Employee Dispute Resolution Training (Peer Review)

Do you deal with disputes in your role at work? Do you have a team who require additional skills in handing disputes? This “Dispute Resolution Training” is great for a team who will be looking at constructing and facilitating a review panel. If you have employees who will benefit from this training, we are able to also customize the material and the delivery to suit your needs. We provide group training for companies in Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Parramatta, Canberra, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney. This training can be modified to suit your team training needs. Please contact us for more information.

Objectives for the Dispute Resolution Training

How You Will benefit your team:

What the Peer Review Process Is

The peer review provides a rational, unbiased process to employees to solve workplace disagreements. Our trainer will discuss the benefits of a peer review process for dispute resolution.

How employees file grievances and how management should respond

As we develop this training session we provide information to participants on how employees can file grievances and the normal process for management to respond.

How a Facilitator and a Panel is chosen

Our trainers help participant to learn that the facilitator is the key contact for the peer review pane. They have a significant role in choosing the panel. How do you choose a good facilitator? We provide more information on how to select someone who is honored in the organization as they will be vital to the success of the process.

What is involved in the hearing process, from preliminary meetings to the hearing itself, to the decision process

We discuss the process and how the panel may review information before the hearing etc. BY providing information on the process in a step by step method employees understand how the peer review can add value to the resolution process.

What Responsibilities and Powers a Panel Should Have

We provide information and authority to the powers that a panel will have in the review. Each responsibility is illustrated to the participants.

Questioning Techniques

Questions are useful tool if used correctly. Our trainer shows employees how questioning techniques can add value to the process.

Why Peer Review Panels Fail and How to Avoid Those Pitfalls

Peer review panels can fail from time to time. We list the common issues and provide workplace examples. Our trainer also provides solutions for those pitfalls.

Dispute Resolution Training Summary

Have you always agreed with every decision your supervisor or manager or a team member has made? Are there times you wish you could ask someone else what they thought about the decision or idea that was made? Sometimes people will disagree and they may have not made the same decision. The Peer Review session offers employees an ability to have that opportunity by using a formal process. This session will cover all if the aspects of initiation, choosing a facilitator or panel members to conducting a hearing and making a decision.

This training session is designed to provide participants a general review of the peer review process.

Introduction and Course Overview
The very first part of the day is learning about the participants and talking about what’s going to occur during the session. Your team will have a chance to write down some of their own personal learning objectives also.

What’s Peer Review?
To start, employees will discuss what the peer review process is and is not.

Commencing the Procedure
This session will take a look in the very first three periods of the procedure: filing a grievance, educating the defendant, and obtaining witness statements.

The Peer Review Panel
In this session, your team will learn who should really be to the peer review panel.

Asking Questions
Next, participants will hone their question and probing skills.

The Peer Review Process
This session will introduce employees to the balance of the peer review process: preparation, the hearing itself, as well as the decision making process.

Panel Walk through
The majority of the day will probably be spent role playing a peer review scenario.

Why Can the Procedure Fail?
To wrap things up, your employee team will investigate common explanations for why the peer review procedure fails and the way to prevent or solve these difficulties.

Session Wrap Up
At the conclusion of the day, employees are going to have a chance to ask questions and complete an action plan.

As we can provide custom training sessions. If this session is not what you are looking for please contact us. We have a range of training solutions, huge library full of workplace training modules and our editing team also create training modules for you if we do not have them available. We are happy to help in any way possible. Contact us for more information.

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