Team Building: Developing High Performance Teams

Teams are an important part of any organisation. The performance of the team can change the outcome of the results they deliver. Would you like a highly effective and high performing team? If you responded yes, this Team Building Session is for you. Designed to create a team environment and illustrate the need for a highly motivated and highly supportive team environment it benefits any team greatly. Team building games can illustrate communication, co-operation, systems and strategy, support and much much more. Although not shown in the material, we are able to put these into the training outline to assist with both an interactive yet educational session.

Objectives for the Team Building Training

This session will help us train your employees on:

How to co-operate for a greater purpose

Learning how to operate within a team and how your role is vital to the overall success of a team is an important area. By developing this session and by assisting participants to learn about their contribution, our trainer is able to assist with accountability and cooperation within the team.

How to use communication techniques to effectively deliver a message

Delivering an effective message doesn’t seem that difficult however we find in many team environments, communication to be a contributing factor to issues and problems. Our trainer discusses and develops the need for team communication skills and provides advanced tools for participants to use.

How different personalities interact and how they can benefit each other

We all see things differently, have different values and of course have different personalities. These areas can be a reason for teams to succeed and also to have areas for team failure. We provide more insight into how different personalities can add to the overall success of a team and how we may work collectively

People skills to build strong relationships and a strong team environment

We provide a range of “People Skills” to help teams work in a strong team environment and build a closer relationship with each other.

Following strategies together to reach a common goal

We provide insight into systems and processes for teams. This session will provide activities to illustrate the need for team cooperation.

How to enjoy being part of a team

Being part of a team can be rewarding. For some though there are many issues that may arise in the team environment. Our trainer discusses common team issues and how to work with these issues and enjoy your team work environment.

How individuals have an impact on others

Learn how your performance can impact the team and the outcomes of the team.

Team Building Training Summary

Team building can help your organisation flourish with additional skills to build cooperative and supportive teams. If you are looking for a training session to build integral team systems to assist your workforce then this session is ideal. With a range of skills and tools for groups and teams, the participants are able to gain the extra edge they need to become a better team. How do you cope being part of a team? Do some people pull their weight while others seem to ignore the team effort? How do you motivate different personalities within a team? We answer these questions and more in this course designed for employer groups or teams.

We run group training and workshops for businesses in Gold Coast, Adelaide, Darwin, Sydney, Parramatta, Perth, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane. For more information on this training session and a free custom outline please call 1300 810 725 or contact us here.

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