Creating Lasting Customer Experiences

Have you ever wanted your customers to leave with the best experience ever? Would you like to know there are some easy skills and technique’s to have your customers feeling the WOW factor? Have you wanted to always be able to not only meet but exceed your customers’ expectations? Well it’s easy once you learn of the techniques available. This Customer Service session is designed to make an impact on your customers and create lasting impressions for repeat and referral business. By teaching your team how to build the underlying service, we are able to bring your staff up to a level that will leave your customers impressed.

Objectives for the Customer Service Experiences Training

This session will help our trainers teach employees:

How to become impressive

We illustrate how to become someone that clients remember, in a good way. There are small areas here that make a big difference to the impact your client will get.

How to remember names and help the client to do also

Do you have difficulty remembering people’s names? Does your client/customer keep forgetting yours? We provide insight into how the mind works and how to be able to remember names more effectively.

Mirroring techniques: Help clients feel instantly comfortable

Learning how to adapt your own body language and tone to build relationships is a valuable skill. We demonstrate how we will naturally mirror other human beings, and by understanding the foundation, we can use this to our advantage to build better relationships.

Body Language signals: How to read

Reading the signals that your clients/customers are sending you is important. Your communication skills will become better overall with this session here.

To use questioning techniques

Questions can be used to gain information and also for control. Learn how the Psychology behind questioning techniques can assist us to be better communicators.

Identify the customers’ needs earlier

If we can identify the customers need earlier, clients will connect with you quicker and conflict will be easily removed. Learn some super skills in this session.

Closing techniques to create the lasting impression

Closing conversations effectively can be an acquired skill also. If done correctly you can also create the WOW factor and positively impact your clients impression.

Staying in contact

Learn how to stay in contact with your clients/customers without making them feel uneasy or harassed. Simple yet effective techniques in varying your contact and message.

Creating experience via NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

NLP – The language of the mind. We show how to create positive experiences with your clients/customers without actually having them. Great for setting expectations and helping the client learn more about your business.

More modules to choose from if you are creating a session for your team

Understand crucial conversations to encourage quicker and more impact change
Cross-Departmental information sharing
Be able to use proactive service recovery strategies for handling customer service complaints and problems
Describe the impact of poor customer experiences
Describe the relationship between customer expectation and your business
Design a service that blends digital and non-digital interactions
Be able to utilize customer experience insights and data to your own company through obtaining a better comprehension of how this information can boost your company results.
Designing effective calls to action
Investigate what ‘service’ is and why it’s important, from the customers’ standpoint, the impact service has on your company, as well as the actual effects of poor service
Planning the customer journey
Identifying the critical customer touch points
Work to enhance the customer experience across business silos and platforms
Learn instruments to participate leaders and front-line into greater ownership of the customer experience
Improve the long-term feelings you give your customers
Worker participation for creating customer experiences
Present a compelling case for investing to co-workers and management in customer experience
Creating content that engages with customers
Understanding your customers
Deal effectively with difficult customers
Shifting consumer behaviour
Identify opportunities for your service grow and to evolve
Understand the internal implications for altering the customer experience
Seven essential strategic questions to build an excellent customer experience
Expanding existence in the customer experience life-cycle
Understand how powerful layout usability, and service design all promote an improved customer experience
Analyse customer-focused service is an important business strategy that will bring about the long-term success of your organization
Identify the drivers of customer satisfaction and learn what customers need and expect when it comes to the service they receive
The customer experience life-cycle
Analyse customer behaviour when it comes to service and discover what you can do in order to listen to the voice of the customer and what you can do to create value for your customers
Convey the need for a customer experience that is memorable
Assess the encounters that your customers currently receive
Customer experience & customer experience management
Beat up your team around the future vision of your service
Designing an experience across platforms
Experience Psychology
The emotional & subconscious experience
Examine and iterate your internet presence to repair any problems with the customer experience
Sell the advantages of producing an enhanced customer experience
Design a customer experience that benefits from best practice strategies
Working out your unique point of difference in the customer service space
Develop a personal action plan for how you may implement exactly what you learn in this course
Identify each of the channels by which your customers experience your company
Improve the first impressions you give your customers
Explore your purpose as an internal service associate, identify who your internal associates are and implement a procedure for assembling and maintaining effective internal service partnerships
Establishing the complete strategy & designing a customer services software
Nurturing long-term customer relationships
Becoming customer centric
Gain a deeper comprehension of your customers and what they desire
Be able to employ a process for tracing the customer’s journey through your organization and use this process to recognize what you can do in order to optimize the customer experience
Customer experience execution models
Develop a customer experience strategy for their organisation
Understand the impact that your employees have on the customer experience.
Testing the encounter
Value a customer experience based on best practice
Supporting a companywide focus on customer experience
Raise your knowledge of customer experience and awareness of where your organisation can be improved by it.
Utilize an abundance of techniques to delight your customers
Learn more about the importance of making improvements to your systems, processes and procedures which are aligned with what customer value, and learn what you can do in order to boost your continuous improvement efforts.
In valuing how they may be employed in your company and customer experience measurements, tools, frameworks develop depth.
Establishing your present customer touch points

Customer Service Experiences Training Summary

Your customers experiences with your business are an important factor in the growth of your organisation. The impression or experiences that your customer receives every-time they interact with your business is vital. This session will assist your team to be able to consistently deliver a great customer experience. By remembering the clients name, using it, identifying the customers’ needs quicker than other customer service people, your staff will outperform and create a high level experience for the customer.

We also have a range of other customer service training sessions that you may be interested in. We can combine modules from any of our training sessions and can create unique modules also to cover your needs. Let one of our team members know more about your training needs for your team and our editing team will provide you samples of our material and workbooks. If you have any questions or needs at all, we are here to help.

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