Solution Selling Training

Smarter Selling

With more competition and options available to buyers online, every sale counts. Solution selling is designed to look at improving sales focus. This Sales training session can be custom designed to suit your employees and industry. We find out your needs and build a training session to suit your team. Contact our staff for more details. This training is available in all cities including Melbourne, Parramatta, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, and Darwin.

Solution Selling Training Objectives

This Smarter Solution Selling training session is for those in sales positions who want to sell on a different level. Working smarter and not harder this session will help in providing this edge.

Specific learning objectives include:

Understand a Wonderful Paradox: helping other people get what they want gives us more of what we want

There have been famous people throughout history who have acquired this knowledge. We learn the basics of reciprocal relationships and its use within the sales process. Our trainer will provide a range of advice from influential people through history. We then apply these strategies to the sales process for participants to learn how the foundations of sales can increase the results tenfold.

Use goal-setting techniques to focus on what you want to accomplish and develop strategies for getting there

We all need to set goals. Without a goal, it will be unlikely we are pushing our comfort zone or limits. By setting increased goals in our sales strategy we enable self-motivation and pursuit of greater results.

Recognize the Difference between Features and Benefits of Products and services

Most sales courses will have information on Features, Advantages and Benefits (FAB). Our trainer develops these at an advanced level and demonstrates how emotion can assist the buyer. Learn how to motivate and inspire your customer/client to buy with value added selling using the Benefits.

Identify Competitive Strengths of your Products and Services

We may have a USP (Unique selling proposition) or we may know we offer something that our competitors are unable. Either way, this session here is designed to identify key competitive strengths of the participants products and services. Our trainer will assist with scripting to enhance the ability to mention these areas within the sales process without sounding rehearsed.

Use Different Types of Selling for Different Situations

We may require different tactics for different sales situations. Just like a battle we don’t approach the same way every time. Different people, sales and situations will require adaptability. We provide more information on how to do this.

Identify Ways to Find New Clients and Network Effectively

Finding new clients is an important part of business growth. Our trainer will provide some new ideas to find new clients and be able to become an effective networker.

Plus many more Sales Skills

We have a huge range of modules and sales skills available. If this is a workshop we highlight many of the sales skills to participants. If this is a team training event, we can provide custom information to suit your sales needs.

Solution Selling Training Summary

Selling has changed in recent times. The sales industry is shaping up to become a professional dynamic environment. It used to have the reputation of a sleazy, joke telling, controlling environment. These views are changing as the competitive nature and informed clients begin to leave behind any organisation that is not willing to change. In this environment now you will see a highly trained sales professional who represents trust, honesty and competence. Clients now can shop online and become more informed than the days before. This leaves the sales person limited in their ability to use the information to sell and the Solution Sales Training is now where we can change focus and enhance sales results.

This session will help employees to be one of those smart sales professionals. We can create a training session to improve any area in Sales that you require. We also have other Sales training sessions including Sales Psychology, Marketing and Sales, Sales Professional Training and Retail Sales Training plus more. If you would like your very own Sales Training session created contact us for more information.

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