Interview Skills Training

Do you need to gain some additional skills for the interview room? Are you the one that holds interviews with people within your role? Maybe you have a team that often require to interview clients, or other members of your workplace? If your role requires you to interview people, then this session is for you. We discuss how to provide a professional interview from start to finish including how to read body language of the interviewees. We can also include modules from several other training options to give you a unique training session. Ideally made for teams and groups, this session could also be delivered in your area as a one on one coaching session. These sessions are perfect for personalized training with the full workbook and session customized to suit the industry and your objectives.

Interview Skills Training Objectives

This session will help employees learn:

How to use Questioning Techniques

Becoming a good interviewer can be due to the skills that you develop. Questioning techniques will help you become more effective with the advanced skills in this part of the session. Learn how to gain more control in the interview process and gain more information quicker.

Using Probing Techniques to Receive more Information

Probing an individual for information can be a little difficult without the right skills. When people know you are probing for information they may be less likely to provide you the responses. Our trainer provides 5 different ways to probe for more information so you can comfortably ask the questions you need to interview.

Communicating more Effectively and Reading Influence

Communication is key to an effective interview. Learn advanced techniques and some basic miscommunication issues to prepare yourself for a better interview.

Reading Body Language including Lying Signals

You gut instinct may be telling you something. Learn how to pick up on the signals so you no longer need to go on a hunch or a gut feeling. By learning more about body language you will be able to read the interviewee more effectively.

How to Set up a Comfortable and Effective Interview Room

The environment around you can impact on the interview. Participants learn how to set up a comfortable interview room and use the environment around them to their advantage. Make your interviewee feel at ease with some simple techniques.

Building Rapport with the Interviewee

Connecting with the person across the desk is important. You will find that the more rapport you build the more trusting and at ease the interviewee will feel. This enables a free flow of information and assists you in the interview process.

How to End an Interview and Handling Difficult Questions

We teach participants how to end a meeting effectively and how to handle those difficult questions. Even though you may be the one interviewing, from time to time you may have a question or a response you may not know how to answer. Our trainer provides tips and advice on how to buy more time, or to respond more effectively.

Profiling Tools to Help work out the 4 Main Personality Types

We teach participants how to pick up on the 4 main interaction styles within an interview. This will assist with personality profiling and learning more about the candidate.

How to Make the Interviewee at Ease

Create an environment where you will make people feel at ease. It can be from things you say, the room itself or your behaviour towards the candidate. Our trainer provides some advice on how to quickly help people feel at ease.

Improving Information Gathering Techniques with Interrogative Skills

Learning how to gather information quickly and effectively will save both your time and the interviewee. Learn how simple questions and techniques at the right time will increase the communication.

Interview Skills Training Summary

This training session is great for those teams of employees who are in an interview or interrogative role. Insurance, human resource or managerial positions will benefit from this course and will improve the ability to read people, ask specific questions and receive specific responses. This Interviewing Skills Training Session is to help groups that are involved with interviewing, interrogation or human resources. This session is designed to help with questioning techniques, reading body language, probing and professional interviewing techniques. Training and workshops available in Perth, Adelaide, Gold, Coast, Canberra, Darwin, Parramatta, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane.

We have a large range of material, so if this session is not what you are looking for, contact us with more information on your needs, we can create a workbook and training session to suit you. For more information on this training session and a free custom outline please call 1300 810 725.