Time Management Training

Have you ever said you need more time? Time Management Training is great for anyone who needs to take advantage of their time and learn new techniques to improve the use of their workday. This course will enable participants to evaluate their time and organize goals to achieve more in less time. There are some advanced skills in this session for individuals who are also good at time management yet need some further assistance. We offer customized training in Melbourne, Canberra, Parramatta, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Darwin

Objectives for the Time Management Training

Specific learning objectives include:

Better organize yourself and your workspace for peak efficiency

Optimizing your work-life will help in achieving more goals and gaining more results. Our trainers provide practical assistance and provide examples of work-spaces that are both optimized or poorly designed.

Understand the importance of, and the most useful techniques for, setting and achieving goals

Goal setting will assist with motivation, planning and achieving results also. Learn new techniques to reach your goals. We discuss the standard SMART goal setting tool and develop more advanced techniques for those at a higher level.

Identify the right things to be doing and develop plans for doing them

Much of our day may be doing the wrong things the right way and the right things the wrong way. We investigate areas of our work day to find improvement areas and time absorbing tasks.

Learn what to delegate and how to delegate well

Delegating tasks and learning not to micro manage will also create time within your day. Our trainers provide practical assistance in this area.

Take control of things that can crash workplace productivity

We look at the common pitfalls and issues surrounding time management within the workplace. Our trainers also offer individual assistance to those in the training session in areas they feel they need to work on.

More information on the course outline

The Power of Change

To start, participants will use their pre-duty to spot areas where they want to change their time management approach.

Understanding Yourself

Next, participants will talk about the left brain and right brain approaches to time management.

Establishing Targets

In this session, participants are going to understand the best way to set SMART goals to help them manage their time.


This session will explore different preparation tools and their uses.

The Four D’s

Next, participants are going to find out the best way to Do, Dump, Delay, or Delegate any job. They’ll also learn to take the STING out of feeling.

Arranging Your Workspace

This session will give participants a plan to organize their work area.

Organizing Your Files

In this session, participants will explore methods to manage paper and electronic files, including email.

Managing Your Workload

Participants will help Mary Incredible manage her workload. Subsequently, they will finish a 168-hour strategy.

Time Management Training Summary

This session is designed to equip your employees with new knowledge, tools and skills to become more productive and more effective at work. Learn how to plan your day and prioritize your tasks. Limiting the distractions and managing multiple projects at once can be a skill in itself. We train your team to be able to handle the workload, whilst making the most out of their time. Issues such as procrastination can also be a specific area we target within the training depending on your group training needs.

Taking advantage of the skills within this session will allow you to do the right things at the right time and enable your team to excel. If you need to increase your team performance and have your employees applying more effective time management tools, this session will make a huge impact.

Employers look highly upon individuals who display strong time management skills and are able to meet deadlines. Individuals whom possess strong time management skills tend to be more successful and are better able to pursue desired goals. This training session will provide employees with the skills to effectively manage their time and become more effective in getting work done and reducing time wastage.