Presentation Skills Training: Public Speaking & Interpersonal Skills

Your presentation skills maybe an important part to your role. Presentation skills and Public Speaking are both great skills to gain to be able to convey your ideas effectively and professionally. This Presentation Skills Training will help teams increase personal presentation skills. With a combination of Public Speaking Presentation skills and Interpersonal relationship skills we teach participants how to stand out and become effective communicators. Contact us to book your training in Gold Coast, Parramatta, Darwin, Adelaide, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane

Objectives for the Public Presentation Skills Training

This session will help you teach participants:

How to use questions within presentations

Using questions within your presentations can help your audience follow and become more emotionally involved. Interact with your audience and motivate to action using questioning techniques.

How to present a professional appearance and look the part

Presentation can play a large part in the audience viewpoint into your credibility or message. Our trainer provide a brief interactive session providing some great tips and assistance to looking your best when presenting.

Body Language signals: How to read and change negative body language

Reading your audience will be one of the most important parts of building your confidence when delivering. If you see your audience sleeping, arms folded or frowning towards your message, these may be signals that you are not doing too well. Learn how to read your audience better and also how to adapt and change your audience interaction with you.

Interacting with your Audience

Interaction is an important part of the learning process. If you involve your audience either actively in person or through the message in your presentation, you will enjoy a more effective presentation.

Using Notes, Presentation or Visual Tools for Effective Communication

There a range of tools that professional presenters will use in delivering their message. Our trainer will provide insight into the many different tools available and how to benefit from each.

Communicating effectively with groups

Communicating with an individual will be different to communicating with a group. Group dynamics and other factors come into play when delivering a presentation to a group. Become more comfortable also with delivering in front of crowds or small audiences.

Public Speaking Skills

Some simple and basic skills that professionals use. Learn methods from actual professional speakers. Our trainers will relate the super skills used by public speakers around the world.

Personal Presentation Tips that will make an impact

If you are out to make an impact this part of the session will highlight super tips to create an impressive message and presentation.

Learn the structure of a great presentation

There is a structure for a great presentation. Learn how to make your presentation easy to follow with flow techniques and take advantage of the tools used to create a structured presentation.

Be able to effectively present by the end of the session

By the end of the session we will be able to effectively present. If this is a team session, we can have your employees provide a 5 minute presentation using the skills outlined in the course.

How to Finish Strong with Simple Points

Finishing strong will enable you to make the very best impact so your message can be carried strong. Great points here if you wish to influence your audience to then continue the discussion.

Plus more modules that we can include depending on your training needs

If this training is for a business team, we can customize any of the modules and material to help you build a custom training session to suit your requirements.

Public Presentation Skills Training Summary

No one is born a professional speaker. Some people say that people are born with the gift of the gab, or may have a charismatic personality, although these skills may be useful to being able to present and speak in public, they are just that… skills. Skills can be taught and there are a range of quick skills provided in this session that will improve your teams ability almost instantly. We have the team practice within the session and also provide a small presentation at the end of the day which will help with retention.

We have a range of Presentation Skills Training sessions, and Public Speaking Training sessions, all with different modules and objectives. We can also include modules from our Communication Training sessions to help improve any areas of communication. If you are looking for a training session that will improve performance within only one day this session is designed to have that impact.

If your team have specific needs and you would like more information on this training session contact us for more details on how we can assist.

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