Orientation Training

Having a new team or group join your organisation can be both advantageous and difficult as they integrate with the existing team. You could possibly also be gaining new departments, or staff from a business transition. For this transition to go smoother, we have designed a session to suit your needs and bring the new staff up to the business standards you require. This Orientation Training Session is designed to offer employees an opportunity to impress. We can custom make this session to suit new employee groups and your business. Introduce your business policies, procedures and orientation effectively with one of our professional trainers.

Objectives for Training

This session will help train employees on:

How to Work Together

The start to any role requires employees to be able to work with an existing team or workforce. Our trainer illustrates the process of becoming integrated within a new organisation and how to connect with existing staff.

The Business Policies- complaints, safety, etc

We provide information on your business policies which include the complaint handling procedures, safety and other policies and procedures that are required to be followed.

What is Expected from your New Employees

Our trainers provide the new employees with the expectations for their relative roles. This section and other modules can be adapted to suit your training needs.

Plus any other Information Required for The Orientation

Every organisation is different. You may have an individual, or a team, and their needs also differ. Our training can be custom designed to suit your orientation needs.

There may be several areas of orientation that you require your new team to focus on. We can assist with workbook design, delivery from one of our professional trainers and a good first impression.

We have a range of material that will suit different areas of need within your business. We can design an orientation handbook and deliver a motivating session to keep your new employees engaged and impressed with the new position.

All of our material is available for workplaces to use with one of our trainers, so you have every resource available. As our editing team design a workbook for you, it means you can relax as we provide a full training package for your staff. If you would like an ongoing package which includes other training options such as Customer Service, Communication or Sales, we can provide a full package offer to assist you with your long term goals.

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