Critical Elements of Customer Service

What are Critical Elements of Customer Service? Have you ever wondered why many organisations fail when it comes to providing even the basic customer service they should? If you have a team who need to provide a standard in Customer Service then this session is perfect. We not only provide techniques and skills within this session, we are also able to provide additional information on the standard you require for the team. This Customer Service Session named “Critical Elements” is a great session to learn about the critical requirements to provide customer service setting a standard to follow.

Objectives for the Critical Elements of Customer Service Training

This session will help you teach participants how to:

Recognize that service delivery is an individual response value

In this section we provide real examples to participants about individuals responses within customer service. We bring out the points of individual responsibility within their team or organisation. Our trainers will assist with helping participants understand their importance and role.

Understand how an individual’s behaviour impacts the behaviour of others

We develop the above point more by discussing how behaviour can impact reactions and also become contagious within the workplace. Learning how to improve behaviour will assist the team to be more positive and engaging in customer service.

Develop more confidence and skill as a problem-solver

We provide some personal skills to the participant to help them actively solve issues when they are presented. Becoming adaptable is important in a customer service role. We demonstrate how to become resourceful also.

Communicate more assertively and effectively

Assertive communication is key to an effective message. Our trainer will provide insight into increasing assertiveness and becoming super communicators.

Make customer service a team approach

This session we discuss the overall customer service that is provided by a team environment. By bringing this objective at the end will assist with an action plan and motivation to work together.

More training modules available if you need custom team training

Intend to recognize their customers’ expectations, and how they’re going to meet with them with assurances which are going to be kept
Assemble a solid leadership foundation.
Assemble good will through face to face customer service
Seven essential elements of customer service
Electronic & phone customer interactions
Quantifying customer service and identifying advancement opportunities that are continuous
Develop Customer Training Systems for in-house programs
Learn the way to train others.
Advertise your organisation using first-class customer support.
Tips to creating memorable experiences for your customers!
Attaining excellence through moments and favourable first impressions of truth-Identifying customers that are unhappy, handling matters professionally and economically
Connect with customers through internet tools
Develop effective communication skills.
Improve working relationships between their internal customers and customer service staff
Use customer service strategies to boost the bottom line
Improve customer satisfaction levels, e.g. implementing customer benefit schemes
Produce a sustainable culture of superior customer service.
Dealing with challenging situations
The value and building a great attitude
Create team development skills, understanding where teams neglect and the way to identify areas of dysfunction.
Provide outstanding customer care over the phone
Identify your customers’ needs
Customer service: advantages of superiority and pitfalls of turning a blind eye
Map learning results to your training needs evaluation.
Effectively manage disappointed and emotional customers
Measure the difference customer service makes in your organisation.
Create alternatives that lead to customer satisfaction
Learn the best way to manage scenarios that are battle and confrontational.
Build rapport with customers quicker
Learn the best way to foster intrinsic motivation to get the most from your team.
Recognize the way customer service changes
Effective problem resolution, managing tough situations as well as the service retrieval process
Develop approaches to conducting informal and formal feedback sessions.
Deal appropriately with troublesome customers
Building loyalty through customer relationships
Use outstanding customer service to generate yield business
Develop customer management systems for telemarketing managers and team leaders
Summarize the principles of exceptional customer service
Assessment of internal and external customer needs by executing “Customer Service” quantified systems and skills program
Develop time management and productivity abilities.
Increase profitability with “Value Add” and “Cross Selling” Customer Service Strategies
Streamline CRM Reporting Systems
Expectations, guarantees and delivery of service
The role of workers in service superiority (recruiting, training and motivating)
Identify concerns and external customers, their demands and their internal
Identify the communication skills required for exceptional customer care and have the opportunity to practice these abilities
State what customer service means
Learn how to effectively delegate tasks and responsibilities.
Develop standards and integrate them into a competency framework.
Manage grievances and customer experiences that are tough
Map your Moments of Truth.
Audit Review CRM strategies with current sales, marketing and operational management strategies to enhance customer retention rates
Understand human behaviours and how to handle opposition to build functionality congruency.

More information on the course outline

Who Are Your Customers?

In most organizations and agencies, customers take two forms: external and internal. This session will look at both types of customers.

The Recovery Process

During this session, we will look at a six-step procedure you could use to turn customers around.

Coping with Conflict

We will analyse five strategies to deal with battle.

Service PRIDE is a Team Effort

This session will look at five things that the firm as a team can do to improve customer service. We also provide further information and help participants understand how an individual’s behaviour influences the behaviour of others. We make customer service a team strategy.

Telephone Techniques

This brief lecture will look at a perfect telephone call, from the greeting to the closing of the call. We’ll also look at common scenarios, including taking a message and putting a caller on hold.

Managing the Talkative Caller

Talkative customers are often interesting and enjoyable, but on the phone they could take up a great deal of time. Participants will work in little groups to identify ways to manage callers that are talkative. Our trainer has some surprise techniques that work.


This session will concentrate on communication obstacles and how they can make our life difficult. We demonstrate how to speak with difficult callers and how to maximise their effectiveness.

Dealing with Challenging People

This session will give participants the opportunity to understand difficult behaviour, they also identify some coping strategies, and talk about the difficult customer they find most trying.

Doing Your Part

This session will help participants identify methods of making a personal contribution to successful customer support. We also show participants that service delivery is an individual response and all should contribute to creating a good customer experience.

Meeting Expectations

This session will focus on the four vital areas that customers have expectations for. We can assist with showing participants how to reset unrealistic expectations, and how to over deliver every time.

Increasing Your Assertiveness

We will develop a simple four-step formula which will enable you to communicate more effectively and assertively. In this area we develop more confidence and skill-set to become a better problem solver.

Seven Steps to Customer Problem Solving

The next part of the session we look at a plan designed specifically for solving customer service issues. Participants will also practice these techniques with a role play.

What exactly is Customer Service?

This session will get participants thinking about the customer service that they have had recently. We talk about the good and the bad providing examples on how they could have delivered great customer service.

Dealing with Challenges

There are lots of types of unforeseen challenges daily that can strike. Participants will work with small groups or pairs to come up with answers to many of these problems. Our trainer will provide additional solutions and help employees become more assertive.

Dealing with Stress

This session will offer some quick, easy means to de stress in just about any place, at any time. Being able to manage stress effectively is an important skill when dealing with the public. Learn more about the techniques in the session.

Removing Customer Service Issues

Would it be fantastic if you never had to deal with an upset customer? This session will examine some methods which you can reduce customer support issues. Many of the time our actions, reactions and communication with the customer can create further issues. Learn how to minimise issues with every move.

Setting Objectives and Goals

In this session, we will look at establishing targets that are SMART. Our trainer will provide a range of goal setting techniques to help with the self-motivation and direction.

Presenting Yourself Properly

Using individual testing, participants are going to have a look at the feeling they give clients and means they can improve.


Participants will participate in a brief discussion about standards, and then they will create a set of standards for the four crucial components of customer service.

Coping with Difficult Callers

In this session, participants will work in small groups to complete a combination-and-match exercise on common varieties of responses for those difficult customers on the phone.

Critical Elements Customer Service Training Summary

Have you ever encountered an unpleasant customer and not known what to do? Do you worry that you’re not assertive enough with demanding people? Do you struggle to solve problems? Do you know who your customers are? Do you have individual and organizational goals to strive for? If you responded yes to any of the above questions, this training session will be of benefit to you. As we develop the material in this interactive session we provide guidance throughout on your specific industry and business needs.

This session can be customized to suit. We are also available to add modules from any of our training sessions which will then benefit you in creating a unique training session. Would you like to know more about Paramount Training & Development’s Guarantee? We provide the IMPACT system which enables you to know exactly what type of training to expect.

Contact us today for any training requirements or needs. Our team are available to help and can provide sample material for you to view. We also can put together a full workbook for you to view the content before conducting the training. So you know what to expect and to guarantee you are 100% satisfied. Customized training for companies and workshops in Gold Coast, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Darwin, Perth, Parramatta, Canberra, Adelaide

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