Sales Psychology Training

The Element of Psychology within Sales

This session can be custom designed to suit your employees and industry. As this is a Sales Psychology training session the material in the session will need to be adapted to your team and training requirements. Below is an example of modules that could be included. This Sales Psychology Session is designed to help sales teams understand how Psychology works within sales. From the basics of using Questioning techniques, Body language, Rapport building skills to more complex sales processes and many more behavioural tools. We will always work with you to find your needs and create a suitable session for you.

Objectives for the Sales Psychology Training

This session will help your employees learn:

How to Use Questions Effectively to Control Sales Outcomes

Sales professionals know the power of questions. Imagine the ability to help the client see the value of your products or services easily. Learn how to improve the client’s motivation and lead the way in the sales process. We give sales people back their control by demonstrating the benefits of questioning techniques. Learning how questions can create visual images, internal emotion and clearer communication will help sales professionals become better and produce more results.

How to use Probing Techniques Correctly to Improve Objection Resources and Sales Techniques

Probing techniques will help you gather information while still helping the customer feel comfortable with your line of questioning. Probing techniques need to be done professionally, this session is designed to teach participants the skills to do it correctly.

How to Build Rapport by Mirroring and Using some Quick and Easy Tips to Connect with People

Sales people also know the impact of relationships within sales. Rapport building is at the heart of sales and we demonstrate how each sales person can do this with mirroring techniques. We also discuss how similarities can help with the connection and how sales people can use this to improve their results.

Body Language Signals: How to Read the Signals that your Customers/Clients are Sending

Your customer or client will send you signals through the sales process. Learn to see if you are on track, confusing the customer/client or making the situation worse. Learning how to read the signals will enable you to ensure the sales process is on track.

Objection Handling Techniques to Improve and Overcome the Negatives in a Sale

Would you like to know on how to deal with objections easier? We provide the 10 most used objection handling techniques that work every time. Try to stump our trainers with an objection that they are not able to resolve. These techniques are universal and really do work in real situations.

Closing Techniques to help with an Effective close, Enabling Your Team to Increase their Sales Results

Many sales are lost at the closing stage. Learn how to improve your ability to close with actual closing techniques used in many organisations across Australia. From car sales to retail sales, we have a range of closing techniques that will help.

Behavioral Tools and Techniques to Learn more about Profiling, Buying Emotions and more

Understanding your client and their needs is vital to the sales process. The better the understanding the more likely you are to connect with their needs and make a sale. Learn the Behavioral tools used in the workplace that can give you the Psychological advantage in understanding your client.

Sales Psychology Training Summary

Sales people that understand sales psychology will build rapport quicker, get bigger sales and build relationships more effectively. This session will provide those skills to your employees in a easy to understand format. Our trainers are professionals in this area and improve intermediate and advanced teams. Each session is adapted to suit your employee’s prior knowledge and abilities. We have a range of material and also create material for areas that you may require specifically. Pictures, questions and material will all be modified to suit training requirements and objectives. Contact our staff for more details. For a sales session that will improve your teams results and performance contact us today.

For more information on this training session and a free custom outline please call 1300 810 725. Contact our team for further details. Training is now available in Perth, Adelaide, Gold, Coast, Canberra, Darwin, Parramatta, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

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