Sales Professional Training

With multiple sales training options available how do you know which one will suit your team? This session can be custom designed to suit your employees and industry to make sure the training is more applicable and effective. We have provided training for major insurance companies, car dealerships and retail outlets. This Sales Professional Training is ideal for those in the sales industry and for those who want to increase their sales professionally. This course provides all the basics plus how you can use simple skills at an advanced level. Learn about body language and the buying signals customers send you. Handle objections with 10 different “work every time” objection handling techniques.

Objectives for this Sales Professional Training:

This training session will help teach employees how to:

Buying Signals- Increase your observation skills and read the signals customers are sending you

Customers are sending you signals all through the sales process. Learn how to pick up on these signals and build a better sales process by bringing your customer into it. The more you are able to connect and understand your customer, the more likely you will make a sale.

Body Language- Learn how to use to sell effectively and to improve rapport

Building rapport quickly is important as first impressions will let the process continue. Our trainer will demonstrate how to build rapport straight away and then add to it all through the sales process. Many sales depend on the relationship the sales person has with the customer. This area is vital for those participants that need to connect better with their clients.

Negotiation Skill- Soft vs. Hard Negotiation is there a difference?

Learn the differences in negotiation styles. Different sales may require a different approach yet our trainer will illustrate why one style is better than the other.

The Sales Roles- What are they? We show you how to take on different roles within the sales process

At different stages within the sales process you may be required to take on a new role. With the new roles you also require a set of skills for each. Our trainer will discuss the different stages and how you can be ready for the change.

Selling as a Professional Activity- Sales Professionalism is required for the next level of Sales

Sales require a level of professionalism. The days of dodgy sales people are long gone and clients now have an increased range and choice. They are also more informed due to the internet. This is why the sales role requires professionalism and quality. Our trainer will illustrate how to create this atmosphere and improve individually.

Buyers and Their Motivation- Emotions, External Buying influences that can change the process

Learn why clients do what they do. This part of the session will develop the motives of clients and how and why they purchase. Understanding the underlying emotions and motives will help sales people become more aware and adjust their sales process for each client’s needs.

Active Prospecting and Qualifying Prospects to improve on the traffic to your business

Learn how to actively prospect and qualify your prospects to use your time wisely and become more effective at bringing in traffic to your business.

Sell Yourself- Confidence, Motivation, Comfort Zones will help personal achievement

Being able to sell yourself is important. Learn how you can improve on areas within your personal development skills to enable greater sales in the workplace.

Satisfying Needs- Fulfilling the basic needs of clients and meeting their expectations

We learn here the basic needs of customers/clients and how to meet these expectations. We also discuss with participants how we can create new expectations and exceed them, helping your customer/client enjoy the sales experience.

Professional Sales Techniques- Skills for the professionals to advance their sales to the next level

Our trainer will discuss and provide new skills to the participants that other sales professionals across the industry may have.

Complaint Handling/Objections- Techniques and skills to deal and work with objections

Objections can be the dreaded stage of the sales process for many sales professionals. Learn how to use 10 easy objection handling strategies to counteract and resolve nearly any objection.

Leadership- Helping clients decide yet leading the sales process to help your client feel comfortable

Learn how to close effectively and communicate on your customer’s level. Lead the customer in the sales process however letting them make the decisions and choices as you work towards a solution. Our trainer provides additional skills for participants to lead in their sales interactions.

Value Added Selling: How story telling can increase the value of the product or service

Our trainer will illustrate how to build value easily with the value adding technique. Highly interactive with participants as they all try to create value with an activity.

Cross Selling and Up-selling to improve the Profit and Sales Potential

Cross Selling and Up-Selling can be two ways to increase profit and sales within a business. We define the difference between the two with participants and provide examples to assist the team to increase their skills in this area.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP) How you can uniquely disconnect yourself from the competition

Learn how to become different even when selling the same products or services. Our trainer will highlight why a USP is important in a competitive industry.

Sales Professional Training Summary

Selling is more than just an exchange. Selling involves understanding your customer and what they want. This one day course will provide you with the best skills and techniques to perform at your peak in sales. Our course is designed to show how you can utilize an understanding of body language to better sell your products and services. We will show you how to close the deal to an outcome that is beneficial to you and your customer. The experience offered by our team can help with a better connection to your team needs. We also adapt all images, questions and material to suit your sales training requirements and sales objectives. Contact our staff for more details.

We create and customize training in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Parramatta, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Darwin, and Perth. Contact our team for more Sales training options or for a session to suit your team. We are here to help.