Sales Prospecting Training

Sales professionals are very dynamic people; able to reel in potential customers when they come directly to them and even reach out to these potential clients themselves. The latter can seem very perplexing as you may find it hard to even grab the phone after having your hands shake in mortal fear for 5 minutes, but the ability to do so is especially important if this is part of your job description as a sales professional. Here, we provide training sessions on how to prospect for leads more effectively and give you a much-needed edge over other sales professionals. We also allow you to customise your training sessions to suit your needs. Lastly, we guarantee fun to go along with your training, so contact us if you need more information!


Sales Prospecting For Sales Leads Objectives:

At the end of this Sales Prospecting session, employees will:

Understand the Importance of Expanding a Client base Through Effective Prospecting

Sales professionals know that in order for a business to grow, they cannot rely on customers simply coming to them. Indeed, even successful businesses need to work hard and risk just as much as the employees themselves to get to where they want to be. Prospecting is an expression of such hard work and risk. After all, it can mean getting another customer or having one less customer in the future. Thus, it is a very important skill for sales professionals. If you need more information on how important and rewarding prospecting can be, book in now!

Know How to Use a Prospect Board to Make you More Successful

In a sales prospecting process, actually reaching out means half the work. One also needs to effectively take down notes on their leads so they can follow-up. After all, while YES clients are often really endearing and memorable, there’s only so much our brains can do to memorise so many of their contact information in one day. There’s also the problem of following-up: establishing initial rapport is one thing, but how does a salesperson keep the relationship consistent? Even more, how do you turn a one-time buyer into a permanent one? We have lots of tips and tricks on how to make effective prospecting boards and follow-up on your leads.

Be able to Identify Target Markets and Target Companies with the 80/20 Rule in Mind

As a risk-taking move that businesses often undertake, sales prospecting has to be a very calculated effort. After all, if somebody sells you an adhesive tape and you happen to be a chef, you might not find a lot of uses for it in your craft and they will have wasted your time. In which case, that means the business has lost one potential customer in an 8-hour working day. Furthermore, they’ll want to ask which areas in a city or even country require your product or may at least find it interesting. Who should you reach out to? Where would be the best places to reach out? Here, we teach sales professionals how to research target markets and companies more effectively with various tools.

Develop and Practice Networking Skills at Every Opportunity

Developing a network is extremely important for any sales professional. The more links you have, the more able you are to trace potential clients who may want your specific product, and the more you’ll be able to help your company. Having a solid network also means you’re very desirable and a pleasant person to work with. Before you start browsing Facebook or signing in on LinkedIn though, you’ll definitely want to give our training course a go. We have lots of tips and tricks to help you develop your networking skills and turn your connection count to over 9,000. Don’t break your laptop when it happens, though.

Develop, Refine, and Execute the Art of Cold Calling

Cold calling is one of the coldest terms out there. No, seriously, we mean you can literally (metaphorically) get cold feet and recoil at the idea of using a phone to reach out to a potential customer. We totally understand that nerves can be a problem and that it’s hard to be assertive when reaching out to a customer, but we’re also here to help you out. We’ll show you several ways on how to prepare yourself before making the call. Soon enough, you’ll be sure to get happy feet (and yes, we find the reference appropriate).

Prospecting is the Key to your Sales Success

Prospecting is something that requires skill and effort to master. Simply put, there are so many areas of improvement a sales professional needs to take note of. In fact, one can make a checklist of how many things one requires to learn in order to become an effective sales prospector. We have created such a checklist ourselves. Here, you’ll find out which particular skills you need to hone further and basically how to turn words into actual leads and more profits. Our trainer will certainly show you every step of the way, so book in now!

Plus Many More Sales Modules

Being a sales professional means being able to master the various dimensions of the business world, from how actions influence and express one’s psychology, how efficient you are at managing your line of work, what words to say, and so, so much more. As such, we have designed our training courses to allow for customisation, so you can optimise your existing skills and explore new ones which you and your team might need in the future.

Sales Prospecting Training Summary

This training course is ideal for sales professionals who wish to increase profits and hone their skills through sales prospecting. Among other things, you will learn how to pace yourself before a call, how to create effecting prospecting boards, identify target markets and more!
We also have other training modules for more specialised areas. Do you require more tips on how to counter objections in sales? You can try our Sales Objection training along with this training course for maximum effect. Do anger and stress interfere with your line of work? You can definitely go for our Anger Management Training for further answers. There are a lot of ways you can hone your skills through our training programs.
Contact us for these training options in all major cities including Melbourne, Canberra, Parramatta, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Darwin.

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