Leading & Managing Teams

Are you a born leader? Are you after a training session to empower leadership within your team? Is a leader the same as manager? Becoming a great leader requires attributes that can be taught. This Leading and Managing Teams Session is designed to help supervisors/managers/leaders and employees recognize their role interacting with and within their team(s). Learn how to motivate staff, deal with issues like a leader and gain the qualities that make leaders shine. This training is available in all states and territories including the Gold Coast, Parramatta, Darwin, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra.

Objectives for the Leading and Managing Teams Training

This training will help us teach your employees:

Understand the qualities of a Leader

Great leaders have great characteristics. We discuss the makeup of a great leader with participants and provide some tips on many areas to improve these characteristics.

Communicate as a Leader or Manager (Effectively and Ethically)

Leaders have great communication skills. Becoming more specific will also increase your specific results. Learning how to improve your communication skills will help you to increase your overall results.

Planning vs Action

A great leader with plan and act. How much time should we spend on each? If we plan more will this save us time in the action? Our trainer discusses how to create the perfect mix when deciding which is more important.

How to Motivate Staff

Learn how to become a super motivator. Improve work performance, enjoy self-motivation and become one to inspire others. Our trainer provides the solutions in this section for creating a motivated workforce.

Working Together as Leaders

Becoming a strong team and being able to utilize other people’s talents around you will help you advance to the top performers. We provide practical advice on how to work together as Leaders.

How to Deal with Issues Involving Employees

When working with employees you will come across a range of different issues. In this section of the training we provide more rage of different tools to deal with employees.

Managing VS Leading: Which is Best?

Is there a difference between managing or leading? Would you like to know more about which style is best for each occasion? This part of the training will develop this area and help you to choose.

Practice Leadership with activities within the Training Session

We provide interactive activities in the training so participants can utilize some of the skills and show their leadership skills.

Develop and Practice Techniques for Handling Counterproductive behavior

When you find counterproductive behavior you will require skills to take control and turn into positive behavior. Learn more of the tools in this section.

Leading & Managing Teams Summary

If you lead a team you may realize it isn’t easy. Do you have a team that fail to show leadership skills? Increasing your Leadership and Management Skill set will enable more productivity and efficiency. This session is similar to the Leadership and Management session however will be focused on team environments and working as part of a team rather than as an employer. The benefits of a team leadership training session are both empowerment and accountability within your employees. Teams that tend to lead projects, take ownership and deliver results are important to any organisation.

Managers and Leaders are often unequipped or untrained to handle the high end of leadership. With more skills and knowledge your staff can be equipped to handle situations stress free and effectively. As an individual we may not accomplish as much as a team would. A team with leadership skills obviously will also produce more results than a team without.

Improve your team today by calling us for more information on how we can instill and motivate your staff to become better leaders with projects and job tasks.

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