Leading Through Confidence Training

What is Leading through Confidence? Would you like to know how to build a confident brand or team that leads? How does confidence affect your leadership skills? This Leadership Through Confidence Session will answer these questions and is designed for managers and teams to build confidence in their products and team.

Confidence is an important skill for Supervisors and Managers to be able to effectively lead a team. Sometimes a team may question or second guess their management and then productivity may fall. We are able to also adapt this material to help teams realize the importance of supporting and following management decisions. The delivery of this session and content of the workbook can be changed.

Objectives for the Leading Through Confidence Training

This session will help us teach your employees:

Building a Confident Brand, Team or Environment

Participants will learn more about the strengths of a confident brand, team and environment. Learn how to create the confident image of a leading team or brand.

Communicate Confidently and Effectively

Communication is an important skill for conveying a confident attitude and message. Learn how you can advance the basic communication techniques to have more control to have your outcomes and results reached.

Body Language

Participants will learn how to create the confident body language to communicate the messages and attitude they wish to portray. We discuss how leaders can look confident even if they are nervous. Techniques to increase the confident image.

How to Use Internal Talk and Build Self-esteem

After working on the body language we now look into the internal language the mind uses. With the use of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and other self-talk strategies we can help participants to correct negative behavior and create positive confident language.

Using Questioning Techniques to Motivate and Inspire

Questions can be one of the best tools that can help motivate others. By asking questions you are helping others use their internal talk, which can increase motivation and help you to communicate more effectively.

Increasing Decision and Solutions with Confidence

As a confident individual you will need to be able to make decisions and find solutions confidently. Many people may look to a leader to come up with the solutions so we provide some simple decision making tools to help you become more confident.

Magnifying Confidence for Better Results

Many people believe that confidence can be a magnifier. Learn how you can utilize confidence to be more effective at what you do and improve your results.

Leading Through Confidence Training Summary

We all may have met a great leader one time or another. Was it a politician, a manager, an author or a celebrity? What makes a great leader? Is confidence an important part of leadership? Strong leaders seem to have a common skill or confidence, and this training session is designed to identify how to create the confidence needed to become a great leader.

Confidence is a magnifier and can increase your team’s performance and solution finding ability. Increase creativity, communication and positive results with this session designed to increase your team’s confidence.

We have multiple training sessions on assertiveness, leadership, confidence and management. If you find this session does not suit your requirements, our training can be customized to suit your needs. Training and workshops available in the Gold Coast, Parramatta, Darwin, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra. If you would like more information on how we could create your very own workbook to suit your team goals, please call 1300 810 725.