Receptionist Skills Training

About Receptionist Skills Training Sessions

As the Receptionist can be the first point of call/business for your company it is important to provide solutions to help increase performance and skills within dealing with people both in person and via the phone. This one day training session will help increase solutions and improve techniques to become a better communicator. The training within the session can help with body language and emotions, remembering names and faces, perception and stress release. As a customised training format you can also learn from others in the same position, share solutions and increase your ability within your workplace.

Subjects Covered in the Receptionist Skills Training Session

The units you will be undertaking will enable you to respond appropriately to the needs of people and understand the level of professional customer service required as a Receptionist.

Greeting/building rapport within seconds

Learn how to connect with clients almost instantly with mirroring techniques and some quick tweaks with the first impression statements.

How to screen calls correctly

Screening calls is an important skill. It can save employee time and effectively over time, save expenditure of wages for that time lost.

Answering machines methods

Do you know how to leave an effective message? Professional answering messages are a great way to leave an impacting statement and improve on your organisational image.

Receiving and making calls

There is an effective way to receive and make a call. We look at current scripting and improve on wording and flow within the messages provided.

Professional telephone skills

There are some call operators where you are stunned by their lack of professionalism. There are also others that make you say “wow”. Learn how to become one that stands out professionally.

Complaint handling/ disarming clients

This is a skill that is important for those who deal with difficult people, or complaints in their roles. Five easy statements that will disarm any customer conflict.

Collecting messages correctly

Do you take an effective message? Did you know there are ways to improve message retention and note taking? This session discusses these skills here.

Communicating in the workplace

Communication is key. Many workplaces have issues arising from poor communication. Learn how to become a more effective communicator with these tips and tools.

Vocal use/word importance

How important is sounding your best? The words and your tone are vital to delivering your message. Learn more about these tools in this session.

Responsibilities and duties

Receptionists have certain duties and responsibilities. We discuss how the role of Receptionist is not only important, yet their role is vital to many in the workplace.

Participate in workplace safety procedures

What do you do in case of emergency? Do you know the reception area may be the first point of contact in an emergency? Learn what to do in this area.

Process and maintain workplace information

This discussion is to provide extra tools to Receptionists. It will assist in increasing personal skills in areas of organising and delegation.

Deliver a WOW service to customers

Learn how you can exceed on customer expectations and deliver an amazing service.

Questioning techniques

Questions are used to gain information, however you can also use questions for control in a conversation. Learn more about the deeper questioning techniques available.

Telephone essentials- Tips to increase performance

The telephone can be a productive tool if used correctly. Learn how to become better at using this tool and increase your ability over the phone.

Essential reception skills

Of course no session is complete without covering the basics of the Receptionist role.

Body language signals

If you are conducting face to face conversations also, this session will discuss how to read signals from clients.

Receptionist Skills Training Summary

The role of a Receptionist is an important one and can be a stressful environment from time to time. Within this session we develop communication skills, attitude, emotion control, customer complaint handling and many soft skills. We also discuss how to deal with difficult people, multi tasking and other aspects which are vital to the Receptionist role. We do not train any computer systems or software within this course as many organisations will have their own training for their systems.

Currently this session is only in group or team format. We do not offer this as a workshop at the moment and is customised to suit business needs. We can provide one on one training in some cities. Please contact us to find out more about this training session for your business.


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