Workplace Employee Hygiene Training

Workplace Employee Hygiene is an important part of professionalism with the workplace. This topic can be a sensitive one to speak about and a training session in a group situation can tackle this delicately. Our trainers know how to effective provide reminders and advice throughout this session to have your employees and team becoming professionally presentable. Whether the issue is dress and grooming, personal cleanliness or standards of work presentation, our trainers are able to provide both education and advice in this area.

This session is designed to tackle the issue of workplace hygiene. If your workplace is experiencing a drop in professional standards, have individuals who disregard foundations of cleanliness or have any other issue in workplace hygiene, this session is for you. We can customise all material to suit your area of need, and include specifics, questions or case studies to help your team realise the importance of this standard.

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Objectives for this workplace personal hygiene training

Some example modules we could discuss are below:

Let’s Talk About It!

We approach the subject with a professional and careful manner, not engaging the participants too soon, yet providing an overview of the training

Guidelines for difficult conversations

We discuss how to approach the matter with others within the workplace

A Step-by-Step guide

This is a simple, yet effective guide to managing poor hygiene within the workplace. We provide this step by step guide with all.

Getting the facts

There are at times legitimate reasons for poor hygiene; it could be a medical condition or something that can be explained. Getting all the facts will help in working with individuals in this regard.

Overcoming objections

What happens if the person objects? This session here discusses what we can do, and what the best reaction is.

Bad hair days (And Weeks… and Months…)

We provide information on what is acceptable in the workplace and where the limit applies. We can approach this area depending on your organisation’s needs.

Addressing piercings and body artwork

Many workplaces allow Piercings and Body Artwork. Others may ask for you to cover these in respective roles. Presentation can be an important part of your role. Learn more about your organisations requirements in this discussion.

Helping employees dress for success

Employees need guidance and also the tools to be able to work effectively. Providing information here, sets and example and provides information to the employees on how to get uniforms or workplace clothing.

Bad breath

Bad breath can be a natural issue; it can be counteracted with some mouthwash and appropriate gum. Learn more how to improve on your bad breath issues.

Body odour

This section looks at how body odour can be eliminated or kept to a minimum using methods and body sprays available. We also discuss how clothing can affect the magnitude of this issue also.

Gastrointestinal issues

Not an easy issue or subject to approach, however we look into this area with a fun yet professional discussion.

Bad habits

Bad habits? Are they good for us? We discuss how professionalism can assist us in all facets of work and how bad habits may be limiting us.

Putting it into practice

We set out to set some goals for all within the session. Everyone can improve in one area or another. This section will help to do just that.

More modules available for team training

Decrease the chance of food borne illness (food poisoning).
Food display and storage preparation
Food poisoning microorganisms
Communication skills to report poor and hygiene risks
Cleaning and care practices
Maintain appropriate standards of personal hygiene for Workplaces
Working knowledge of organization private hygiene policies and procedures
Learn the correct ways of storage and food handling.
Basic understanding on the choices and applications of cleaning and sanitizing materials and equipment.
Diagrams and processes that identify good hygiene practices.
Proficiency skills to read and interpret relevant organisation policies
Execute correct methods of cleaning and sanitizing.
Identify possible hygiene hazards.
Personal and environmental hygiene

More information on the course outline

Bad Hair Days (And Weeks… and Months…)

This part of the session will identify areas and solutions for hairstyles that are unprofessional, unkempt hair, and dandruff. Our trainer provides a discussion on the importance of personal grooming.

Guidelines for Difficult Conversations

This session will give participants a chance to role play along with a framework for being able to speak to others about difficult matters. We discuss how to word and use communication techniques to assist in a professional conversation. Participants may also receive a checklist of organisational policies they should familiarize themselves with. (Team training customised)

Overcoming Objections

We role play a situation of an employee who becomes offended. They also deny responsibility and refuse to try and rectify the situation or issue. How would you react? What can be done to assist the individual to overcome the objection? Our trainer provides advice to the participants.

Addressing Piercings and Body Art

In this session, participants will learn some approaches that are great to bring up the discussion of inappropriate body piercings and tattoos. Many organisations allow covering of these areas to allow for the worker to keep a professional image in the workplace without causing offence. In today’s world it is important to bring diversity into the workplace. Our trainer talks on this area while demonstrating how to accommodate yet be professional in the workplace.

Bad Habits

Participants will make them a list of their favourite poor hygiene habits and brainstorm options and solutions for these areas. This part of the session is a light hearted fun discussion with the participants.

Putting into Practice

We provide a role play with a tough hygiene issue and then we ask the participants to provide feedback on how the situation was handled. Our trainer also provides additional advice for the best outcomes possible.

Let’s Talk About It!

Participants will have a look at a number of the personal and professional benefits of investing their time and energy into a tough conversation on personal hygiene. We also discuss how it can benefit teams and organisations.

Bad Breath

This session will learn more about the reasons for bad breath (formally called halitosis), the best way to resolve it, and the best way to discuss it together with workers. It could be a sales presentation, meeting or new client acquisition. Learn how to improve your results in the workplace with some quick and easy tips for improving bad breath.

Helping Workers Dress for Success

Learn the ideal way to deal with a special area which could be gender-sensitive, with dress code violations. Participants may also receive some useful tips on helping employees who do not have the resources to dress suitably. This session is all about the work clothes that many wear to work. If you have a team and would like something specific identified we are able to add to the session.

Gastrointestinal Issues

This session will look at discussing incontinence and flatulence with an employee. The employee may think it is a funny subject and at times may cause people to laugh. It could also be a serious issue or a personal health issue that may need to be identified. This session approaches the matter professionally.

Body Odour

In this session we brainstorm ideas to manage a lack of personal hygiene, body odour from medical problems, and over-perfumed employees. We’ll also take a look into the appropriate action to be taken if you think you smell drugs or alcohol on an employee.

Workplace Personal Hygiene Training Summary

In a team environment, in the public eye or in any workplace that you must interact, there may be times you come across these issues above. It may be a temporary issue or an uncontrollable concern; however others may just be poor consideration or training.

If the issue of Workplace Hygiene is due to a lack of training or consideration, our trainers are able to effectively deliver a session to bring together the workplace and provide a standard of professionalism and presentation. As individuals that may be unaware of their needs will be involved in the training session, our trainers would be careful to not bring attention to individuals within the session, and conduct a group session to cover the need. The benefit to this is a reminder and further training to those already at an acceptable level and it will also help bring the lower performers up to the standards of your workplace.

For more information on this Workplace Hygiene Training session, or for further details on how we can create your very own session to cover your specific needs, contact us today.