Intermediate Project Management Training

In addition to our foundation, and advanced Project Management Training sessions, we also provide the Intermediate Project Management Training option. This Intermediate Project Management Session can help with looking at the budgeting, scheduling, preparing of Project Management. This session is normally in the full day training format. We can create a session for smaller time frames or include the other Project Management units to assist with a larger Project Management Training package. Training and workshops available in Gold Coast, Parramatta, Darwin, Adelaide, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane

Objectives for the Intermediate Project Management Training

This session will help you teach participants how to:

Identify their project’s tasks and resources

This session will help participants to identify the project’s tasks and resources easier. Learn how to itemize and track both these aspects with an effective tools and skills.

Order tasks using the Work Breakdown Structure

Learn more about breaking work down and ordering tasks with this structure. A practical and interactive session designed to help participants become better at ordering tasks.

Schedule Tasks Effectively

Are you able to schedule tasks effectively? We provide a session here for those who need to become more effective in Scheduling. Speaking from experience and methods used in many organisations, our trainers provide additional ideas for Scheduling.

Use basic planning tools such as a Gantt chart, PERT diagram, and network diagram

Do you know what a Gantt Chart is? PERT Diagram? We provide information on the many planning tools available to project managers and teams.

Prepare a Project Budget

In this session we provide an activity and assist participants in learning how to prepare a project budget. This session is great for those who manage the finances in the project.

Modify the Project Budget and Schedule to Meet Targets

Learn how to modify the budget effectively and make sure you can reach your targets by scheduling correctly.

Identify and Manage Risks

Identifying and management of risks is a highly advantageous skill. Learn how to use well known systems to identify risks in project management.

Prepare a Final Project plan

Would you like to professionally create a final project plan? Our trainer will show participants how to set out and prepare a professional project plan. Activity and interaction in this part of the session.

Execute and Terminate a Project

During the execution of the project, you need to have a process in place for managing changes. We provide more information on how to handle these areas.

Develop and Manage a Change Control Process

A minor modification is made to the design of one of the project components could change whether or not the project will be completed on time on schedule, or whether it reaches its goal.

Intermediate Project Management Training Summary

Identifying and managing risk is a large part of project management. This session identifies some great points in project management. By scheduling tasks effectively and using planning tools project management can become easier and more effective. We develop areas such as budgeting and controlling changes which will help your team become more aware of circumstances that may impact their overall success in their project management.

Why is effective project management important? Your business growth and results may be impacted by the ability of your team to manage projects successfully. Learn more about how we can customize this session to improve the connection of your team with the workbook and training. Our priority is to increase your team ability and improve your business success.

As our trainers come from different industries, we are able to provide a much better fit for your training package. With real workplace case studies and examples, your team can gain new skills immediately within the training session. For more information or to request a sample workbook for this session please contact us.

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