Public Speaking: Presentation Training/Pitch Proposals

Public Speaking is no easy task. Presentations are also a task on their own. Combine the two and you have the environment for a stressful situation. The more controlled, the more prepared, the better employees feel when it comes to giving a presentation in front of an audience. Our training can be custom designed to suit the presentation needs. We include small activities like preparing a 5 minutes presentation, to help the employees use what they learn in the session. All material can be customized to suit your team and training needs.

Public Speaking: Presentation Training Objectives:

This session will help you teach participants how to:

Gain Rapport with Your Audience

Learn how you can build rapport with a group. Rapport will help you gain more interaction from your audience and will increase the effectiveness of your message. Learn how you can connect with the audience with professional skills demonstrated by our trainer.

Reduce Nervousness and Fear

Nervousness and fear may get in the way of your message and presentation or delivery. Learn how you can reduce the likelihood of nerves and improve your confidence for and assertive message.

Recognize how visual aids can create impact and attention

Visual aids can assist and they can also detract from your presentation or public speaking. Learn how to create the perfect mix and always have your audience in mind. Some presentations may need visual aids, others may not. Our trainer will help participants learn more about the different types of visual aids and also how to use them.

Create a Professional Presence

Being a professional is a requirement when it comes to public speaking. Personal opinions may need to be excluded, Racist remarks or bad jokes are a no no. Learn more about how you can still create a great speech or presentation without overstepping the mark.

Prepare and Organize Information in Different Ways

There are a range of different ways you can prepare and organize your information. Our trainer will discuss some of the ways the professionals do it and help provide some additional solutions to the participants attending.

Taking Control

Take control and be able to lead groups to where you need them to be. Learning how to take control is important, especially when you ask your audience to do something for you (Activity etc.) Learn how you can influence the group and take control when needed.

Structuring your Presentation

In this part of the session the trainer will provide information and a discussion on how to structure your presentation. We provide an activity for the next few modules where participants are asked to prepare an example presentation.

Improving Flow of Your Presentation

Following on from the above module, we then discuss how to make your presentation flow. Learning how to improve the readership or listeners ability within your presentation, will create a better impact for your message.

Working Without Notes

We would all love to be able to present or speak without our notes. This session part will develop some tips on how we can do without our notes or at least the very minimum.

Creating the Perfect Pitch

Learning how to pitch something is important to every sales person. Our trainer provides additional tips on how to create the perfect pitch.

Tips from the Professionals (International Speakers provide tips and secrets on nerves, audience interaction etc.)

Many more tips and advises provided by Paramount Training & Development. As many of our trainers are professional speakers we can add a huge range of expertise and advice for your public speaking training event.

Public Speaking (Presentation/Pitch) Training Summary

A great presenter has two unique qualities: appropriate skills and personal confidence. This confidence comes from knowing what you want to say and being comfortable with your communication skills. In this session, participants will master the skills that will make them a better speaker and presenter. This Public Speaking Presentation Session is a great starting point to gain all the skills in making a great presentation. From influencing, persuasion, body language and enthusiasm you can find out just how these skills can help. Training options available in all states Australia wide including Perth, Adelaide, Gold, Coast, Canberra, Darwin, Parramatta, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane.

We have a range of other presentation training options including, confidence, body language and communication that could help your team. If you would like to combine these modules or any others we can build your very own training workbook. We even style the workbook with images, and styling to suit your business if this would be more applicable to your staff. We find that a workbook with images that resemble your industry will help your team connect to the training. This session can be conducted at a foundation level or advanced level for those already with professional speaking skills. If you would like to add real examples from your workplace or have our team create a pitch with your team in this session, our trainer is more than happy to assist.

For more information on the above Public Speaking: Presentation Training session contact us or request a sample above.

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