Orientation Training

Change is an inevitable aspect in the fast-paced world of businesses and companies. As you gain more and more experience within the company and even rise from among your ranks, you will meet new faces, new ideas and new perspectives that you may not have seen before. This sort of transition might be difficult as you might also find it harder to welcome or even tolerate new people especially if you’ve already become attached with your previous teammates. If this difficulty is not dealt with, it will not only impact the productivity of your company, it might even resort to violence and would likely stain your professional career. As such, both companies and employees have to find ways to make the transition process smoother to keep the flow of ideas (and profits) going for you and the company you’re working for.

Objectives for Training

This session will help train employees on:

How to Work Together

“Teamwork makes the dream work,” as the saying goes. One can easily grasp this notion on a theoretical level, and may even find this appealing. Indeed, the most successful groups often rely on each other for morale and experience. In the process, they try to overcome their tendency for infighting and try to establish a solid unity. Usually, just at the very end of the process, these teams do not only end up addressing all of their internal problems, you might even think that they’re both several parts of a single body as you would whenever you think of dancing groups. However, this is very hard to implement in practice. As you may have guessed, there will be lots of infighting in the workplace as employees often try to compete for their ideas to become policy. It can even be said that there’s a paradox in business: people work together, but they compete against one another. For that, however, there is no need to worry. Our trainer will provide you with tips and tricks on how to become a successful team player and how to integrate (or be integrated) much more quickly.

The Business Policies- complaints, safety, etc

Another layer of difficulty that comes with integration is that of the company itself. New employees may find themselves comparing their old and current companies or, in the case of the first-timer, their company and their home. For the former, complaint processes may seem inefficient, safety standards are lacking and the business ethics may fall flat. The latter’s list of complaints might be even bigger they may find themselves missing the lifestyle of rolling up on a blanket like a burrito, watching their favorite TV show while un-ironically eating burritos. They may even start hating it when their superiors start hammering company policy into them, as they silently complain about not having more breaks or being forced to stick to working hours even as they’ve finished their quota for the day. Lastly, they may find their very dreams and ambitions being broken piece by piece as reality’s truths slowly surface before them, one after the other. Inability to navigate and deal with these concerns will inevitably result in declining productivity, followed by a crippling exodus of employees. As such, this training session will help you deal with these problems by showing you these various policies and how to communicate them more effectively, allowing employees to accept and even embrace their new realities much more quickly.

What is Expected from your New Employees

New employees, even those who’ve had some degree of work experience, tend to find themselves overwhelmed at the idea that the company has a lot of expectations from them. Worse, they may even find themselves questioning their capabilities as they may encounter new software, tools, higher quotas and codes of ethics that may probably run counter to their previous styles of working. These employees often try to deal with these psychological matters by thinking about the salary, but a company can also help them deal with their psychological troubles by delivering these expectations in a friendly way. The point is to let them know that the tasks before them are not impossible to reach and that you are willing to help them. In fact, we are just as willing to help you on the matter as we can customise this section and other modules to adapt to your training needs. Our experts would most certainly be willing to provide additional assistance.

Plus any other Information Required for The Orientation

There are various aspects of the orientation process that companies have to address, ranging from company philosophy, styles of management, company culture, skills required and individual dispositions. We also understand that you might need help delivering all of the necessary information to your employees and teams. As such, this training session can be customised to address other specific skills and give your teams a warmer welcome.

Orientation is one of the first steps to company integration and as such, we take this matter very seriously. To that end, we are determined to assist you by making workbooks, providing quality training sessions and giving a solid first impression.

In fact, this training session is specifically for those who have to deal with this constant change. If you happen to be a tenured employee who wants to find ways to become more accommodating to new employees, or even if you’re a new employee just wanting to find out more about how you can integrate into the new company culture, then this course is for you. By the end of this training session, not only will you be able to introduce new concepts to new employees with style, you’ll even get a first-hand experience of this as our trainer navigates you through every detail. This training course can also be supplemented with other training sessions to cater to more of your specific needs.

We have plenty of material for you to choose in order to supplement your new employees’ needs. If you require a more tailored training session, you may include new skills from our training range into your customised training kit. Our editing teams can also provide customised and well-designed workbooks, allowing your employees a more step-by-step method of learning. We have also gathered the best minds to teach you and your employees about all of the skills in our library including Customer Service, Retail Sales, Public Speaking and so much more.

Get this training and more in Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Parramatta, Canberra, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney. Information is available by calling 1300 810 725.

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