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Smarter Selling

It is a well-known fact that the free market is a world of innovation and fierce competition. Plenty of sales professionals often race against each other in order to get customers to purchase their specific product and find better ways to appease them, and there is a great chance that you’re no exception. This training session is therefore specifically designed to help you obtain a much-needed edge against competition by making you a better solution seller. Even better, you can refine your skills as a professional further by customising your training sessions to suit your needs. We provide this training in all cities including Melbourne, Parramatta, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, and Darwin.

Solution Selling Training Objectives

This Solution Selling Training session aims to help sales professionals who seek to bring their sales skills to new heights. Our goal is to help you learn how to sell more smartly and efficiently and turn you into a formidable force in the business world.

Specific learning objectives include:

Understand a Wonderful Paradox: helping other people get what they want gives us more of what we want

History is known for allowing us to learn key truths about the human condition and apply them to the times we live in. This rule is no different and has been repeatedly exploited by successful people throughout history. Among other things, they understood the importance of keen observation, making clever decisions based on them, and going above and beyond themselves by reaching out to others. Learning more about how these people’s exploits affected the course of history and how to apply the lessons behind their actions in the business world can therefore make you a more successful solution seller. Contact us for further details.

Use goal-setting techniques to focus on what you want to accomplish and develop strategies for getting there

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important the fear,” so said James Neil Hollingworth. When we are beset by various obstacles, we are often tempted to question our abilities and give in to our fears, but successful people realize that there’s always something higher to look forward to: a goal. Being able to properly set goals in the business world will allow you to work more efficiently, help you achieve even more than your desired outcome, and on the overall, allow you to turn solution selling into a fine art.

Recognize the Difference between Features and Benefits of Products and services

Most sales courses will have information on Features, Advantages and Benefits (FAB). Our trainer develops these at an advanced level and demonstrates how emotion can assist the buyer. Learn how to motivate and inspire your customer/client to buy with value added selling using the Benefits.

Identify Competitive Strengths of your Products and Services

As a sales professional, you probably often ask yourself: “what makes my products unique? What makes them really worthy of greatness?” You may have been taught the basics of your company’s products and services, but seem to lack the confidence and “oomph” that comes with knowing the veracity of your company’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP). We understand; there is security in evidence, after all. We will help you achieve that end by helping you figure out your products’ strengths and explain them to potential and existing consumers in a candid, non-rehearsed way.

Use Different Types of Selling for Different Situations

Another characteristic of the business world is its dynamic nature; nothing ever stays still and each situation always seems to have minor differences just beside it. For all we know, you could be a veteran in sales and still have yet to experience new situations. A sales professional must therefore be adaptable and capable of turning adversity into opportunity. Our trainer will help you navigate through possible scenarios in solution selling and give you practical advice on how to keep up a state of efficiency at every turn. We guarantee you will find these methods vital both in the business world and even in your everyday affairs.

Identify Ways to Find New Clients and Network Effectively

Drawing in consumers is one thing, but businesses thrive most when employees are capable of finding potential clients for themselves. What characteristics are we to look out for when looking for potential clients? What methods do we use in order to find clients? How do we keep track of them and establish a network that we can use to follow-up on their concerns and requests? Having a solid web of networking allows you to not only have an empty list of contact information, but also a consistent stream of money and opinion, allowing you and your business to stay well-ahead of your competitors. Our trainer will help you answer these questions and make you a more effective network-maker.

Plus many more Sales Skills

This Solution Selling Training session is but one of the many modules and training programs our company offers. Whole teams can create and customise their sessions to suit their industry’s needs. For example, if your work is extremely stressful and you need to find ways on how to deal with clients’ objections more effectively, you can include our Anger Management Training and Sales Objection Training in your customised training course. The key is to include as many as you can to improve your arsenal of knowledge and skills. Workshops are also designed to allow students to have substantial and informative discussions on the different sales skills.

Solution Selling Training Summary

As our world grows smaller and more efficient with the rise of online selling, sales professionals have to craft more creative ways to personally draw in customers for their businesses. Customers now have access to more information than ever, and consumers may find it harder and harder to argue their case. We completely understand the daunting nature of the ever-changing world of business and are here to lend you a helping hand. Our team of experts and trainers will help you navigate through the increasingly-dynamic world of sales by teaching you how to properly know your product’s benefits, features and advantages, set goals and how to remain competitive. If you want further details on how to become a superb sales professional, contact us now.

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