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Employer Training Options
This session can be custom designed to suit your employees and industry. Pictures, questions and material will all be modified to suit training requirements and objectives. Contact our staff for more details.

Target Audience and Purpose
This Retail Sales Training Session is to help retail sales people understand how to sell to retail clients. It was also show how rapport and communication can lead to bigger and better sales. We can add any other modules or remove modules to suit your retail sales needs.

This session will help us teach your employees:

How to use questions effectively

Questions can be a retailers best friend. They can assist in gathering information to assist customers or help customers become motivated in their purchases. Learn how to use questions effectively to become better at sales, customer service and your role.

How to use probing techniques correctly

Did you know there were some advanced skills for information probing? Our trainers can advise how to use these skills within your role.

How to build rapport by mirroring

Getting along with your customers is an important factor when it comes to building relationships and repeat customers. Learn how you can connect quicker using mirroring techniques. Build similarities and help bridge the gap between you and your customer.

Body Language signals: How to read

Learning to read which stage of the retail process your customer is in will help you to assist with a smooth transaction. Body language will help read buying signals, assist with complaint or conflict resolutions and identify areas of concern that you can assist with. With one of Australia’s Leading Body Language experts working with Paramount, our trainers provide the best information in regards to this communication tool.

Objection handling techniques

This session is fantastic for those retailers or customer service agents to become more skilled in dealing with Objections. Our trainers provide more information and a list of objection handling techniques for participants to use.

Closing techniques

Closing effectively will leave your customers with a positive impression and view you in a professional manner. We provide a range of closing options in this section to assist with the participants or team in closing professionally.

Behavioral Tools and techniques

Learning more about behavior can help bring you closer to people. Learn more about the tools and techniques available to assist with our own behavior and also others.

Value Added Sales

Building up value in your products will allow you to sell easier and build more profit. With a competitive market place, you may wish to gain more tools for building value in your existing products. Learn how storytelling, experience sharing and value adding skills can help your customer see the worth in your service or products.

Up selling & Cross selling

We discuss the opportunities to a retail sales person in Up-selling and Cross selling their products and services also. Being able to do these two effectively will help you to gain the upper hand in a competitive market.

Using enthusiasm

Enthusiasm sells. Learning how your own attitude and motivation can help a client mirror and build enthusiasm with you will enable more productive sales. Our trainers will prove to participants how emotion can be contagious and how it will change the outcome of a sale.

Creating a YES customer

Would you like all your clients to agree with you and your process more? Learn how to provide great leadership for the customer, and have them trust you more. Our trainer will highlight some great ways to improve your interactions so they become positive more of the time.

Following successful sales strategies

We discuss some of the sales strategies that the professionals use. Do you know how some brands become so big overnight? What attitude did their staff and team have? Learn about big brands around the globe and how they became brands through simple sales strategies.

How to act with price shoppers

The price shopper may be the most dreaded customer to many sales people. Learn how to work with these customers and enjoy interacting with them. Great tips from the experts for dealing with price shoppers.

Meeting Expectations

Meeting the customers’ expectations will assist with a positive image and impact with the customer. Learn how to always be able to meet customers’ expectations and also how you can exceed them.

Sales people that understand retail sales psychology will build rapport quicker, get bigger sales and build relationships more effectively. We discuss how retail sales can be a rewarding career. We also provide sales coaching.

We Offer professional training in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Parramatta, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth. For more information on this training session and a free custom outline please call 1300 810 725 or contact us here.

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