Email Communication

Clear & Effective Emailing
Email is becoming one of the major forms of communication in business today. With a large portion of your day taken up replying and creating email messages, is there a quicker, more effective way? This Email Communication Session will help your team to create clearer and more effective emails. We talk about ethics, responsibilities and writing skills to create high performing emails. Group training and workshop options available in Gold Coast, Perth, Melbourne, Darwin, Brisbane, Sydney, Parramatta, Adelaide, Canberra

Objectives for the Email Communication Training

This session will help train your employees:

How to be specific to get specific results

Learn how to get more action from your emails. We show participants how to receive more results and replies with a few changes. This section will help participants learn how to write an effective email and create a clearer message.

How to bullet points to bring attention to ideas

Attracting attention can be difficult in an email. We demonstrate how to use tools within the font styling to gain more attention to key points and ideas. Learn how to use Bold, CAPS and many other tools to bring attention to your emails.

How to use proper grammar to create a great email

Proper grammar and email writing can go a fair way. Learn how simple mistakes can impact on your email statements. Our trainers here assist with common grammatical errors.

Perception of your writing

Communicating your ideas across to another person can be difficult at times. Even more so on email. Learn how an email can be read several different ways and how to improve on creating the right perception.

How to deliver bad news or ask for payments more effectively

Some people have the gift of the gab. Others are able to word their statements in a persuasive argument. Learn how you can deliver bad news effectively or get more replies from your email communication.

From start to finish: How to write an email including subject lines

Our trainers provide insight into the correct structure of an email and how to correctly fill in all the areas for impact.

How to ask questions in writing

Writing questions can be difficult and may elicit an incorrect response or unwanted information. Participants learn here how to make every question count within their email.

Effectively using different viewpoints (Associating & Dissociating: We, I, Our, Your etc)

What viewpoint should you be writing from? Is it formal or informal? Depending on the context and purpose of the email you may need a different approach. Learn more here about the many styles of writing.

Attachment Etiquette (Zipping your files)

Don’t over attached your files, don’t write a full book in your email. The tips in this section will show you how you can get more from doing less.

Plus much more

Customized to suit your team if you choose this session for a group.

Email Communication Training Summary

Emails have a tendency to be overlooked or incorrectly written. We discuss how to attract attention to your writing, how to deliver bad news effectively and also the proper style and format for your emails. A great starting point to advise your staff the procedures and the etiquette of your business emails.

This session is a great session for teams who send both internal and external email messages. Our trainer provides expert advice and case studies to show the effectiveness of the information provided. We can include any templates and examples you wish your staff to follow and within the session, we can have the team create effective emails from non-effective emails.

By providing this training to your team, you also are able to instruct on the format, and style in which you want emails created and sent. Having a uniformed process will have all the outgoing emails with the correct details and information styled in your business requirements. As email can represent your business, our trainer will conduct the session to suit your emailing and training needs.

For more information on this training session and a free custom outline please call 1300 810 725 or contact us here.

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