Sales Presentation Training

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About This Training Course

This course is designed to develop your presentation skills not only within your own personal presentation but also for your professional presentation. This will enable you to maximise your efforts when displaying or presenting information and products. If you have ever had to do a presentation in front of an audience it can be stressful. We can include modules from our confidence training session or dealing with stress if also applicable to your team. Whether it is a Verbal presentation or Visual Presentation, this training session will assist.

Subjects Covered in this Sales Presentation Training

The units you will be undertaking will enable you to improve your presentation skills and maximise your potential in marketing your products or sales.

How your team will benefit:

Identify the Key Elements of a Quality Proposal

Our trainer will start of by discussing the importance of a great sales presentation and how there are key elements to a quality proposal. We provide all participants with these key elements so they are able to put together a future quality proposal.

Know How to Write a Winning Proposal

Our trainer will provide information on “What makes a winning proposal” after discussion with the participants we develop the key points of how to write one.

Perfect your first impression, including your dress and your handshake

Your first impression is important to the rest of your message. Learn how to become more controlled, less nervous and more effective with your first impression. Our trainer will highlight the common issues and solutions for these issues.

Improve your Personal Presentation Skills

Presenting can involve many personal skills. We highlight many areas which make a great presenter and also provide advice to participants on how they can develop each of the areas and skills.

Learn How to Make an Effective Presentation

Making an effective presentation is a little different to writing one. There are a few different points in this session on how to deliver professionally.

Feel more Comfortable and Professional in Face-to-Face Presentations

Face to Face presentations can be a little difficult for some. The advice and information in this module will help participants become more at ease and learn to use more face to face communication skills on body language.

Improve Wording to Increase Motivation and Audience Participation

Words can help images take shape, add color to your message and motivate your listeners. With an activity we interact with the participants to help everyone come up with words they would love to hear in a presentation. Our trainer will then attempt to demonstrate how these words will influence their message.

Presentation Skills to Enhance the Effectiveness of your Presentation

A range of tips and advice from presenters around the world. Learn how the professionals stand up and make amazing presentations.

How to use Visual Presentation Methods Effectively

Visual sales presentations can be useful for those with different learning styles in your audience. They can also help you with your presentation also. Learn how to become more professional when using visual presentations.

Involving your Audience

Interaction with your audience will help you to become a great presenter. Your audience can read the information, watch your sales presentation anytime (If visual presentation). So you need to give them something more. Interaction is the additional key to becoming a great speaker and presenting your sales presentation more effectively.

Improving your Memory for Delivery, Reduce your Need for Notes

This session is for those who need to improve their memory. It could be a larger presentation, or when nerves kick in, you may need to be able to remember your presentation instead of using notes. This session will help build a memory for presenting.

Sales Presentation Training Summary

Presentation skills are required for effective presenting and audience interaction. Improve speaking ability, verbal work use, tone and body language when delivering a presentation. We can include modules from any of our sales sessions also to improve in your ability to sell through the presentation. If you have a team or group who require a transformation into Super Presenters, we can help. Contact us for more information on this or any other session. Professional training in Canberra, Gold Coast, Sydney, Brisbane, Parramatta, Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin, and Perth.