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Overcoming Objections In Sales

Hearing about someone objecting to what you’re selling can be very difficult; it seems as though you need to pull out all the stops just to reel that objectionable customer in as pressure mounts on both the company and yourself. Having too much of it can even make you question your capacities as a salesperson entirely, and we totally understand this. After all, the need to sell products is as important as selling yourself.
As such, we have designed a training session that will allow you to hone your selling skills and overcome objections in sales.

Who is this Overcoming Objections Session For?

Our Overcoming Objections Session is designed to inform salespeople on what key objections to look out for and how to turn them around. As such, salespeople will find this training session invaluable, along with our various training sessions which focus on other key skills.

Overcoming Objections Training Outcomes:

Specific learning objectives for employees include:

Identify the Steps you can Take to Build your Credibility

As a salesperson, one of the most important things you need to build is a sense of credibility. You need to present yourself not just as a seller, but as an authoritative figure, able to answer whatever queries the consumer may have about your company and your product and command a sense of respect from the consumer. Our trainer will gladly help you obtain a sense of credibility through our training session.

Identify the Objections that you Encounter most Frequently

Consumers often have very similar questions and objections in mind, and it is extremely important to note these objections to allow yourself some room to anticipate more difficult ones. If nothing else, think about how efficient you’ll be in knowing that you can handle most objections far more quickly. Our trainer will navigate you through the most common objections and help you become a more efficient salesperson.

Place the objection on the table and you can also remove (Control the objections)

Bringing up potential cons may sound counter-intuitive when selling your product, but in reality, being able to pre-empt objections and bring them to the proverbial (or literal) negotiating table means the ability to eliminate some preliminary doubts in consumers’ minds– maybe even all of their doubts, if you’re lucky. More importantly, they allow you the opportunity of implying to the consumer that you understand your product and they can trust your judgment. Conversely, inability to pre-empt objections may dissuade potential customers. As such, our trainer will help you find ways on how to pre-empt key objections.

Develop Appropriate Responses when Prospective Buyers Throw you a Curve

Some prospective buyers can be quite off-putting as they can deviate you from the discussion on sales entirely. Often, the tendency for red herring can delay both you and your customer from getting to a desired outcome; not that we would disapprove if what you’re selling is herring, of course. We’re just saying that conversations can be derailed when customers do unexpected things or make unexpected objections.
The ability to deal with such objections when they occur is vital in putting both you and the consumer back on track. Even better, you can even make scripts for when they do occur as we navigate you through some of the common ways a sales pitch could be derailed. Our trainer will give you the opportunity to be able to anticipate most of these curve balls and help you establish more friendly relations with the consumer.

Learn 10 Objection Handling Systems that will Overcome Objections Every Time

As a salesperson, whenever you’re beset with difficult objections, you feel like you need to let the professionals take over, but how about when they’re not there to help you out? Don’t worry; we can help you become such a pro yourself! Through our training program, we’ll teach you 10 key techniques on how to turn that consumer’s proverbial iron fist into a shaking hand. You may even test it out on our own trainer, if you’re feeling tough. We promise high levels of enjoyment through our fun and interactive activities.

Learn Ways to Disarm Objections with Proven Rebuttals that get the Sale Back on Track

The art of argumentation is one of the greatest arts in any civilized society, and it is no less important in the art of selling products. Here, we do not practice sophistry; we help ensure that salespeople can think critically and find ways to disarm potential objections with sensible, proven rebuttals. Our trainer will help you establish yourself as not just any salesperson, but a critical one able to persuade consumers to make informed, well-thought out decisions.

Learn how to Recognize when a Prospect is Ready to Buy

Learning how to recognize the signs that a prospect is willing to buy is extremely important, as it can make the difference between them feeling that they’re engaging in actual conversation or leaving disappointed after realizing they’ve been talking to a robot going over their own mental scripts (unless you’re R2-D2; in which case, continue, you adorable piece of metal). Our trainer will definitely help you look out for those signs and achieve a fruitful sales pitch.

Understand how working with your sales team can help you succeed

Having a sales team at your back can be extremely handy when you feel alone in making that sales pitch. They know what it feels like to handle such objections too, and you know you have to look out for each other, but how do you coordinate with them and obtain better results? Our trainer will help you find the answer and turn you into a stunning team-player.

Sales Objection Training Summary

If you are a salesperson, then you are acutely aware that you will encounter objections; after all, the customer is not just some drone, they want to reach more informed decisions. However, this is nothing to panic about; our training session will help you anticipate and reduce these objections and turn you into a more successful, more authoritative sales person. Not only that, you can even combine this session with our other training sessions and help you become the super-duper salesperson every company wants.
Mastering these skills will allow you to turn even the most probing of consumers into loyal customers, and you may even find the idea of overcoming objections enjoyable and challenging. For more details on how we can help or to book in a training session, please feel free to contact us.

We hold training sessions in Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, and Parramatta.

Contact us for more information or to book your team’s session!

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