy diet, and health within the workplace. We can incorporate games to illustrate the points. With better health and fitter staff productivity and motivation will be more noticeable. We offer this training and more in Parramatta, Darwin, Gold Coast, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth or Brisbane

Objectives for the Workplace Health Training

This session will help you teach employees:

Healthy Eating: How it changes your outcomes

A healthy workforce becomes an asset to any organisation. We provide an overview for participants how to create a healthy eating attitude. We also demonstrate how healthy eating can change your performance and motivation.

Environmental Changes: Changes to your Desk Environment

Workplace health is more than just about healthy eating. Our trainer provides examples of poor workplace desk environments and also some advice for organizing desk space and creating a healthy workspace.

Lifting and Other Health Issues

Does your role require you to lift? It could be a paper for the photocopier? Postal packages or maybe you are just moving your chair? There is a specific way to lift and we provide the safety information to help participants learn more about the issues of heavy lifting.

Workplace Health Issues

There may be a range of workplace health issues that participants discuss with our trainer. We provide real life workplace solutions to assist individuals to build a healthier workplace.

Healthy Work Scheduling and Stress Management

If you would like to learn more about how to improve on workplace scheduling or manage stress more effectively this segment will help.

How to Manage Unhealthy Habits

Many of us may have unhealthy habits. As humans our natural behavior can change our results and performance. Learn more about NLP (Neuro Linguistic Techniques) and other behavioral techniques to help us manage and work with unhealthy habits.

Is Natural Behavior Good For Us?

We discuss why our natural behavior can be ineffective. We learn to do actions on automatic, we also feel differently at different parts of the day. Learn how we can prepare for our natural behavior and how we can take advantage or change our behavior to suit our needs.

Workplace Health Training Summary

Your team can be a high performing team with this Workplace Health training session. As we highlight the benefits to many simple and basic areas, we also contribute real life examples and case studies of unhealthy or healthy workplaces. As the team see the need for a healthy work environment, you can watch your team performance increase and your results grow. A healthy team in the workplace is a happy team, a stress free team and a motivated high performing team.

If you would like to increase the performance and health of your workplace, this session can be customized to suit your objectives a training needs. It can also be delivered as a short time frame training session or an ongoing package to help your team stay on top. With many different training modules and workplace performance areas, we are able to create your very own workbook and session to suit your team needs.

This session will help create healthy individuals and teams. With a healthy environment, your organisation will see a difference in motivation, stress levels, productivity and workplace relationships.

For more information on this training session and a free custom outline please call 1300 810 725.

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