Retail Customer Service Training

The retail industry can be a rewarding and satisfying are to work within. With different interactions every day from people of all walks of life, this environment can be quite interesting and active. We also understand that working with the public from time to time may require some additional skills and tools.  In this session we discuss many different ways for dealing with the difficult situations and also provide communication techniques for effectively speaking and to become more adaptable.

If you have a team, or you are a participant who would like to become more effective in the Retail environment then this session is a perfect overall session. We can also custom design this session for groups or teams. Contact us to reserve your training in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Parramatta, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth

This session will help you teach employees:

How to use questions effectively

Questions can assist you in your role by identifying options, choice and gathering information. Learn how to control outcomes and get better results by using the right questioning techniques at the right time. Used by professionals in top roles.

How to disarm angry complaints

Dealing with difficult people or dealing with complaints should be easier than what it seems. Learn the skills that help disarm, and remove emotion from an argument, or difficult complaint. Help the customer become more effective in communicating and reduce unwanted stress. The techniques in this session provide heaps of amazing tools that you can use to solve complaints easier.

How to build rapport by mirroring

Have you ever wondered how to connect to others quicker? Some people have a natural ability to connect to others and some have to work at the smaller skills such as small talk. Learn how to connect with others making the first impressions easier, and use mirroring techniques to build rapport.

Body Language signals: How to read

Body Language is always a favorite subject and whilst many people have differing opinions on its usefulness, we provide the answers to our participants through a fun and interactive session. Learn what signals your customers are sending you.

Powerful presentation techniques

Presentation skills can assist you to make more sales and also build the image of your products or services. Participants learn how to make the most and build more value with presentation techniques.

Closing techniques

Closing a conversation or sale effectively can be a skill acquired by the some of the best retailers. Did you know there are some Psychological techniques here to be more efficient in communicating your last thoughts? You can learn how a few small changes to your voice will assist with the closing aspect.

Telephone skills

Telephones are an important part of retail sales or customer service. We develop the process, provide an example script and respond to any participants needs as we discuss the importance of good telephone etiquette.

Building a positive outlook

Creating or building a positive outlook for your role is important. As you are dealing with customers on a day to day basis, you may find from time to time your outlook matching the time of day. This session here delivers a motivational and positive look into why your mindset and outlook is important in providing retail customer service or sales.

Creating a YES customer

Would you like your customers to say yes more often? Learn the techniques to create positive thinking within your customer and enjoy a customer who not only agrees with you more often, they enjoy the feeling you give them when dealing with you.

Complaint Handling

Although this session provides information on handling a difficult person or dealing with an angry customer, we also provide some additional tips and scripts to use when faced with a complaint.

Emotion and Motivation

Learn why emotion and motivation can be a huge force in either creating positive experiences or controlling an outcome.

Providing Solutions to Difficult People

Again customer service or sales in the public eye can be a difficult one. We provide a range of solutions that will keep just about anyone happy.

Attitude and communication are two large areas of customer service. We discuss how to provide the WOW factor and also how to build rapport with clients easier.

For more information on this training session and a free custom outline please call 1300 810 725 or contact us here.

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