Managing Meetings: How To Chair A Meeting

Have you ever wanted to learn how to chair a meeting professionally? Would you like you or your team to learn the process and gain insight into meeting management? Our trainers provide a practical and interesting training session discussing how to chair and manage a meeting in a professional manner. Great for new teams or those that need to gain more effective skills in this area. This “How to Chair a Meeting” session is designed teams to understand the process of chairing a meeting also how the formality can change depending on process. We also discuss the basics of meeting management for those participants that need these extra skills also. Get this training and more in Gold Coast, Adelaide, Darwin, Sydney, Parramatta, Perth, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane

Objectives For How To Chair A Meeting

This session will help us to teach participants:

Communication within meetings

Meetings are all about clear communication. This is the first step to being able to chair a meeting effectively and also adding to the rest of the skills for meeting management.

Understand the value of meetings as a management tool

Meetings are an important tool for workplaces and organisations. Many meetings become ineffective due to poor management. Learn how to add value to your meetings and how to use as a management tool

Recognize the critical planning step that makes meeting time more effective

There are critical planning steps and actions that you can take to help make meetings more enjoyable and effective. Learn more from our trainer with a discussion on this topic.

What does being a Chairperson require?

What do you require to become a Chairperson? We discuss the needed skillset for this role and how to gain the advantage in this area.

Identify process tools that can help create an open and safe forum for discussion

There are also process tools that larger organisations use that you may not be aware of. Our trainer will assist participants to be more aware of tools available to assist in creating a safe and open forum for discussion.

Chairing Difficulties and Solutions

There are at times issues and problems that may arise from the role of Chairperson. Learn more about the difficulties that you may experience and how to take control or solve these issues quickly.

Develop and Practice Techniques for Handling Counterproductive Behavior

Do you wish you could take more control and deal with counterproductive behavior within your meetings? Learn the techniques to handle the behavior and improve the productivity of your meetings overall.

Chairing A Meeting Training Summary

Meetings need to be filled with meaning. Many meetings are not conducted effectively and unfortunately do not allow all ideas to be transferred due to the process. We discuss how to manage these areas of concern and develop basic meeting skills. If you require a training session to look at different objectives of handling a meeting contact us for more information on our custom training packages. Our editing team have a range of Meeting modules and training that may be more applicable to your team.

For more information on this training session and a free custom outline please call 1300 810 725.

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