Inventory Management Training

The Nuts & Bolts

Many roles within the workplace require employees to work with Inventory. This Inventory Management Training is great for those who require help with inventory management within their business. In the session we cover a range of different areas including organisational skills, understanding systems and managing the process. Customized to suit groups in: Parramatta, Canberra, Perth, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, and Darwin.

Objectives for Inventory Management Training

By the end of the training, employees will be able to:

Understand Terms that are Frequently used in Warehouse Management

Warehouse management can be quite a different role. There are many terms that you will hear if you work in the warehouse with inventory. Learn the foundation on inventory management with an interactive session with our trainer.

Identify the Goals and Objectives of Inventory Management, and Measure their Process against These Goals

Setting goals and objectives within inventory management is an important part of the process. Being able to measure the outcomes and results from these objectives can be difficult. We provide some additional systems to become more effective in identifying and measuring these goals or objectives.

Calculate Safety stock, Reorder Points, and Order Quantities

Another important part of Inventory management is the ability to calculate stock, find reorder points and prevent issues from occurring. Our professional trainer will assist you with the information on how to do this easier.

Evaluate Inventory Management systems

From time to time you will need to evaluate inventory management systems. Improving the inventory management system will enable you to ensure your ordering system is a success and you are on top of any areas of concern. Our trainer will assist you to learn how to improve on the systems available.

Identify the Parts of The Inventory Cycle

In this part of the training session we go through the cycle of inventory management. As participants learn more about the cycle they are then able to understand which part of the cycle is active when monitoring their stock. We help participants identify the stages and this in turn helps them manage inventory better.

Better Maintain Inventory Accuracy

Employees will learn how to maintain the accuracy of the inventory better with some simple techniques designed for warehouse management. If this session is conducted as a team or employee group session, we are able to modify this training course to suit your training requirements and needs.

Inventory Management Training Summary

Does your business deal with Inventory? Would you like to have your employees managing and working with the inventory in a more effective manner? This session is designed to give a complete overview of inventory management and how employees can become more efficient in the process.

Effective inventory management can become at times a daunting task that tends to be left till last by management. Our training is designed to break down inventory management into a nutshell and provide participants with the skills and techniques to facilitate the execution of inventory management to create well-organized and efficient warehouse processes for controlling inventory levels.

We have a range of training sessions that may be relevant to your business. Did you see your objectives above or do you have something specific you are looking for? Our team have a many different training solutions available and can place modules together from multiple training sessions to create something more unique for you.

Learn why Paramount Training provides some of the best range of training solutions and expert trainers to your business. Contact us today for more information or for a sample of our workbooks. We are here to help you build any training package you may need for your business.

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