Retail Training

Retail is very important dimension in the business world. On the one hand, it takes interaction to another level as sales professionals directly address customers. On the other hand, retail can be a very delicate affair, such that businesses have to often take the effort to raise morale as it can produce significant emotional strains on salespeople. When done right, retailers can ensure their customers’ loyalties and keep their companies afloat almost indefinitely, allowing them to breathe sighs of relief every now and again. When done poorly, customers may recommend against buying your products. This risky venture equally requires meticulous, well-thought out approaches both to establish loyalty and to lessen the emotional strain. Our training session caters to this exact purpose as we teach you how to manage your emotions, how to use mirroring techniques and many more.

Retail Customer Service

Nowhere is the expression “the customer is always right” more evident than in retail customer service. This is what determines the very ability of a company to interact with the world around it. Mastery of this enterprise will allow companies the opportunity for a big break as customers not only flock to your company, but even stay and further its reputation. To that end, our goal is to make you an effective retail sales professional by helping you make and maintain positive relations with your customers.

Customer Service Training Objectives :

Mirroring Techniques to Build Rapport with Your Customers

When we look at a mirror, it’s often so we can calibrate our looks and create the best possible version of ourselves for at least that day. Every customer wants to feel validated and when they see someone actually establish a sense of similarity with them, it makes them want to talk to you more. Mirroring customers is therefore key to establish solid initial rapport and a great way to lead to a fantastic sales pitch. Our trainer has compiled a series of techniques which will help you become the most effective source of validation for customers and even fellow colleagues.

Creating a YES customer that will be happy with your leadership

A sales person doesn’t exist just to tell customers that their products are out in the free market, they educate and help them make the informed decision that your product is the best out there. In other words, you need to be a great conversational leader. Through various techniques, you can lead customers to not only have that initial purchase, but to make it the best buying experience they can ever have in their lifetimes.

Complaint Handling in the Best Way Possible. Techniques from the experts in Conflict Resolution

Complaint handling is undoubtedly what brings the greatest sense of dread to any sales professional. It is a delicate matter which requires an equally delicate approach. However, that doesn’t mean there are no ways to reduce its difficulty and turn even the most aggressive customers into YES clients. In that regard, our experts have compiled a series of techniques that are used in various complaint handling scenarios all over Australia. You can even test them out for yourself through our various fun-filled activities. Contact us for more information on the matter!

Emotion and Motivation : How it will change interactions with your customers

Every customer buys products for the purpose of increasing their quality of life and living as happily as they possibly can. A sales professional’s goal is often to convince customers not just of the merits of your product, but that your product can lead to the happiest forms of experience. In other words, retail customer service involves selling emotions and motivations. To that end, our team of experts will show you and your team the best ways to create the best possible customer experience.

Questioning Techniques to help you gain information to help your customers quicker

Customers love sales professionals than can help them make informed decisions and also solve their problems efficiently. Sales professionals have to therefore know the best ways to draw out as much information about the customer as possible, from their tastes to all other variables that may be contributing to their problems. We have compiled a series of questioning techniques that can help you obtain much needed information without any fuss. With these tools, you can become the most efficient sales professional in the free market and even more!

Telephone Techniques for a Superior Service Over the Phone

There are two reasons why people shiver near a phone: either the AC is too cold and you need to warm up or you’re a sales professional about to address a customer. Telephone service can seem a very daunting prospect, but if correctly done, it can enhance the reputation of companies and sales professionals 100 times over. There are many techniques that pros use to make their telephone experiences more efficient, and our experts are not out of the loop. From them, you can learn telephone techniques and even more than what you could bargain for.

Body Language Techniques to help Read the Buying Signals of Your Customers

Convincing customers of your product’s value is half the work of an efficient retail sales professional. The other half is being able to read and understand the customer’s gestures, as there is literally a lot of ice below the proverbial iceberg of spoken communication. Being able to read another person’s gestures will allow you to determine in advance whether you are doing well and, when combined with all the other things you’re about to learn on this training course, adapt to ever-mounting challenges.

Providing Solutions and Problem Solving Techniques to help Improve Ideas and Options for Customers

Customers have the need to always make informed choices from an expansive series of options, but in a fast-paced world, needless confusion from too much information is the last thing anyone wants. In other words, sales professionals need to be able to provide a range of options that are the closest to the customer’s intended goals. Problem solving needs to be as efficient and simple, too. Here, you will learn how to be an efficient critical thinker, options provider and an overall great problem solver.

Customer Service Training: Tools for improving the overall customer service performance

Customer service is the backbone of any company and a component of a superior sales professional. Our belief in efficiency and making the best sales professional possible has allowed us to create various easy-to-access tips on how to improve better customer service and even better customer retention methods.

Retail Sales Training

Retail sales training can be very daunting for anyone willing to engage in sales, but with the methods we’ve compiled, from learning the basics of body language signs, telephone techniques to even the fundamentals of customer service, not only will difficulties lessen and profits increase, but you can even have fun as you turn retail customer service into an unrivaled art. Contact us for more information!
Together with our other training courses, you can even develop a customised training session for you and your team.
We conduct training sessions in all major cities including Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Parramatta.

Sales Objectives:

  • Value Added Sales to sell easier with less price shoppers
  • Up selling & Cross selling to improve profit levels
  • Using enthusiasm: How a little enthusiasm will provide big results
  • Creating a YES customer for easier sales
  • Following successful sales strategies to improve the process with the customer
  • Body Language in sales: The Buying Signals
  • How to act with price shoppers
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