“The X-Factor Of Your Team” Training

Does your team have what it takes? Would you like to strengthen your team and help them gain extra elements to help you grow your business? This X-Factor Session is designed to help teams become super performers and communicators. We provide all the tricks and techniques to enhance motivation, communication and productivity. If you are looking for both an interactive and skills based approach this training session will engage and enhance your teams strengths. We can also look into weaknesses that your team may have and make them more aware of issues that may come up in the future. Of course we also provide solutions to these to help them cope with any areas that need improvement.

Objectives for the X-Factor of your Team Training

This session will help us teach your employees:

Staying Motivated 24/7

Learn how you can create motivation. We provide techniques to participants that will enable them to personally create motivation whenever they feel their motivation levels may be depleted.

Using communication techniques to find solutions easier

Communication techniques are not only used to help other people understand what we need. Communication techniques can assist with creating solutions and enable teams to control outcomes and become more effective. If you would like to improve on your performance this session will provide advanced skills in communication for your team.

Body Language and Its Positives (changing emotion)

Learning how to be able to improve or change emotion with the use of body language can be an impressive skill. Emotion is important in problem solving, communication and delivery of presentations etc. We discuss how Body language can assist a team in working together also.

Time Management Tricks

Time is Money. You may have heard this saying many times before and we all know that good time management skills will help a team to become more productive and effective. Our trainer will help participants learn more about simple time management systems to help keep on track and reach the goals in the timeframe provided.

Human Error and Relationship Problem Solving

In all teams, there are difficulties that rise from time to time. We all have different personalities, values, opinions and viewpoints which can put pressure on a team. Our trainer will provide information for participants on how to deal with common issues and problems within teams.

Problem Solving Toolkit

We add this section to the training session to help participants become more active and motivated on problem solving.

X Factor of your Team Training Summary

Have you ever wondered what makes a team become a super performing successful team? Have you ever seen teams work together harmoniously? This session will help teams overcome issues to become better performers as we provide a range of skills to help teams work together. As each individual builds their own strengths, we are able to show the team also how to benefit from the diverse set of skills brought together. We can create a manual and customise the material to suit the issues experienced within your organisation.

This session can include games, activities and team building events to assist you in a productive learning experience. With the high interaction and activities, teams can learn while they complete the tasks, so by the time they enter back into the work environment, they have already practiced the skills taught.

We have a range of other team building training that may be of interest to you. If you find your objectives have not been covered above, please see our other team training solutions or call us for a free custom outline to discover how we can meet your training needs. Contact us to book in training in all major cities Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Parramatta