Safety in the Workplace Training

Workplace Safety Training

This is one of the more popular training sessions we have with a focus on Employee safety. This Safety in the workplace training is a vital training session for any business. We help your employees understand their obligations and responsibilities when it comes to the area of safety within the workplace. Workplace accidents and injuries can cost organisations millions of dollars and tens of thousands of hours lost every year. Introducing a safety culture in your organization, where safety is valued as an intrinsic part of your company is important.


How You will Benefit:

Understand the difference between a safety program and a safety culture

Safety shouldn’t be considered as a quick fix. In order for your workplace to be truly safe, it must be part of the culture and value system of your organization. Our trainer will demonstrate some good and bad safety cultures within organisations to illustrate the need for a good safety program.

Acquire some resources to help you understand the regulations in your area

We provide information on how to access a range of material and information to assist in regulation and safety advice for your organisation.

Be able to launch a safety committee

Our trainer will discuss the several key steps to creating a safety committee.

Understand How to Identify Hazards and Reduce Them

Identifying risks is a vital measure and best step to making the workplace safer. Even though the safety committee may be the main active organizer, every employee can take their part. We demonstrate how.

Know the Hiring Measures that Can Improve Safety

There are several things you can do when hiring to ensure your organisation is in the best position for safety. Some of the points we illustrate to participants are: Creating an accurate job description, Being up front about resolutions and risks. Identifying the person’s tolerance for stress, teamwork skill and attention to detail. Checking employee’s certifications.

Understand what a safety training program will involve

Participants learn more about safety programs. Areas include: Organizational Policy, Hazard Identification, Emergency Response Plan, Regulations, Communication Plan, Ongoing Process, Employee Involvement, Training, Investigation and Documentation Process, Toolbox and the Appendix.

Be able to identify groups particularly at risk for injury and know how to protect them

There are groups within an organisation that are at more risk than others. This discussion looks into how to see safety issues for groups and put into action protection plans.

Be Able to Help your Organization Write, Implement, and Review a Safety Plan

We provide basics in able to write and implement a safety plan within an organisation.

Be Better Able to Respond to Incidents and Near Misses

Learn how quick responses and solutions can assist you when incidents occur.

Understand the Basics of Accident Investigation and Documentation

We provide information and examples of accident investigation documentation to assist the team to understand the needs of a formal process when incidents occur.

Workplace Safety Training Summary

With millions of dollars and thousands of last hours each year, workplace safety has become an important focus and foundation training session in many workplaces. These workplace accidents can be prevented many times, through reminders and training. The impact to workers can have a profound and lifelong impact. It is important to introduce a safety culture into your workplace or organisation. What better way to start with a Safety Training package to protect and keep your workers healthy. It not only saves time and money in the long run, it can also help build employee loyalty.

Do you have specific Workplace Safety objectives, or policies? We can include these and deliver to your team in an effective manner. Make an important subject interesting by utilizing our trainers and our IMPACT procedure. By retaining the information, your team will no doubt be in the best shape when it comes to Workplace Safety. Workshop and group training options available in Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Parramatta, Canberra, Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sydney.