Leading Through Confidence Training

Have you ever, as a professional or even just in your every day life, encountered someone who seems to emanate an aura that tells you to follow them? Have you ever been swayed by fiery speeches and powerful demeanor before? Do you yearn to possess such ability? If so, then don’t worry: this course is exactly for you and your team. We’ve designed this session specifically to focus on explaining the fundamental aspects of charismatic leadership, how to be charismatic, and how leading through confidence can make or break a company. Our goal for this course is to make sure that you can instill the same sense of loyalty that various other people have instilled upon you once in your life, and therefore turn you into a person all competitive companies desire.

Objectives for the Leading Through Confidence Training

This session will help us teach your employees:

Building a Confident Brand, Team or Environment

Confidence in any team or company is important, and the ability to build such confidence is doubly so. It’s the glue that determines how united and willing you can be to work for each other. If there’s a lack of confidence, employees might find it harder to get up from their beds and accomplish their designated tasks every day. Worse, some of them might even desert you– and mass desertions are often the bane of any established company’s existence. It’s also one of the few things that keeps a customer loyal. If your brand fails to inspire any sense of confidence to them, they may no longer find your products worth purchasing. In other words, building confidence throughout various spheres of influence both from within and without the company can make or break everything else. This is the essence of this training session.

Communicate Confidently and Effectively

A key component of charisma is communication. It is not enough to simply look the part; indeed, worthy leaders often earn great renown for their capacity to speak their minds. They know how to change public opinions, government regulations and even get free food (although, of course, the latter is not always ideal) through the power of words and auras. In other words, your presence is simply the anvil of confidence, while your eloquence is the hammer that seals your reputation. In fact, how many times have you been swayed by such people and hoped to possess the same capacity to make people change their minds without even touching them? We value communication as a tool and our trainer’s going to help you look and become the very best.

Body Language

Clothes and words are great components in their own right, but they also need to be supplemented with superior body language. All great speakers know that the right body language often conveys not only the power of their words, but the image of belief. The latter, in particular, is important as it determines whether or not you are honest and trustworthy in their eyes. Here, you will learn how to match your words and your aura with superior use of body language, from waving hands to even raising knuckles when angry.

How to Use Internal Talk and Build Self-esteem

To be an effective speaker, one has to not only look, act and speak the part, but to even feel the part as well. Great speakers are aware that in a great desert that seems to rob people of their strength and will, the nearest oasis of confidence they can find lies within themselves. In fact, it is on this stage where they get the greatest degrees of certitude possible, because there exists no other critic charitable enough to look beyond their failures than within themselves. Here, you will learn how self-talk not only allows you to revise speeches within your head, but to constructively criticise yourself and build your self-esteem. We will couple your self-talk techniques with additional lessons about Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), allowing you to create the most superior speaker from within.

Using Questioning Techniques to Motivate and Inspire

You may not realise it, but great leaders often use questions in order to totally persuade their subordinates. Indeed, speaking is more than just laying down your premises and letting the crowd judge for themselves whether the conclusion is acceptable or not. The goal of speaking is to not only make people think for themselves, but to make them consider your point and sincerely think about it as if it was their own idea to begin with. As such, declarative sentences do not often determine whether a speech has reached its zenith, but questions. After all, would you even consider an argument if it was simply imposed upon you like an absolute fact? Certainly not. An eloquent speaker can subtly integrate ideas into their audience’s psyche, and you are guaranteed to learn more about it once you book in.

Increasing Decision and Solutions with Confidence

Speech is one thing, but as this session is about leading with confidence, you will also learn how to make decisions and solutions more confidently. Too often, leaders have to battle it out with their doubts and, depending on the outcome, either fail or succeed. However, we think differently; the goal of this training course is to temper your inner critic to make it not only capable of leading you to the right direction, but of instilling a sense of confidence. To that end, you will be given various decision-making tools.

Magnifying Confidence for Better Results

Confidence possesses two interconnected roles. On the one hand, it act as a magnifier. More often than not, confidence determines the morale of your whole team. The higher the morale, the more resilient they become against any problem. The best of leaders are capable of persuading them to find innovative solutions by simply walking close to them. On the other hand, it’s also the magnified. When other people are around you, they can increase or decrease your confidence accordingly. More importantly however, you can determine your own degree of confidence, and magnifying it is imperative in the business world. If you need to learn more about how to magnify your confidence, then this is the training course for you.

Leading Through Confidence Training Summary

Leadership is a trait we’ve probably seen dozens of times. It has led people through adversity and has affected the course of history many times. Here at Paramount, we recognise that the cornerstone of leadership is confidence. It is what makes great leaders and what creates great teams. As such, it is our goal to make professionals not only productive workers, but as powerful leaders, capable of increasing morale and productivity simply by existing. We also have multiple sessions on assertiveness, leadership, confidence and management.
If you find this training session suits most but not all of your requirements, we can customise your training sessions to include more based on your team’s needs. If you would like more information on how we could create your very own workbook to suit your team goals, please call 1300 810 725. We hold training sessions in the Gold Coast, Parramatta, Darwin, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra.

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