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About Marketing and Sales Training

Combining Sales with Marketing can be a super positive training option for your team. We are able to show your team how become market leaders individually and use methods to improve their sales. This session can be custom designed to suit your sales team and industry. We change the images, questions and material in the workbook to suit your needs. Contact our staff for more details. Australia wide training in all major cities including Parramatta, Perth, Melbourne, Canberra, Darwin, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast.

Marketing and Sales Training Outcomes

This Marketing & Sales Training Session is to help sales teams and marketing focused professionals to better understand how to market in a competitive environment and use new marketing tools such as press releases, online directories and many new marketing techniques. We have trainers who are qualified in this area and provide experience and advice within the session.

Objectives for Sales Marketing Training

This session will participants to learn:

How to Take Advantage of Marketing Tools

There are a range of marketing tools available that organisations across Australia make sure of. Our trainer provides an introduction into marketing and discusses many of the tools available that your team could also use.

Researching your Market and Finding What Works

How do you research your market? Marketing can be a difficult role and industry. This part of the session is to highlight the areas that work and some statistics on how business owners or managers could make their research more effective.

Promoting on a Personal Level and Understanding Peoples Wants

Promoting anything can start with you. We teach participants how to understand the inner person and how to meet people’s expectations, needs and wants. Our participants learn more about their own buying habits which in turn helps to understand their customers or clients.

Communicating your Message Effectively

We provide instruction on how to create effective communication and the techniques used within marketing. Selling your message is important and the way you communicate it will impact on the effectiveness of the campaign. Learn more about how communication can impact your message.

Sales Techniques to Maximize Results with Minimal Effort

Marketing is not only about communication, it is also persuasion, influence and sales. We provide the team with additional skills in this area to help individuals become more influential in their message.

Marketing or Selling: Which one will work better for your products and services

Marketing may not be for everything. We identify whether selling is the same as marketing and why selling may be a better avenue for some products or services.

Combining Marketing Tools to be more Effective in Target Market Research

By combining a range of tools your information gathering and resources will become abundant. We show participants how to think outside the box and venture from using just one research tool. The combination of all tools increases the likelihood of a better outcome.

Why Some Marketing Campaigns Fail: How to Avoid

What are the common issues in Marketing? Why do some campaigns fail? As trainers across industry and the country, we are able to provide some of the common issues that organisations have and also the solutions to these issues.

Creating the Impression you want with Your Marketing

How to create the right impression. If your message is not the right impression it could be detrimental to your image and brand. Learn how to always create the right impression with testing tools and example groups.

Marketing Tips and Tricks

A huge range of tips and tricks supplied to participants to increase their skill set and ability to send out the right message every time. Our trainer will add a range of experience and advice to this training session also.

Marketing & Sales Training Summary

In the time we live in we have an array of techniques we could market our businesses. Which ones work? Why look to the online marketing today? How do you make the most out of your marketing and sales? We answer these questions and more in this course designed for employer groups or teams. We do have SEO Specialists available also for those training sessions for groups who require the online advice and assistance.

For more information on this training session and a free custom outline please call 1300 810 725 or contact us here.

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