Talent Management Training

People are the backbone to every organisation or business. With that in mind, Talent Management should be an important part of your organisations focus. This session will enable Supervisors and Managers to grow their departments and ultimately the organisation by improving in smaller, more manageable areas of Talent Management.

This Talent Management Training Course is designed to provide training on how you manage your people power, including how to identify your best people, succession planning to ensure business will continue after key staff move on or retire from your organization, and strategic employee engagement that ensures your employees are where they need to be in order to make the most of their position.

Objectives in this Talent Management Training

This session will help us train your employees:

Apply the multifaceted aspects of talent management in their own organisations

The best part of this training session is being able to apply the skills and aspects within an organisation. Our trainer will assist participants to become more skilled in application.

Describe the skills required to manage high potential candidates

Participants will learn through the session that the skills required are not just those of the candidate. We discuss how from a managing position, participants will require skills also.

Recognize and Foster Talent Within an Organization

Sometimes talent can be missed, underutilized and misunderstood. Our trainer highlights the need to recognize talent from within an organisation.

Explain the Principles of Competency Based Management

Our trainer will demonstrate the different competency models. This will depend on what characteristics are important to your organization. You may choose to create a competency model for a specific section of your organization or for a specific department or position.

Use the Language for Talent Management

We provide insight into what behavioural interviewing is all about including the language needed.

We can also include training modules from other training workbooks or create ones to cover any objectives not listed here

All our training can be customized to suit teams and groups. If you have specific requirements or training objective please contact our team.

Talent Management Training Summary

You can grow your team and organisation with the use of this training session.

Having the right people in the right positions at the right time can be difficult to master. This session is designed to help your organisation to form a program which will enable you to manage your team and have the right people doing the right tasks.

We can also combine modules from other training to assist with a customized training session that will cover your Talent Management Needs. If you find we are missing something or you have specific objectives, contact us and we can assist. Our editing team can build and create a session for you. Customized training for companies in Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Parramatta, Canberra, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney

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