Managing For Results Training

Managing people can be a difficult role. Many people don’t realize there are some specific tools that can create and make a effective manager. This Managing for Results Session is designed to help teams and employees increase potential and individual performance of employees around them. Learn how to increase relationships, systems, performance and motivation within your organisation to become a great leader. Contact us to reserve your training in Gold Coast, Parramatta, Darwin, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, and Canberra.

Objectives for the Managing For Results Training Session

This session will help us teach your employees:

Understand How to be Specific to get Specific Results

Employees like it when their managers provide specific information and direction. Learn why techniques that enhance your communication will help you become more specific and how it will increase your results as a manager.

Motivating Employees to Improve Performance

Great managers know just how important their team are to their own success. Developing your team qualities and motivating your employees will increase your managerial ability. Learn how to create self-motivated staff and improve their commitment to tasks.

System Performance: How to Improve Systems and strategy

After the first few modules we go deeper into systems and strategies for managerial staff. Improving systems and strategies in your existing environment will also enhance your performance as a manager.

Relationship & Communication Improvement

We provide participants the techniques to improve both communication and relationships within the workplace. As people are the backbone to many organisations we provide participants with some “people skills” that will help build relationships and teams.

Performance Techniques: Managerial Only

We also have a range of managerial techniques that many organisations across Australia use within their leadership. Our trainer will provide some real life examples of the performance techniques available.

Develop and Practice Techniques for Handling Counterproductive behavior

If you have counterproductive behavior from time to time in your organisation, this part of the training session will be of benefit.

Managing for Results Training Summary

Managers/Leaders and Supervisors may have additional pressure to perform. When you also include people in your process, the results you get may become more varied. Learning to trust people can be a difficult thing to do also. Micro managing certain tasks may not be the best approach. If you need to improve your teams performance and results start here with this session.

We have a large range of Supervisory and Managerial training options. We can also provide one on one coaching options for your business to help individuals become more professional and efficient in managing teams. This session is ideally designed for groups who manage projects or individuals. We can customize and adapt material to suit any of your training objectives and requirements.

Does this session come close to your requirements? If you have objectives that we have missed or you require contact our editing team for more details. We may have the module in another session or workbook we have created, or we could create your own content to cover these objectives. Contact us today for more information on how we can assist you with a unique custom session.

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