Retail Training

Retail is an environment where every customer interaction can take on a new form. Every customer is different and requires a different approach. Rapport needs to be made quickly and customer service that impacts positively will help the customer return. With different needs and requests the environment can be found to be emotionally and physically draining. We can help place the motivation within your employees and also help them deal with difficult situations and their own motivation levels. Our retail training can be fully customized to suit your business, industry and employees. This is a great training option to improve your business performance and client interaction. Available in all major cities including Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Parramatta.

Retail Customer Service

Customer service in retail is a required skill to attract and build relationships with customers. Referral and repeat customers are the best customers so in our session we discuss how to build the relationships so they return. We are able to show you and your team how to build instant rapport with people and how to create a positive environment for both your employees and customers.

Customer Service Training Objectives :

Mirroring Techniques to Build Rapport with Your Customers

Building rapport can assist you in your sales and customer service. Learn how to connect with your customers easier with similarities and mirroring techniques. Our trainer will discuss how to build the connection with your customers more effectively.

Creating a YES customer that will be happy with your leadership

Improve your ability to lead. By leading the customer service or sales process you are assisting the client and can help make them feel at ease. Learn how great leadership in this area will result in positive feedback or better sales.

Complaint Handling in the Best Way Possible. Techniques from the experts in Conflict Resolution

We provide a range of conflict resolution techniques that are in use across Australia. We are able to provide real workplace examples and show participants how to become a better problem solver.

Emotion and Motivation : How it will change interactions with your customers

People act on emotion every day. It changes what we wear, what we choose to eat, and what we buy. Learn how emotion can be a motivator in purchasing and using your products or services.

Questioning Techniques to help you gain information to help your customers quicker

Finding out your customers’ needs is important for you to be able to assist them. From time to time we may also get clients that may not know what they want or need. Use questioning techniques more effectively to help find areas that you can assist and also motivate your customer to action.

Telephone Techniques for a Superior Service Over the Phone

Many sales people use the phone. We provide a range of telephone techniques to help provide a superior service and impress the client. Many phone conversations can be converted to walk ins. Learn how to create the best call and improve your results.

Body Language Techniques to help Read the Buying Signals of Your Customers

Reading your customers body language will help you also. Learning how to read and pick up on the signals will help you establish if you are on the right track in the service or sales process. Our trainer will illustrate some signals for you to become more aware and more effective in your service.

Providing Solutions and Problem Solving Techniques to help Improve Ideas and Options for Customers

The more options and solutions you provide to a client the more likely they are to feel assisted. However providing too many options can also confuse a client. Learn how to suggest the right amount of options at the right time and also improve solutions for issues that clients will bring to you from time to time. Our trainer will develop and discuss a session here for problem solving.

Customer Service Training: Tools for improving the overall customer service performance

If you want to improve your overall customer satisfaction then this part of the session will help. Our trainer provides foundation and advanced skills to help you stand out as a high performer in customer service.

Retail Sales Training

Our sales training packages are created to combine the basics of customer service and sales to create a successful strategy. We can show your employees how to read buying signals, how to build value in products, increase motivation and how enthusiasm will increase sales.

Sales Objectives:

  • Value Added Sales to sell easier with less price shoppers
  • Up selling & Cross selling to improve profit levels
  • Using enthusiasm: How a little enthusiasm will provide big results
  • Creating a YES customer for easier sales
  • Following successful sales strategies to improve the process with the customer
  • Body Language in sales: The Buying Signals
  • How to act with price shoppers
  • Retail Training for Sales Persons
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