Minute Takers Training

Are you required to take minutes for a meeting? Would you like your team to know more about Minute Taking? This training session is great for those who need those extra skills required by minute takers. Important ways to increase note taking and effectively maintaining correct information from meetings. Learning what to record, who the decision makers are and how to effectively record minutes are skills that this session will bring out. Provide your team with both the knowledge and the skills required to become an effective minute taker. Group training and workshop options accessible in Gold Coast, Adelaide, Darwin, Sydney, Parramatta, Perth, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane

Objectives for the Minute Takers Training

Specific objectives include:

Recognize the Importance of Minute-Taking

The Minute Takers role within a meeting is vital for a productive outcome. If minutes are incorrectly recorded, information is missed and discussions overlooked, your meetings will be less likely to improve or grow your business. The minute takers role becomes a vital one and our trainer illustrates the value and importance of this role.

Develop key minute-taking skills, including listening skills, critical thinking, and organization

Base foundation skills are required to become an effective minute taker. Learning how to use these base skills in an advanced level will increase performance and individual ability. Our trainer will assist with the needed skills within the training session. Each participant will be able to improve on existing skills.

Be able to remedy many of the complaints that beset minute-takers

There are common issues that Minute Takers experience within the workplace. As our trainers assist organisations across Australia, we are able to provide insight into the common complaints and solutions for the issues that Minute Takers come across.

Be able to write minutes that are suitable for formal meetings, semi-formal meetings, and action minutes

Does the writing style change for the different types of meetings you hold? Would you like to know more about how you can create the most effective minutes for your organisation? This section here provides details on the writing styles and formats required by different types of meetings or organisations.

Be an Efficient Minute-Taker in any Type of Meeting

A practical look at how to become an efficient minute-taker in every meeting no matter what type or style. We provide activities to assist with the application of many of the skills here.

Be able to Prepare and Maintain a Minute Book

How do you prepare a minute book? Our trainer here will discuss with participants how to not only prepare a minute book, we also show participants how to maintain it.

Minute Taking Training Summary

Accurate minute taking is an important exercise for individuals who are time stricken over deadlines and meeting appointments. This course is designed to help individuals become more time-conscious in business meetings and speeches. You will learn how to become an efficient minute taker and be able to prepare and take fast, effective notes at presentations and meetings.

The decisions made from the meetings your organisation holds could cost your organisation. To make sure these decisions are correct and your minutes are of value, you may need training in this area. This training session is an interesting and skills based format allowing your team to benefit straight away from the session. Learn how to record quality meeting minutes and understand the importance of correct minute taking.

We can include mock up meetings, activities and information to create an interactive and custom session to suit your needs. Included with all our training is the option to have a workbook customized to suit your industry and team needs. Learn more about how Paramount can assist.


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