Sales Professional Training

Are you nearing your first day of work, both excited and afraid at the prospect of addressing other customers for the very first time? Are you already a sales professional who simply seeks to become the absolute best in your craft? This training course is for you! We’ve designed this training module specifically to provide you with important skills and tips on how to become a better sales professional both on basic and advanced levels, from the basics and psychology of body language to how to handle objections more effectively. If you’re looking to supplement this Sales Professional Training course with other relevant skills, then we can customise your training session to suit your more specific needs. We have provided training for major insurance companies, car dealerships and retail outlets, and now is your opportunity to learn from our team of experts. Contact us for further information!

Objectives for this Sales Professional Training:

This training session will help teach employees how to:

Buying Signals- Increase your observation skills and read the signals customers are sending you

In any conversation, people send you signals to express approval or apprehension. These signals can make or break the friendships you have with others, and they’re doubly important if you’re a sales professional. Knowing how to take hints from customers can mean gaining or losing a wealth of money and ideas. This seems very difficult at first glance, but we’re here to lend you a helping hand. Once you’ve mastered this skill, we guarantee increased chances of making sales.

Body Language- Learn how to use to sell effectively and to improve rapport

Body language is extremely important in sending the right message to any potential or existing customer and starts at the very beginning of a sales pitch. A well-executed gesture, coupled with a nice “Good morning (or afternooon)” can help establish rapport and is the first step to getting a customer to agree to your sales pitch. What gestures do you use to start with, and how do you couple your words with other well-timed gestures? Our trainer will help you answer these questions by teaching you the basics of body language. By the end of this session, not only will you be able to read people’s actions, you’ll be replacing Mona Lisa as the most beautiful work of art in no time.

Negotiation Skill- Soft vs. Hard Negotiation is there a difference?

Learning how to negotiate is an extremely important life skill and we’ve all used several negotiating tactics to influence various outcomes in our lives, but how do we know which tactic we’ve been using all along? In the sales process, you cannot take any chances and rely on sheer luck; knowing which negotiation skill to use at the appropriate time can really mean wasting time or getting additional profits. Our trainer will teach you how to use both hard and soft negotiation tactics in various scenarios. You may even try them yourself in our activities!

The Sales Roles- What are they? We show you how to take on different roles within the sales process

Sales professionals are often required to shift between various roles while making that sales pitch and each of these roles have new sets of skills to go with them. Knowing which role to use at the appropriate time will make any sales pitch seamless, and may even make an aggressive customer smile and agree with you. Our team of experts are eager to teach you about these roles, how they work, and when they tend to apply.

Selling as a Professional Activity- Sales Professionalism is required for the next level of Sales

Professionalism is a key aspect all sales people should possess. This means being able to command a sense of trust and authority in a world where clients have more access to ever-increasing amounts of information and sales people often have to compete with other sales people for profits. Our goal is to help you turn professionalism into a fine edge and help you compete and improve both as a person and as an effective sales professional.

Buyers and Their Motivation- Emotions, External Buying influences that can change the process

Sales professionals understand that knowing their products and services is half the actual work. They need to understand why customers tend to buy their specific products and all other influences in the free market and use such knowledge as leverage to get them to buy your own products. In other words, they need to be in constant update of all kinds of trends. We are here to help sales professionals turn this need for updates into a way to make themselves more flexible and able to address their customers’ needs.

Active Prospecting and Qualifying Prospects to improve on the traffic to your business

Prospecting is another important ability to master in the art of being a sales professional and it is a difficult one. After all, who wouldn’t get nervous at the thought of personally contacting a customer about your product and potentially disturbing and wasting their time? On the other hand, prospecting can be quite fun, reasonably challenging and it can even inspire additional interest in your products if done correctly. A person’s fears tend to evaporate the more they experience success, and we’re here to help you do just that by training you on the art of prospecting.

Sell Yourself- Confidence, Motivation, Comfort Zones will help personal achievement

A sales professional knows that selling oneself is selling one’s product. After all, the customer sees you as the company’s representative. For your part, you have the opportunity to radiate all the positive things about your company and help your team in return. Participating in such a noble cause requires being able to convey a sense of confidence, fuel yourself with motivation and make every conceivable situation a comfort zone. In other words, you need to be presentable and prepared for any situation. Our trainer will help you develop ways to groom you into the best sales professional you can be.

Satisfying Needs- Fulfilling the basic needs of clients and meeting their expectations

A sales pitch isn’t just about getting a product sold. It’s also about genuinely engaging in an exchange of ideas with an equal (in this case, a client). In any conversation, we often talk about what we expect from others, and we tend to voice them outright. Such is also true of business as we probe our clients for what they expect from us and what their needs are. What do they want to see from your product? How do they want to see you as a representative of your company? These questions will be answered by our team of experts.

Professional Sales Techniques- Skills for the professionals to advance their sales to the next level

Sales professionals use various techniques in order to reel in and maintain their network of clients and customers and such skills tend to be commonly used among the best in the field. Our trainer will teach you all of these skills and show you the secrets of becoming a true sales professional.

Complaint Handling/Objections- Techniques and skills to deal and work with objections

We often view handling objections as the worst part of being a sales professional; the thought alone is perhaps the greatest reason why starters and even veterans alike tend to shake their hands before grabbing the phone. However, objections are simply thoughts and rhetorical techniques that can be handled with reasoned arguments. In other words, no argument is absolutely unassailable. We have compiled 10 proven ways to resolve any objection. You may even try them on our trainer and see the results for yourself!

Leadership- Helping clients decide yet leading the sales process to help your client feel comfortable

The best sales professionals understand that in a sales pitch, they have to lead the client to the preferred outcome without forcing their ideas on them. They understand that in order to make a client agree, clients need to make the decisions themselves. This is why clients remember sales people who are not only capable of explaining to them the merits of their product, but can also lead them without insulting their intelligence. Our trainer will help you learn ways on how to present and act as a conversational leader in any sales pitch.

Value Added Selling: How story telling can increase the value of the product or service

Evidence is something that inspires confidence in any person. It makes you more confident in asserting your ideas and it makes gives consumers certitude in their decision to purchase your product. However, there are times where stories and evidence can do more than just convince consumers; the market can even allow you to increase the value of your products and increase their value based on these stories. In this training course, you will learn how stories can increase the value of your products and services and how you can use them to persuade and even make consumers take the initiative for you.

Cross Selling and Up-selling to improve the Profit and Sales Potential

Great sales professionals are often very competitive people, always willing to do more than what is asked of them. Customers, on the other hand, want to achieve the maximum amount of happiness. These two attitudes are often dynamic and can be a source of additional profit for sales people proficient in the art of cross-selling and up-selling. Most of all, when done correctly, these methods are sure to achieve win-win situations: you obtain more profit and the customer gains more products they can use to enjoy life as they see fit. In other words, a sales professional knows how to make lives better. This training session is designed to help you achieve just that.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP) How you can uniquely disconnect yourself from the competition

“What makes you special” is a serious philosophical question, but it also has serious implications for business. On a personal level, knowing what your special qualities are can allow you to exploit your hidden talents and make you more competent. For businesses, each and every possible edge they can exploit will easily mean more profits and opportunities for innovation and success. Knowing your Unique Selling Proposition can easily make your team one of the best out there and we are here to help propel you to even greater heights.

Sales Professional Training Summary

Being a Sales Professional involves mastery in many areas from knowing how to act and speak more effectively, drawing customers in and distinguishing oneself from various other people in your craft. This training course is designed to bring out the best possible sales professional in you and turn you into a formidable force in the free market. Even more, we have other training sessions which can address even more of your team’s needs. Contact our staff for more details.

We create and customize training in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Parramatta, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Darwin, and Perth. Contact our team for more Sales training options or for a session to suit your team. We are here to help.

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