Employee Personal Hygiene Training

When it comes to personal hygiene it may be a difficult subject to approach. This employee personal hygiene session can be custom designed to suit your participants and team, Handled by a professional trainer, we are able to highlight areas for concern with an employee in the workplace. This Employee Personal Hygiene Session is designed to speak about those issues delicately and effectively. We can modify material to suit your requirements and approach this subject with a professional yet fun look into how personal appearances and hygiene is important.

Objectives for Employee Personal Hygiene Training

This session will help you teach your employees:

Discussing introduction to hard topic

Speaking to participants about personal hygiene can be a manager’s worst fear. We approach the subject of personal hygiene in a professional and effective manner.

Issues within the workplace

Are there specific areas that you need your team to learn about? We can adapt the material to suit your issues within the workplace.

What is expected within the workplace

This is the area where we highlight the requirements within your workplace. Learn more about what is expected and the recommendations for each.

Who to go to for further assistance

Do you have someone that can help? Is the team member suffering from personal issues? Each organisation may have a manager or someone to deal with these private matters. We disclose additional advice for participants in this regard.

Team effects of poor hygiene

How does the poor performance or personal hygiene matter affect a team? We discuss here how a team can be impacted from these personal areas.

Role Play- Tough Situation

We provide a role play for all to become involved on the receiving end of the poor hygiene. How do you react? What do you do? How does it affect you? All these questions and more are emphasized clearly to participants.

Additional team training modules available

We provide more customized modules to suit your team environment and learning outcomes or objectives.

As a manager, you’re probably used to dealing with difficult situations: This session identifies the importance of workplace hygiene. We can incorporate information on uniform and dress requirements to address these areas also. Personal Hygiene is a delicate topic as it needs to be approached in the correct manner. Including individuals within a group situation may be a better and more effective solution to cover the topic without bringing attention to anyone in particular. Learn more about how Paramount can tackle the important issues with delicate training.

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