Customer Service Basics

Customer service at times can be difficult without the skills or techniques behind you. Many team members join workplaces without the basics of Customer Service. This Customer Service Course is a great starting point to offer excellent customer service. The skills within this session assist with a range of topics including body language, rapport building, creating positive clients, leadership for providing solutions plus more. If you are looking for a Customer Service Training session that has it all. This one is perfect. We can also adapt the material to suit any level of staff, and also add additional advanced skills within the session to assist those who already have a foundation level of Customer service.

Objectives for the Customer Service Basics Training

This training option will help teach participants how to:

Telephone techniques to stand out

Even though the title of this session is called Customer Service Basics the skills within this session are advanced. We go through the basics of providing a service to clients and on each section we provide advanced skills to assist. This section on telephone techniques will help participants to stand out while on the phone. We develop areas such as tone, questioning techniques and control plus many more.

Communication with verbal, vocal and visual

This is the area where we illustrate the basic forms of communication. Even though this session is the basis for most communication, there are quite a few fun and effective tips. We prove that people only hear what they want to hear, then we also show how we can influence our speech. Many skills here even though it sounds like its a foundation level.

The customer service life cycle

Learning more about the life cycle of a customer will help us learn which stage the customer is in. We develop this area so participants learn the process of a customer and the service we need to provide along that process.

How to WOW your customers

Do you want to stand out as one that provides amazing customer service? The skills here will allow our trainers to prove that having your customers say “WOW” is quite easy to do.

Body language tips to communicate better

Reading body language and also using it more effectively will advance your team from good to great. Small little details that help participants increase customer service levels.

Complaint handling

We discuss how to handle complaints in this section and ask for examples from participants. We then use the 5 super complaint handling statements to show that we can solve most complaints with ease.

Disarm angry customers

If your customers are angry, and you don’t know what to do, then this session is for you. Our trainer will demonstrate how to verbally disarm angry customers in a professional manner and diffuse the situation to become more manageable.

Exceed expectations

With all customer service training sessions, we discuss expectations. Our trainer illustrates how to exceed easily by redefining the expectation then over delivering. Very easy technique when you know how.

Recognize that service delivery is an individual response value

Learn how individuals are responsible for interactions with clients. Even though you may be just one part of the process, this session explains how the impact is magnified throughout an organisation. Becoming accountable and recognizing your role is important.

Understand how an individual’s behaviour impacts the behaviour of others

We develop the above point further by discussing the impact of behaviour. This can be applied either from the viewpoint of the customer or the customer service person.

Develop more confidence and skill as a problem-solver

We provide some special tips here to help individuals feel more empowered and able to solve issues within their business or organisation.

Communicate more assertively and effectively

Great communication with customer is vital. If your team require additional skills in control, presentation, influence, negotiation we can help. We identify communication areas with the participants then assist in providing solutions for those areas of concern.

Make customer service a team approach

We also demonstrate how even though individuals have an impact; an effective team can be a asset to a company. We provide skills and tools here to help your customer service team become more connected to each other in the team environment.

Additional modules available for team training

Answer the Telephone
Make it Simple for Customers to Complain
Identify internal and external customers as well as their different facets of customer expectations.
Utilize the suggested magic words in customer meetings.
Recognize service standards are affected by the outlook of one
Take Purposeful Messages
Develop abilities in engaging with customers and handling their inquiries efficiently
Transfer Calls
Listen efficiently, asked questions and summarized to react completely to a customer request
Use magic words in other difficult situations and managing customer complaints and the recommended guidelines.
Reacting to customer complaints
Explain what customer service means in relation to external customers & internal
Master techniques for coping with tough customers
Dedicate Yourself to Providing Exceptional Customer Service
Identify different types of consumers as well as their characteristics.
Understand the concept of plus one’s and the value of exceeding customer expectations in each customer interaction.
Understand customer expectations and deliver more than you assure
Maintain a positive attitude throughout the day and make every contact appear your most important
Introducing co-workers to resolve customer care issue
Gain insight to connecting with customers online
Identifying the disposition of customer complaints
Demonstrate mental alertness in comprehending and responding to another difficult situations or an upset customer.
When talking with customers, adopt a consistent, professional fashion
Please complainers, still upset customers and goodwill confidence and recover
Establish action plan to use the learning at work.
4 components of customer satisfaction
Find the mind-set, skills and knowledge needed to be a successful customer service representative.
Establish the standards and systems that can make every customer feel special – face-to-face, by email or on the telephone
Utilize a company particular customer interaction model with clear service standards.
Identify with all the growing tendencies of pursuing service excellence in both the public and private sectors.
Deal with complex or multi stage technical problems more effectively
Practice how to turn customer service disappointment into a positive encounter
Employ best practice in following up by email
Create a Positive First Impression
Project a Positive Image
Formulate take techniques for service superiority over the phone away
Create ideas in helping the customer over the counter and other face-to-face situations.
Define the critical components of service excellence in the context of the organization.
Assess Customer Care Approaches to establish targets for advancement
Turning disappointment into joy
Solve the Issue
Understand what true customer loyalty is and the significance of their role to make certain a positive customer experience.
Implement the communicating abilities in managing customer inquiries.
Turn problems into opportunities
Identify means they surpass expectations and can add value to customer relationships
In managing an upset customer and other challenging situations, create ideas.
Use non-verbal cues or body language effectively in communicating.
Identify and Help Meet the Customer’s Needs
Cope with Difficult and Upset Customers
Use conversational language to maintain the low pressure that is interaction
Make use of a range of skills, tools and professional communication techniques
Develop a Positive Last Impression
Describe Stress within Customer Service
Create action plan to implement the learning at work.
Identify what a mystery shopper and best practices of counter service would search for.
Identify the major aspects of effective communication with outside or internal customers.
Make use of the recommended guidelines in keeping top class face-to-face customer encounters.
Master approaches to develop & maintain a positive, customer focused, attitude
Describe Customer Service
Practice methods for developing good will through in person customer service
Realign their thinking about customer complaints and comprehend the opportunities in each customer scenario that is challenging.
Identify the success factors of managing emotions and anxiety of others and self.
Identify Customer Expectations
Understand when to escalate
Use personal skills for to enrich understanding and listening effectively
Develop needs evaluation methods to better address customer needs
Take Preventative Measures
Apply superb customer service methods to generate return business
Identify different customer needs and situations
Clarify the importance of bench-marking service & measuring as well as the value of a lost customer.
Learn tools for regaining customers that are difficult
Employ Attitude Control Principles to handle their dispositions
Feature the Four Drivers of Customer Service to build customer relationships

More information on the course outline

Suspending Frame of Reference

In this session, participants will explore two state-of-the-art communications tools: the frame reference and the Johari window.

Changes in Customer Service

Participants will research in groups how things have changed during recent years and who their customers are. We discuss what they’re looking for now with the availability of online shopping and research. The team then relate their findings and thoughts from their research.

Giving Undivided Focus to Others

This session will address two ways that we can pay better attention to others: attending and monitoring.


We all categorize and generalize; it helps us understand the universe. This session will help participants identify how stereotypes are created and how this may affect service. We show participants that even though Stereotyping is a part of Psychology, its the bias and the assumptions that creates the typical negative thinking towards others.

Follow the Leader

Players will explore leadership characteristics through a fun, thought provoking activity. This will help them to acquire the abilities and practices which are fundamental elements of a customer service focused person.

Creating Excellence

This session will take a look at Curt Coffman’s and Gabriel Gonzalez-Molina’s twelve conditions for creating superiority.

Creating a Service Management System

We will look at a team method of customer service. Identify ways to establish links between excellence in customer service and business practices and policies.

Communication Skills

This session will help employees to develop their listening and questioning skills – two foundations for great customer service.

Engaging Workers

This session will help staff learn more about the key behaviours of managers. Participants will even identify different kinds of employees to engage. Learn more about what employees are searching for to be truly engaged and learn more about your position.


This session will focus on The Situational Leadership Model, developed by Paul Hersey of the California Centre for Excellence. Participants examine their style in detail, and then will take the test, score themselves.

Customer Service Basics Training Summary

We all know just how important customers are to our business survival. The customer is the life blood of your business, so it is imperative that you make the effort to provide the best service possible to your customers. This one day session will provide you with the skills to win your customers over your competitors and create strong loyalty. After this training you will walk away feeling empowered, highly motivated and engaged to take on new and existing customers.

We create and customize training in Gold Coast, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Darwin, Perth, Parramatta, Canberra, Adelaide

Do you require a Customer Service Training session with a difference? If this training session does not cover all of your team needs, contact us for assistance. We have a range of training workbooks, modules and techniques that we can include in your next training session. Our team work to provide a Customer Service solution that will suit your team and your training needs.

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