Sales Psychology Training

The Element of Psychology within Sales

Convincing people to purchase your products and service is a science unto its own. There is an entire psychology behind how you and your customer act in a conversation, and also, how to sway your customers to your favor. This particular training session is dedicated to teaching employees and teams how to formulate questions and act so as to turn potential customers into dedicated ones. This means questioning techniques, body language, rapport building skills, complex sales processes and behavioral tools. We also allow for a combination of multiple training sessions so as to suit your personal needs. For further information, please contact us. We hold training sessions in Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, and Parramatta.

Objectives for the Sales Psychology Training

This session will help your employees learn:

How to Use Questions Effectively to Control Sales Outcomes

The power of questions cannot be understated; they allow potential customers to get a better view of your product, you get to show them that you’re someone they can trust, and most importantly, they allow you to effectively control a conversation and achieve a pleasant outcome. Questioning is a vital tool which allows salespeople to have better control over any sales pitch. Learn more about how to forward questions more effectively now.

How to use Probing Techniques Correctly to Improve Objection Resources and Sales Techniques

In any professional context, using probing questions can be quite difficult. After all, the last thing you want is for any customer to get up and rant about how unprofessionally you’re acting towards them. However, when used properly, probing techniques can help you establish better relations with the customer while still appearing professional and improve your chances of winning them over in a sales pitch. Learn more about how to use probing techniques more effectively now.

How to Build Rapport by Mirroring and Using some Quick and Easy Tips to Connect with People

The first step to any attempt at sales is to establish comfortable relations with your customers, but there is more to this than meets the eye; simply mimicking other people’s actions helps clients know that they can relate and have a pleasant conversation with you. Here, we help employees learn the importance of establishing a sense of similarity between them and their clients through key mirroring techniques.

Body Language Signals: How to Read the Signals that your Customers/Clients are Sending

Salespeople are not just good talkers, they are also very good observers. Each subtle twitch, each gesture, each literal step a customer takes can mean the difference between them walking over to you and shaking your hand or walking away. Are you about to see a nod? Is that twitch on your client’s cheeks a display of annoyance? Are you driving your points home? Here, we teach people various ways on how to effectively read a person through their actions, and even how to turn a conversation around when a customer starts expressing disinterest.

Objection Handling Techniques to Improve and Overcome the Negatives in a Sale

Happiness is often reached through adversity, and this saying is no less applicable in business. When you have a client who seems unable to reach your point of view, it can become really taxing on your part. However, nothing is a more pleasant feeling than the sigh of relief that you get after seeing an objectionable customer agree to your point of view; doubly so if they start promoting it! Through our 10 objection handling techniques, you can certainly turn over any customer to your side. You may even test our trainers by asking questions they might be unable to resolve; you’ll be sure to shake their hands afterward.

Closing Techniques to help with an Effective close, Enabling Your Team to Increase their Sales Results

Imagine being on the verge of agreement, but having the other person turn you down at the last minute. Some people may be charitable enough to provide you with good reasons, but others may simply walk away, and you end up asking yourself: “what went wrong there?” We’ve all been here at some point in our lives, and unfortunately for businesses, that means one less customer to be convinced in the future. Here, we’ll help you trace some reasons why sales can be lost on the closing stage, and conversely, how to create a lasting impression on a customer and have them promise to come back for more. Learn how to improve your ability to close with actual closing techniques used in many organisations across Australia. From car sales to retail sales, we have a range of closing techniques that will help.

Behavioral Tools and Techniques to Learn more about Profiling, Buying Emotions and more

The sales process is not just about your body language or your product; understanding your client and learning how to connect with them is just as important. After all, we can all agree that no one wants to talk to a walking advert. Selling emotions and winning them over through behavioral tools are therefore extremely important. You can even figure out the personalities of people through profiling techniques, allowing you to take note of their patterns and achieve more successful outcomes. You can even learn more than just the science by booking in now!

Sales Psychology Training Summary

Reading one’s emotions can be very difficult in business, but learning the science that is sales psychology can give you the edge over other salespeople. By simply learning how to build rapport, forward questions that drive the sales pitch home, read body language and how to close a sales process, you can establish better relationships with other clients and even turn them into loyal fans. We also allow for customised training sessions, allowing you to choose from our full range of training programmes according to your industry’s needs. For a session that will improve your ability to read other customers, book in for a sales psychology session now.

For more information on this training session and a free custom outline please call 1300 810 725. Contact our team for further details. Training is now available in Perth, Adelaide, Gold, Coast, Canberra, Darwin, Parramatta, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

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