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About This Training Course

Presenting in front of an audience can seem a very scary prospect. How often have we recoiled at the thought of being able to present to them an idea or a concept? Among other things, we worry about them laughing at what we say, getting ideas wrong, and perhaps the most catastrophic of all: having mental blocks. We understand this; such fears can become all too real at any time, particularly in business.

How your team will benefit:

Identify the Key Elements of a Quality Proposal

When making a proposal, the goal is simply not to present it as it is, but to make your fellow colleagues agree to it and even take the initiative to argue for it themselves. In other words, a proposal has to focus on its quality. Our trainer will discuss key elements on how to make your sales presentations and proposals agreeable and reasonable.

Know How to Write a Winning Proposal

Any salesperson knows that in order to win over customers, their proposals must have a cutting edge. How does one write a proposal that doesn’t just attract mutual agreement, but enthusiasm? What does a written proposal need to elicit agreement? What words do I use? Our trainer will help you address these questions by teaching you how to write a winning proposal.

Perfect your first impression, including your dress and your handshake

In any presentation, an employee doesn’t just sell a product or a PowerPoint presentation, but also themselves, and it all starts at the minute of contact. This seems rather challenging, but instilling a sense of respect into your colleagues is actually the first step to helping yourself conquer your fears because they will see that you are not just some random office person with a bow tie; you are someone worthy of their attention. Our trainer will help you achieve this by teaching you how to present yourself more assertively from dressing up to handshakes.

Improve your Personal Presentation Skills

After that initial contact, you begin presenting your proposal. In any presentation, the last thing you want is for all of your colleagues to sleep in front of you. However, when that rare incident does happen, you begin asking yourself: what went wrong? Was I too fast? Did I not do anything to break the ice? Would you have fallen asleep if you were at the receiving end of that presentation?
We don’t mean to scare you with this example, but interpersonal skills are extremely important in presentations. Developing such skills are essential if you want to keep your colleagues listening and get your proposals going. Besides, what wouldn’t anyone give to ask: “How many people didn’t clap?”

Learn How to Make an Effective Presentation

Here, we focus on effective visual presentations. How do you make a presentation that does not draw out a collective yawn in the office room? Would your colleagues prefer to see a barely-edible word salad to go with your charismatic speeches? Conversely, would you rather have your colleagues stare at your PowerPoint completely? Harmonising yourself with your presentation is key in order to create winning business proposals, and our trainer will certainly help you with that endeavor.

Feel more Comfortable and Professional in Face-to-Face Presentations

Focusing on self-image and visual aids is one thing, but face-to-face presentations can place unnecessary emotional strain towards any employee. Having a pleasant and more composed disposition can mean the difference between seeing your proposal through or stopping midway, with your colleagues failing to appreciate your proposal completely and we at Paramount certainly will not let you have that. Our trainer will help you compose yourself before and during a presentation.

Improve Wording to Increase Motivation and Audience Participation

“Lorem ipsum” is an extremely common phrase used in laptops and computers as a preset text. It’s also something nobody understands. Imagine having to serve your colleagues a cup of Lorem Ipsum while citing a proposal; that would be disastrous, to say the least. When you present a proposal, you need to get your colleagues to pay attention. It is certainly a professional imperative to listen, but they can only do their part. Our teacher will therefore teach you how to present proposals more effectively and attractively.

Presentation Skills to Enhance the Effectiveness of your Presentation

A good proposal is often one that is seen at its strongest, and the key to a good proposal is an easy-to-read, visually-stunning presentation. It attracts further attention from the employees, allows them to take down notes, and lets them fully appreciate your proposal. Here at Paramount, we gather advice from presenters all over the world to allow our trainees further understanding on how to create visually-stunning and more readable presentations. Contact us for further detail.

How to use Visual Presentation Methods Effectively

Aside from graphics, visual presentation methods are also required as there might be varying audiences. Some of them may be able to take in information more when you speak, others when you have great visual aids, and even more still when using both in conjunction. Being able to juggle between the three when presenting proposals is essential in order for them to fully understand your proposal, and we have compiled a set of methods for that purpose. Learn more about visual presentation methods now!

Involving your Audience

In any presentation, a person matters just as much as the visual aid, and the goal of any presenter is to see the audience juggle between hearing you speak and reading what you made. In other words, you complement your visual aids just as much as your visual aids complement you. How do you achieve this? How do you make the audience look at your visual aid and still pay attention to and interact with you, and vice versa? Our trainer will help you answer these questions through our sales presentation session.

Improving your Memory for Delivery, Reduce your Need for Notes

Audiences understand that a great speaker doesn’t necessarily have to memorise everything; we can only hold so much information at any given time, but it is also unacceptable to see a speaker too absorbed in their notes to even care about their audience. Speakers, therefore, need to find a way to reduce their need for notes and still have room for information; any great proposal hinges on the ability of the speaker to find the balance between memorising and note-taking, and we at Paramount are here to help you achieve that end.

Sales Presentation Training Summary

Sales Presentation can seem very daunting, but mastering it can help sway people and business outcomes to your favor. This means knowing the appropriate body language, word usage, voice pitch and more. We can also arrange for specialisation by complementing this session with other sessions on our complete training guide. For further information, please contact us.
This training course is specifically designed to counter all three of these fears. You will learn how to create first impressions that last, present your proposals in a more assertive manner and how to aid your memory in both visual and verbal sales presentations. You can even combine this with our Confidence, Esteem and Assertiveness training session for maximum effect. The units you will undertake will enable you to improve your presentation skills and maximise your potential in marketing your products or sales.
We hold training sessions at Canberra, Gold Coast, Sydney, Brisbane, Parramatta, Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin, and Perth.

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