Managing Customer Service


Customer Service is not an easy task at times. This Managing Customer Service session is designed to offer a high level training session for managerial staff to provide and implement systems to offer excellent customer service. If your team already have a basic knowledge of Customer Service and you require a more advanced training session, this session will be of benefit to you.

This session can be conducted for any level of staff and material can be adapted to include any areas or content. This training available in all states and territories Melbourne, Parramatta, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Darwin

Objectives for the Managing Customer Service Training

This session will help you teach employees how to:

Identify ways to establish links between excellence in customer service and business practices and policies

Business practices and policies are the backbone to operations within a business. As your team follows these policies and procedures, we help participants learn why they are important to a customer service organisation. As a manager we assist with creating those that align with the focus of your customer service delivery.

Develop the skills and practices that are essential elements of a customer service focused manager

As a manager you will require skills such as leadership and delegation. As a customer service focused manager there are a number of additional skills required. We discuss these in detail in this section.

Recognize what employees are looking for to be truly engaged

Would you like to know how to engage your team? What are your employees looking for in their roles? This section looks at your employees and assists with advice on actively engaging them.

Recognize who your customers are and what they are looking for

Recognizing your customers may sound like an easy task; do you know what they are really looking for? Would you like honest feedback from your customers? This section delves into your target market more and provides an in-depth look into “who they are” and “what they are looking for”

Develop strategies for creating engaged employees and satisfied customers

We provide solutions to you that will assist in developing strategies for both engaged employees and completely satisfied customers. Our trainers provide professional advice and experience.

More modules for custom training options

Understand client/stakeholder expectations and supply outstanding customer support.
Retail customer service and selling skills
Identify ways to establish links between excellence in company practices and customer service and policies.
Enhance external and internal customer care communication abilities.
Identify their customer’s desires and wants
Communications – Focuses on the crucial behavioural abilities for building relationships with Customers and colleagues;
Customer support train the trainer
Internal Customer Service
Solutions – Looks at the skills needed to solve customers’ problems;
Patient Satisfaction in Healthcare
Focus on creating minutes which build greater customer relationships and achieve desired outcomes
Develop the skills and practices which are essential elements of a customer-service-focused supervisor.
Understand the big picture of customer service and where it fits in as element of the total business strategy
Develop strategies for creating engaged workers and happy customers.
Innovations – Deals with new ways to improve customer service;
Have a proactive way of solving customer issues and difficulties
Training skills for customer service direction
Be equipped to remain calm in stressful situations
Sophisticated Customer Relationships for Staff
Understand who their customers are and what they want.
Challenging Customers to Satisfied Customers
Have a special on-going strategy to attain greater success in giving great customer service
Customer Relationships for Supervisors & Managers
Have greater confidence and competence in dealing with challenging circumstances and be able to turn them into opportunities
Customer Relations for Staff
User Friendly Technical Support
Handling challenging customers/clients
Call Centre Customer Service
Customer Service Trainer Qualification – Recognizes the proficient and invaluable work that professional qualifications trainers perform.
Managing Tough Customers
Understand what employees are searching for to be actually employed.

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Creating Excellence

This session will take a look at Curt Coffman’s and Gabriel Gonzalez-Molina’s twelve states for creating excellence.
We develop strategies for creating customers that are happy and help participants identify ways to establish links between excellence in business practices and customer service and policies.

Follow the Leader

As we discuss how employees can lead the way in customer service, we develop the area of leadership. Participants will explore leadership characteristics through a fun, thought-provoking activity. This will assist with creating an active and accountable team member.

Changes in Customer Service

Customer service has changed. The internet has made customers well researched and informed. In today’s world we need some advanced skills to stay above the competition. We investigate how customer service has changed during recent years help participants gain the advantage.

Engaging Workers

This session will explore the vital behaviours of supervisors that are needed to engage co-workers in their team. Participants will learn new skills to improving motivation and loyalty to customer service.


This session will concentrate on The Situational Leadership Model. Participants score themselves, will take the test, and then analyse their style in detail.

Suspending Frame of Reference

In this session, participants will research two state-of-the-art communications tools: the frame of the Johari window along with reference.

Giving Undivided Focus to Others

This session will address two ways that we can pay better attention to others: attending and watching.
Recognize what workers are seeking to be genuinely participated
Acquire practices and the abilities that are fundamental aspects of a customer service focused manager


We generalize and all categorize; it helps us comprehend the universe. This session will help participants identify their own stereotypes and manners that they themselves might be stereotyped.

Communication Abilities

This session will help participants develop their listening and questioning skills – two base foundation skills needed for great customer support. We can customise the session depending on whether you offer phone based support or face to face communication also.

Creating a Service Management System

We’ll look at a team approach to customer service. Participants will also recognise who their customers are and what they are looking for with the Customer Service Management System.

Managing Customer Service Training Summary

The need for leading, promoting, and enhancing a customer-focused culture is essential within every organisation. This session will provide you with an opportunity to explore your responsibilities within your role as a customer service agent. As you discuss the various skills and techniques, you will draw from your own personal and varied experiences to share elements of reward and challenge. Consider this session as a re-energizing time to build and expand from where you are now.

This is a great session to build additional skills at an advanced level. Ideal for managers and leaders who manage customer service teams, and would like advance techniques to assist their team to grow and become top performers in Customer Service.

If this session does not cover all of your training needs, or if you require something a bit more unique, contact our team for assistance. We have an editing team that can provide you more information and samples of our workbooks to provide and create your very own Customer Service Training session.

Customer service shouldn’t be a reactive exercise. Customers expect a high degree of service. This will definitely help ensure which you are not skipping anything important, which might be a big customer support issue.

In a significant transaction business, the very first interaction using a customer is going to be an important determinant of whether the customer will return. An instance of exemplary customer support is Nordstrom. Customer feedback can give you detailed information regarding how your business is perceived. The most suitable method is dependent on your company as well as your customer base. You always ought to make certain you have good communication between departments within your company, employees within each department, after which between the client and your business.

Your method of handling customer problems is yet another way to keep ahead of your competition. You won’t have the ability to fix everything simultaneously, however it is important for both your employees as well as your clients to see real change for a result of the surveys. After you have a pretty good handle on expectations, you can begin to establish a solid customer support approach which should help hold your company on top of your own industry year in, year out. It’s a terrific tool for one-person response teams, but when you have a bigger team, you will want to appear into various opportunities because it’s difficult to handle customer service exclusively on the platform.

Social customer experience isn’t built purely on old foundations including ticketing systems. Now, social customer experience is really a hybrid of them both. We’ll inform customers relating to this schedule, and we’re going to adhere to it even if there’s no change in status. Now clients can log in their accounts and see the response tickets.

Employees will improve their capacity to handle customer behavior and also to develop the skills necessary to achieve success. If you supply customer support, service standards supply a formal solution to communicate this information. Employees who deal with clients’ orders ought to be fully aware of up-to-date offerings and keep customers informed. It is also going to allow service teams to access data like customer history as well as their involvement.

Customer service has at all times been considered among the most essential facets of a thriving firm. Every contact your clients have with your company is a chance for you to really enhance your reputation with them and increase the probability of further sales. Be sure that your company has an established procedure for managing customer complaints and that it’s known to all of your employees.

What Nordstrom knows is that each customer interaction is a chance to produce a remarkable experience. It’s great to learn how to cultivate far better service and the manner to choose the right team members, but it’s also important that you know how you measure the client service you already offer every day. There are several options to select from to better meet the wants, demands, and desires of your own customers.

When done right, execution of the sound customer support strategy pleases customers, leading to higher loyalty. The truth is the fact that developing a customer service strategy is a lot more than simply answering customer questions. If this is so, you’re sending the incorrect message and subsequently affecting the caliber of the consumer interaction. In case you have a decent strategy in position by obeying the points within this list, you need to be able enough to respond promptly and effectively, which is arguably the most significant thing for the client. Should you be asking your consumers if they’re satisfied, you’re telling them that their satisfaction matters.

From your telephone manner to the efficiency of your own order-fulfilment structures, almost every facet of your small business impacts the way your consumers view your organization. Your clients do, and this means you should, too. Depending upon your product or service, this easy effort could be a substantial differentiation for you.

If you’ve used Hootsuite (typically step one within the social networking customer support game, discussed below), Respond is the succeeding step up to offer you an edge in your social customer care. Should you be communicating to a big customer base then email is certainly the quickest and most effective means to quickly notify your clients which you’re attentive to the problem. Frequent updates is there’s a protracted issue as well as a brief breakdown of how you’ll keep it from occurring in the future will present your clients confidence that you’re attentive to the customer impact.

Social media is an excellent customer support tool. One of the extraordinary benefits of supplying customer support on social media is having the ability to connect with consumers in actual time. Keep reading to explore both kinds of tools and learn which ones are able to help you deliver a solidly social customer experience. Nowadays plenty of consumer merchandise and service businesses are asking for feedback. In truth, for several customers, the method is more critical than the product.