Negotiation Skills Training

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Dealing, bargaining, negotiating; no matter the size of the organisation one works under it cannot be understated just how important this transaction is in the workplace. Whether representing yourself to make a point, representing part of your department to get more funding, or as part of the sales team negotiating transactions with potential customers or clients, or as part of a team negotiating goods or services with another business that can help or enhance the services rendered by your business, the practical application of negotiation is nearly endless.

Negotiation is indeed part and parcel of the workplace but the act of negotiating a fair deal or sometimes a deal at all is not as easy as some would think. It requires quick thinking, the ability to appraise a bargain at a glance, and a fair proficiency in language use to influence decisions for a more ideal or favorable position. This is no easy task, and the pitfalls present are immense, deep, and far-reaching; from something as benign as getting an unfavorable deal, a complete botch, or at worst a horribly botched negotiation that paints you and whoever you represent in a negative light that muddies the waters for future talks with new partners and clients for an uncomfortably long time.

Here at Paramount Training and Development we’ve been getting requests to create a program to help inexperienced negotiators with the fundamentals of doing a business transaction. Upon the consultation of industry veterans and experts in the relevant fields of study, we’ve developed our very own Negotiation Skills Training module to assist would-be and willing learners on the intricacies of negotiation and all the related and relevant skills they need to proceed.

Dealing, Bargaining, Negotiating; a roundabout way of saying ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ and an exercise in getting what you want in exchange for something you have to offer. There are ways and means to get a good deal out of it or sometimes even bend a seemingly terrible one to your favor. Here at Paramount Training and Development we know the demands of the workplace and the need for individuals who can represent themselves and something greater than themselves in an adequate and reasonable fashion; to that end the Negotiation Skills Training module was created and is now on offer for any learners interested in learning its many lessons.

Negotiation Skills

Lesson One

Getting Started

  • Icebreaker
  • Housekeeping Items
  • Workshop Aims

Lesson Two

Understanding Negotiation

  • The Three Phases
  • Skills for Successful Negotiating

Lesson Three

Getting Prepared

  • Placing Your WATNA and BATNA
  • Identifying Your WAP
  • Identifying Your ZOPA
  • Personal Preparation

Lesson Four

Laying The Groundwork

  • Setting the Time and Place
  • Establishing Common Ground
  • developing a Negotiation Framework
  • The Negotiation Process

Lesson Five

Phase One – Exchanging Information

  • Getting off on the Right Foot
  • What to Share
  • What to Keep to Yourself

Lesson Six

Phase Two – Bargaining

  • What to Expect
  • Strategies to Try
  • How to Break an Impasse

Lesson Seven

About Mutual Gain

  • Three Ways to Watch Your Choices
  • About Mutual Gain
  • What Do I Want?
  • What Do They Want?
  • What Do We Want?

Lesson Eight

Phase Three – Closing

  • Reaching Consensus
  • Building an Agreement
  • Setting the Terms of the Agreement

Lesson Nine

Dealing With Difficult Issues

  • Being Ready for Environmental Tactics
  • Dealing with Personal Attacks
  • Controlling Your Emotions
  • Deciding When It’s Time to Walk Away

Lesson Ten

Negotiating Outside the Boardroom

  • Adapting the Process for Smaller Negotiations
  • Negotiating via Telephone
  • Negotiating via Email

Lesson Eleven

Negotiating on Behalf of Someone Else

  • Choosing the Negotiating Team
  • Covering All the Bases
  • Dealing with Tough Questions

Lesson Twelve

Wrapping Up

  • Words From the Wise
  • Lessons Learned
  • Completion Of Action Plans and Evaluations
Additional Modules and Sample Sections

Interpret the interests, priorities, and goals of all parties involved

In most negotiation situations there are reasons why a person, division, or larger organisation is present and attempt to reach an agreement with another party or multiple separate parties. Sometimes this is a clear cut case, but other times it can be obfuscated by unfamiliar language or poor wording to the point of obscurity. It’s the Negotiation Skills trainee’s job to use whatever limited data they can receive from their co-negotiators to figure out what they want or need in as timely a fashion as possible and thus form a foundation to build up from.

Improve their ability to communicate with others

Negotiations are a specialised form of discourse, but a discourse none the less. And one of the things about a discourse that is universal to all other discourses is that it is a dialogue; an exchange of ideas or opinions as well as relevant information and other such material transmitted through language via either text or spoken word. A Negotiation Skill that our trainees would undoubtedly require in this field is an expanded capacity to communicate with others. There are ways to improve communication from strategies involving listening and interpretation to methodologies that improve your ability to speak and streamline your communication to ensure key points are made.

Understand key details that influence the negotiation

Along with factors involving the goals and desires of the parties opposite the negotiating table, other things need to be taken into account if they do appear; particularly when negotiating with diverse populations present in the workplace and/or market. What is the nature of their profession? For foreign clientele, what is their typical corporate business culture? How about their current disposition? Could current events; local or global, be influencing their judgment? In Negotiation Skills Training learners are taught to study the background of their peers on the negotiation table and see how these background or esoteric factors may influence their dealings and if applicable, use these to their advantage to make a better deal.

Present their offers in a timely and appropriate fashion

Much like any sales pitch, when presenting an offer one must be able to do it as quickly and as captivatingly as possible to both entice and encourage the other side of the table to either consider or go directly for the bargain and thus benefit from you and your services while also encouraging the same from your would-be business partner. A good presentation can make a lasting impact and doing so in a fashion that showcases professionalism and intimate knowledge of the subject matter and what they can offer and expect in return. Negotiation Skills trainees are taught how to make this pitch as our experts have both detailed methodologies and practical presentations for them to learn from and perform.

Create partners from competitors

A good way to ensure good deals in the long run is to make sure you have good relationships with your business partners and clientele as a rapport between two parties make them both more willing to present more favourable deals and tolerate greater oversights or minor errors that will inevitably crop up in the long run. As this is a mix of PR as well as psychology, we’ve consulted experts from both fields while creating the Negotiation Skills Training course and have devised ways, methods, and strategies for our learners to learn and employ that will help bolster their abilities to make negotiation partners from competitors.

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

Our workbooks are highly adaptable and we able to modify content according to your specific requirements. For example, if you desire an increased variety in team building activities to help address all areas of your team, we can certainly arrange for that by including activities that you personally wish to see in your workbook. We can even adjust writing styles and page numbers to totally match your company culture. Images, modules and design can all be customized. Even better, you can make as many modifications as you want without cost; we only wish to see your team excel, and will do everything you desire to reach that goal.

In-House Customised training benefits:

  • Flexible length – You choose the length of the session
  • Highly Effective Team/Industry Specific
  • Certificate of Completion (Professional Grade)
  • Create a Team Building environment
  • Cost effective – Group rate discount
  • Printed courseware (No need to download or use an App to read)

Creating Content (Contact us for Quotation)

Our adaptability is also such that we are able to create your very own workbook for you. We will very happily write and design everything from scratch to include everything from your company logo to various academic data that will enhance the level of your work. Even better, you can even request for our input if you ever run out of ideas. We are happy to provide direction and help in creating a course that is completely unique to you. We are willing to work closely with you to help your team reach new heights. You need only tells us what to do and we’ll get it done. Contact us for more information and pricing on creating content.

Instructor Led Online

Download Certificate of Completion $495 inc GST
Printed and Posted Certificate of Completion $515 inc GST

We provide this course as an online assisted course. You provide the date and time, we provide the trainer and material. Great for regional business or employees that are at multiple premises. The benefits of booking an online assisted or instructed led training session is you don’t have to wait for a specific date or course to come up. We book in a time available to you. Same course as a workshop but just for you and online instead.

Online Self Paced

Download Certificate of Completion $69 Inc GST
Printed and Posted Certificate of Completion $89 Inc GST

We believe is appealing to the needs of as many clients as possible. This is why we have an online training option. It is a very high quality alternative to workshop training and team business training. Through the use of videos, quality course material, questions and activities this training is a great self paced option for busy people. Also available is an option for a professional grade certificate to be printed and posted right to your door!

Public Workshop at a Venue


  • Time: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Small Number of participants per workshop, average 5 people, max 12
  • Lunch and refreshments are included


  • Pay on Invoice or by Credit Card
  • Professional Grade Certificate of Completion Provided
  • Comprehensive courseware and materials

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