Telemarketing Training

Telemarketing can be rewarding and enjoyable. The more skills a telemarketer acquires, the more likely the results. Telemarketing Training can help those who use the telephone as a major component within their role. Learn how to create rapport within seconds, How to close down conversations effectively when required and also how to create a YES client. If you have a team that require a professional and interactive training event, look no further than this Telemarketing Training session. This training and more is available in Melbourne, Parramatta, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Darwin

Objectives for the Telemarketing Training

Specific learning objectives include:

Learning new ways to build trust and respect

Without a physical face to face presence, building respect and trust at times can be difficult. Build trust and respect easy with Psychological techniques. Our trainer develops the use of deeper interpersonal skills and how they can create trust and respect over the phone.

Learning how to warm up your sales approach to reduce your fear of cold calling

Cold calling can be difficult if you are fearful of the responses. Our trainer provides some quick and easy techniques to have you thinking more positively towards the role and also warming up those cold calls sooner.

Identify ways to make a positive first impression

First impressions last. Make a positive impression fast. Vital for cold calling and roles where you need to get the customer on side quickly. Learn how to be a super communicator and connect with people almost immediately.

Identify strategies that help you speak to the decision-maker

Having your call transferred to the decision maker is a fantastic feeling. Are you getting shut down on the phone and your call is not reaching the desired person? Our trainer will demonstrate with different examples how a call will get shut down and how to become more effective in getting through to the decision maker.

Create a script to maximize your efficiency on the phone

Your script can make all the difference to your results. Optimizing your script will put you into the category of high performing call operators. Our training professional will assist you with perfecting your script for optimum results.

Learn what to say to create interest, handle objections, and close the sale

Becoming adaptable on the phone is an important attribute also. Our trainer will provide more assistance and information on how to gain more time, control and ability over the phone. Create more interest, handle objections with specific techniques and close the sale or call effectively with closing techniques.

More information on the course outline

Building Trust and Respect

Next, participants will discuss ways to develop trust and respect.

The Johari Window

This session will continue the discussion on esteem and trust using the Johari window.

Developing Your Script

Now that participants have some essential tools, they will develop a script that can be used for any sales call.

Pre-Call Planning

We don’t believe in a call that is canned, but we do believe in a planned call. This session will clarify the difference between those types.

Phone Tag and Call Backs

Next, participants will discuss some ways to make the most of voice mail. Participants will identify methods to avoid missed opportunities by following up and monitoring their calls.

Distinguishing You’re Different from the Competitors

This session will explore what the status quo means for participants and for their customers.

Shift Your Abilities, Change Your Income

Participants will talk about some words of wisdom from Earl Nightingale.

The Value of Good Communication Skills

During this session, participants will develop their listening and questioning skills.

Closing the Sale

This session will give participants some methods close the sale and to ask for.

Telemarketing Training Summary

The telephone is an effective communication medium that, if used effectively, can generate a large amount of leads. Through the use of the telephone, telemarketing is a personal and direct marketing means. This training session will teach employees how to effectively approach a marketing telephone call and be able to build trust and loyalty from new or existing customers.

Your business growth is dependent on the motivation and productivity of your team. Many business owners and managers realise the importance of improving sales and training staff on how to use the telephone more effectively to generate leads. Whether you use the phone to sell, or to provide customer service, you use selling techniques, closing skills and objection handling tools. Even dealing with a difficult customer can be a challenge at times.

Selling on the phone is different from the standard face to face meetings. Your team will require a particular skill set to be more successful. As you may have unique challenges for your team, we can customize the material to suit your telemarketing needs.

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