Difficult Situations At Work

At one stage or another we may be presented with a difficult situation at work. It could be a monthly, weekly or even a daily occurrence. What do you consider to be a difficult situation? Do you have solutions and ideas to cope when they arrive? This “Difficult Situations At Work” session is designed to help individuals deal with difficulties when they arrive at work. Computer downtime, manual entering, stress management, difficult customers and many more areas where employees are put to the test. If this training is for a team or your organisation we can develop material to suit your business and training objectives.

Training options available in all states Australia wide including cities: Parramatta, Darwin, Gold Coast, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.

Objectives For Difficult Situations At Work

This session will help you teach employees:

Problem Solving including Edward DeBono’s 6 thinking hats

Learn how to use the famous 6 thinking hats by DeBono. Our trainer provides the foundation for great thinking and problem solving. The first step in solving a difficult situation is to view it from several angles by taking on different perceptions or viewpoints.

Communication: Tricks and Techniques

We provide some real workplace tools used to increase the effectiveness of communication. With these tools, you can help minimize issues and influence behavior which in turn can assist you to solve your issue or situation. If people are involved in the situation, then this session here will help you to influence and communicate in a way that can solve issues when dealing with people.

Disarming Conflict

Conflict can be a difficult situation. Without the tools or skills to solve conflict, we may be faced with a situation that will be difficult to solve. This part of the training is designed to give participants new tools and skills to assist in conflict resolution.

Organisation and Delegation Skills

Sometimes we may be the one that contributes to our own issues and difficult situations. Learn how to use organisation skills and delegation skills to become free of the stress and clutter and workload issues. Simple skills to enable you to focus on the things that need attention and be more organised to solve issues.

Stress Management & Coping Skills

Learning how to cope with the emotion and stress when we are faced with a difficult situation or issue is important. Our reaction can add to the situation and make things worse. Learn how to take control and use coping strategies to be able to cope with the stress.

Mind Over Matter

When we are emotional (Angry etc) we are sometimes unable to see things clearly. In this session we demonstrate how you can use your mind to enable your thought process and creativity. We show participants how to switch into the modes required when faced with a difficult situation.

If you have ever faced a difficult situation, you will know that it could be due to the ability to solve that situation that made it difficult. With more tools and skills available, situations become a little easier to deal with and solve. This training is designed to assist participants with a range of new skills and thinking processes to enable them to find solutions easier. The modules will help design strong individuals who cope under pressure. If issues arise at your workplace, this session will help your employees become ready and empowered to solve.

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