Difficult Situations At Work

There are times when we’re faced with challenging situations in the work place. Some of them would happen daily, once a week or once a month, the frequency varies. Truth is, difficulties at work are actually part of our daily routine. What types of situations do think are challenging ones? Are you equipped with possible solutions to these challenges and have an idea on ways of coping when faced with them?
This Difficult Situations at Work session can help employees handle challenging situations at the work place. Some examples of character-testing situations at work are the following; computer problems that need troubleshooting, managing stress, customers that are hard to deal with, conflict with other employees and many, many more.

Objectives For Difficult Situations At Work

This session will help you teach employees:

Problem Solving including Edward DeBono’s 6 thinking hats

This part of the training course will help participants gain knowledge on how to utilize DeBono’s 6 Thinking Hats. The skilled trainer we have will give employees the right groundwork for critical thinking and resolving problems. What’s the first thing to do when resolving a problem? Look at it based on different perspectives or outlooks.

Communication: Tricks and Techniques

Our training will give participants realistic tools that are used in the workplace in order to improve communication efficiency. With the help of these tools, the problems being dealt with in the workplace will be lessened and these can also change behaviors for the better thus aid you in problem solving or dealing with difficult situations. In short, these tools are what your employees need to make them wiser and skilled when solving problems at work. Moreover, this course will guide you on how you can relay the information to your employees in such a manner that helps solve problems when engaging with others.

Disarming Conflict

Many employees quit their jobs or end up not feeling motivated if they have unresolved conflicts with their co-workers. Working their responsibilities in the workplace becomes a burden if their enemy is a co-worker. The worst part here is that, their productivity is affected and it affects the business in a major way. If your company or workers are not equipped with the right knowledge or materials in handling conflicts, situations may take more time to solve or situations will worsen thus putting the company at risk. In this training module, the participants will be given materials and knowledge that can help them resolve conflicts in the work place.

Organisation and Delegation Skills

When one becomes overwhelmed with too many tasks at works, this may lead one to become disoriented, experience a decrease in productivity and less motivated to work. This leads to a lot of stress and eventually would lead one to quit the job. However, if one knows how to organize and delegate task, the job becomes easier. This part of the training teaches participants some important skills on how they can focus better and become organized in their flow of work.

Stress Management & Coping Skills

Emotions and stress can take the best of you if you don’t know how to cope with them. This will consume you and lead you to have difficulty performing well at work. That is why finding ways to control stress and one’s emotion is important to prevent situations from worsening. We provide techniques on how employees can handle and manage stress on this module.

Mind Over Matter

The mind is very powerful because it controls everything in a person, and when one is angry it clouds his judgement and is unable to see things in a clear point of view. In this part of the training, we illustrate how one can make the mind focus on creativity and learn how to process situations in a calm manner so that participants would know how to handle tough situations without letting their anger get the best of them.

Do you want this training to be applied to your team of employees? If so, then we can tailor-fit this program to meet your company’s goals, needs and preferences.
This training is available in the following areas; Parramatta, Darwin, Gold Coast, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.
When faced with tough situations at work, you will discover that sometimes the lack of the capability of solving such situations is what worsens the problems. If employees are equipped with the right knowledge and materials, they will no longer have difficulty in handling problems and difficult work situations. Through this training, participants will be able to find solutions to problems easily and learn about various thinking processes. This module will help employees become stronger individuals and teach them how to deal with pressure. After taking up this training program, they will become prepared and motivated to solve any situation they face.
If you want to get a free custom outline or receive more information about this program, contact us at 1300 810 725.

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