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The art of diplomacy and negotiation is a difficult one, but mastering such an art can help a person live through several lifetimes. Throughout history, diplomats have used it to influence the outcome of a peace treaty, merchants have used it to swing trade deals to their favor, and in your case, you’ve probably used it to overturn your parents’ decision to ground you for two weeks when you were little. Kidding aside, an able sales negotiator can turn any disadvantage or crudely-constructed opinion into a compromise or even better, a total agreement. We also allow you to customise your training session, so if you’re looking to develop more charisma in public, we highly suggest combining this with our Public Speaking & Interpersonal Skills Training. Contact us for further details.

Who is this Sales Training session for?

This Sales Negotiation Training is specifically designed for people looking to enhance their negotiation skills and increase their sales results. Here, you will learn how to sway a client’s opinion to your side in frantic or even casual scenarios. We can also modify this training session to include various training programs under your team’s customised training course.

Sales Negotiation Training Objectives

This session will help you teach employees:

The Benefits of Good Negotiation Skills: How it will improve your sales results

We have all encountered that one person who always seems to catch us by surprise with their superior use of vocabulary, speech and argumentation. Even worse, you’ve probably found yourself unable to support your views every single time. There’s a high chance that person might be an extremely capable negotiator. Now, imagine yourself as a sales professional possessing having that same capacity for negotiation. With superior application of its principles, you can turn even the most objectionable customer into a loyalist willing to share your product to the world. If you wish to find out what those principles are, then this is the training session for you. Here, you will learn how negotiate more effectively through facts and fun, interactive activities.

The Importance of Preparing for the Negotiation Process, Regardless of the Circumstances

Negotiation as a rule requires interlocutors to be prepared for any circumstance which requires its use. Whether it’s the about where you and your friends are headed for the weekend to seeing through an important business deal, it is important to know what your arguments are, how to speak or write your points, the facts behind it and how you can anticipate these scenarios in the future. Our trainer will help navigate you through these processes and turn you into a formidable negotiator, able to squeeze a positive outcome from any conceivable scenario.

Various Negotiation Styles and their Advantages and Disadvantages

Just like in anything else, there are several ways to argue and negotiate with others. Most common methods tend to work on most people, but a lot of them might not be appropriate for certain situations. For example, it wouldn’t be nice to pepper your speech with too much unwanted humor in a serious office meeting. In that regard, our trainer will help you explore these various ways of negotiation and when to use or not use them. Masterful execution of these styles will keep any client wanting more of your words and ideas (and your wallets, more space).

Strategies for Dealing with Tough or Unfair Tactics

Some people or scenarios can make negotiations very difficult. Imagine, for example, having an aggressive client who wants more than what you’re supposed to sell them. They demand cheaper prices for an allegedly “cheaper” service, but your mandate as a sales professional forbids you from giving in to their demands. What do you do in such a scenario? Most people would often crack under such pressure, but we will provide you with the means to pacify aggressive people and return the negotiating table to your side. By the end of this session, no amount of agitation or unfairness can ever sway you from being a splendid negotiator.

How to Develop Alternatives and Recognize Options

Not all negotiations have to end with both sides fully agreeing with either side of the discussion. Sometimes, alternatives and other options need to be brought up in order to create compromises especially if arguments are heated. You can even bring them up when things are going swimmingly if you want to benefit even more from the negotiations, although even this can be a rather delicate process. All expert negotiators know how to act in either case. Our trainer will therefore help you master the art of exploring possible alternatives.

Basic Negotiation Principles, including BATNA, WATNA, WAP, and the ZOPA

All great negotiators rely upon established principles, and we have reduced these principles into 4 relevant facts. If you are interested to learn more about what these principles are and become a successful negotiator, contact us now!

Master the Art of Negotiation

The most brilliant of negotiators are often best known for creating miracles with words and well-formed arguments. They can create laws, calm an entire stadium down, and secure the highest amounts of profit. Nothing is more pleasant than having a client buy not once, not twice, not even thrice, but every day and every step of the way. Sales professionals and businesses can have such a pleasant outcome just by being crafty with their words and capable of adjusting to all possible circumstances. Train yourself and become a master negotiator through our training program.

Sales Negotiation Training Summary

All negotiators do not just represent themselves, they represent an ideal and truth about any society in the world: that being able to drive your points home is an invaluable aspect of life. Through negotiation, one can influence outcomes on a global scale and open up new opportunities for innovation and growth. Likewise, knowing the key principles of negotiation and learning how to deal with separate kinds of people can mean the difference between further profit and a catastrophic collapse. We also believe that we can have fun learning how to be the best negotiator through various challenging and interactive activities and designed to make you the best interlocutor from start to finish.
We hold sessions in Adelaide, Canberra, Sydney, Parramatta, Gold Coast, Perth, Brisbane, Darwin, Melbourne.

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