Organizing Work Priorities Training


How well do you or your team organize work priorities? This Organizing Work Priorities Session is designed to help teams organize workloads and priorities correctly and effectively. We discuss delegation techniques as well as time sharing, working as a team for efficiency and environmental organisational systems. Would you like a highly effective team?

Our training covers all Australia including Melbourne, Canberra, Parramatta, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Darwin

Objectives for the Work Priorities Training

This session will help us teach your team:

Delegate and communicate effectively

Delegation is an acquired skill and required for organisational skills. Become more effective in organizing work priorities with additional skills that magnify your results.

Use time management techniques

Being a great time manager will assist you to increase personal results and performance. Knowing how you spend your time, where you could minimize loss of time and be more efficient with that resources you have will help you in your role.

Organize their workspace and environment for efficiency

Your workspace and environment will change the way you work. Learn how to put some quick optimization tips in place to create an effective workspace.

Prioritizing and planning

Vital for success, this area is where we spend a fair bit of the session with participants. We will discuss how to use methods and systems to become better at prioritizing and planing overall.

Action Vs Planning

Do we act before thinking? Did we plan too much? Learn how a little preparation and planning can save us heaps of time acting and how also too much planning can restrict our actions.

Stress Management & Coping Strategies

Coping with situations will assist with your improved performance. We have all seen some reactions to situations which actually turn out worse than the situation itself. Learning how to move on, remove and cope with stress or difficult situations will help us get back to work and get things done.

Much more can be included also (Customized Training)

We customize all our training for team training sessions. Contact us if you feel we need to add objectives or create a specific session for you.

Work Priorities Training Summary

Does your organisation suffer from poor work priority setting? Becoming organised and setting goals in business is a great way to ensure you are on the path to success. With poor organisation, time management or priority setting, your team may become ineffective or less productive. This session is designed to help solve bottlenecks and issues arising within the workplace due to poor planning or prioritizing. It is a great session to learn some new tools and skills to become better at working under pressure. If your team often get several tasks at once, or you need to illustrate the need for better Organisational skills then this session will have an impact.

Are you after a session with different objectives? Do you have a specific training need? Talk to our training experts about a customised session. With a large database of material we are able to create a session to cover your training objectives and needs. Learn more about our workbook creation system and also how our trainer can deliver a successful training session with the IMPACT System.