Generation Gap Training

A diverse workplace is one that offers a range of experience and ideas. Different generations all process information differently and in some workplaces it can also develop issues or disagreements. This Generation Gap Training is a great session for those businesses with a varied age group. It can help provide answers for different generations on why other generations expect different values. Increase communication techniques to communicate better between generations. If your team interact with different generations, this session will increase their ability to understand methods and differences behind each individual. Complete training options accessible in Gold Coast, Parramatta, Darwin, Adelaide, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane

Objectives for the Generation Gap Training

Specific learning objectives include:

Develop understanding of where the generation gap issue surfaces, and the impact it has on the modern workforce

Our trainers develop the Generation Gap program by discussing the need for different generations to be in the workplace and how they benefit each other. We also discuss some of the areas where communication and understanding may fail, and also how values can change our motives and actions.

Understand and apply language that is specific to each generation currently in the workplace

When speaking with different cultures, or different generations, we need to apply our own communication skills differently to connect. Learning more about how to adapt our communication to help others understand our message will assist with a clearer more effective communication effort.

Explore Organization Strategies that Overcome Gap Issues

There are a range of organizational strategies that will help workplaces overcome the generation gap issue. Our trainer discusses this area with participants so they are able to learn from real examples.

Evaluate the Need and Effectiveness of Recruiting, Retention and Succession Plans in Context of the Generation Gap

Many workplaces will realize the importance of having a diverse workforce. This part of the session assists all to understand how an organisation will look the generation gap when hiring staff.

Generation Gap Training Summary

There are currently five generations in the workforce, and employers faced with mass retirements of Baby Boomers are looking for ways to prepare for the changes that will result. This course examines the history and reality of the generation gap.

This course explores whether defining the actual limits of each generation is most important, or whether the merits of people within the context of employment is the bigger issue. Understanding others helps us to understand ourselves and to manage the people that we work with. We will explore problems, solutions, and strategies to help overcome issues of the generation gap.

Example Session Delivery

Introduction and Course Overview

The very first part of the day will be with your employees talking about what’s going to occur during the session. We play a small icebreaker to help employees recognize their personal learning objectives for the day.

History in Brief

To start, employees can examine how a generation gap is explained and where it comes from. employees will even discover similarities and differences among themselves.

Finding Common Ground

As persons, we’ve got more in common at work than we may believe. This session will instruct employees how finding things which are in common may be useful when determining the way to approach differences.

Silents, Boomers, Xers, Ys, and Millennials

This session will take a look at common generation definitions within an attempt to understand their history.

Recruiting that Bridges the Gap

In this session, employees will investigate generation specific variables which impact retention and recruiting.

Pre-Assignment Review

This session will review the pre-duty and investigate common generalizations.


In this session, employees will identify targeted means to attract different generations.

The Value of Planning

Employees will learn how succession planning and training can raise an organisation’s sustainability.

Holding on for the Good Times

In this session, employees will take a look in the effect the generation gap has on retention.

Developing Targeted Retention Strategies

Next, employees will learn to utilize the generation gap to their own advantage when developing retention strategies.

Session Wrap Up

At the conclusion of the day, employees are going to have a chance to ask any questions and to review the new tools gained.

For more information or a custom training session, please contact our team. We can provide you samples of this session and work to bring you a training package that will suit your main objectives and goals.