Relationship Selling & Management Training

Relationships are important in Sales, many sales professional lose sale potential due to the fact of their inability to build relationships fairly quick. If your environment needs a relationship build either quickly or over time, this session is ideal for you to help improve the skills to build relationships in Sales. This session is similar to all our other sessions in the way it can be modified and changed to suit your team and training objectives. Contact our staff for more details. Available in all states and territories including Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Parramatta.

This Relationship Selling & Management Session is designed to help sales teams to focus on building relationships and increasing the return customer. Any sales team who relies on relationships within the sales process needs this session. We can include other modules from other sales training sessions.

Managing & Selling The Relationship Training Objectives

This session will help your employees learn:

How to keep your leads warm

Leads are important to a sales professional. Learn how to keep your prospects and leads warm with the right amount of contact. Our trainer provides 5 different ways you can contact your leads to maintain your relationship without overdoing it.

The Prospecting or Leads Board

Using a prospecting board can help you maintain your focus and help make sure you take advantage of any lead. This session part provides the foundations of creating a prospecting board.

Building and Keeping Rapport Skills

Build rapport with clients is important. Keeping the connection and relationship going is vital to your sales success. Learn how you can continue to build on the existing rapport to create a red hot lead.

Sales Techniques to Maximize Results with Minimal Effort

There are range of sales techniques also in which salespeople can do to help them maximize their results. Our trainer will provide these techniques and advice also.

Selling Yourself: How to Become Memorable for Business

Would you like to know how to sell your products and services easier? The answer lies in the ability to sell yourself. Learn from expert sales professionals the techniques they use to become someone people remember.

Why is it Important to Build a Relationship with your Clients

Sales is all about relationships. If you cannot create trust, credibility and a connection, it will prevent you from making more sales. In this session we provide the participants some personal skills in building relationships.

Creating the Impression you Want and Keeping it

Building an impression is important. We have the first impression and also the last point of contact we had with our client. These impression make an impact to your client with your products, services and organisation. Learn how you can keep up appearances and increase your impressions effectiveness.

Many Sales are Destroyed Because of Poor Relationships

We look at some of the reasons sales fail. As our trainer develops common issues we come across in sales, we also highlight how many failures are due to relationship skills.

Improve Reading the Relationship Signals

You will need to be more effective in reading body language and other written signals customers may give you. Many times there are opportunities sitting right in front of our desks yet we fail to recognize.

Communication Techniques that Will Assist you to Build Quicker Relationships

Communication is the key to make all these modules come together and build a flowing sales process. Being able to communicate effectively through every step will help you reach your end result or goal. This part of the session helps you to build on existing communication skills.

How to Improve Relationships at Every Meeting

Every time you meet a client or customer it is an opportunity to improve on the existing relationship. We provide additional points here to highlight the importance of relationships in sales.

Relationship Selling Sales Training Summary

This session is designed to help employees not only see the need for the sales relationship, but to find ways to increase the point of contacts with your existing clients to focus on increasing your repeat and referral clientele.

We have a range of sales sessions to choose from with hundreds of different modules or objectives we could cover. Many clients prefer to allow us to build a custom training session for them as this enables them to combine different modules from any of our training options. For more information on this training session and a free custom outline please call 1300 810 725. We are here to help.